5 Best Dishwasher Brands to Invest In, According to Experts

Updated: May 07, 2024

Our appliance experts came together to find the best dishwasher brand for those looking for a reliable machine. See their other picks, and brands to avoid.

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5 Best Dishwasher Brands To Invest InVIA MERCHANT

The only thing worse than hand-washing all your dirty dishes is an unreliable dishwasher that has trouble washing pots and plates or just keeps breaking down on you.

We have our opinions about certain dishwasher brands, but, as always, we wanted to know what the experts thought was the best dishwasher brand. We asked them for their recommendations on the most reliable dishwashers, as well as tips on which brands to avoid.

Bosch was the clear winner in our survey, according to appliance experts who said the company makes reliable appliances. “Bosch offers a range of models that suit different budgets without compromising on quality, making them a great option for homeowners looking to balance cost and performance,” says Drew Hamblan, who’s worked with several appliance companies on new builds and home renovations.

Bosch was the only brand recommended by all of our experts. It even made our list of the most reliable dishwashers. Other brands, like LG and Samsung, had our panelists split—some said they were good and others said to avoid them. We’ll dive into what they had to say about each brand, and which models you should consider.

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  • Highly-rated and reliable dishwasher
  • Energy efficient
  • CrystalDry function won't melt plastics
  • Two handle options


  • One-year warranty

Along with being recommended by every appliance expert we spoke to, Bosch was also the top brand in a Consumer Reports survey of more than 75,000 people, according to consumer trends analyst Nguyen Huy.

“Bosch emerged as a leader, earning top marks for predicted reliability over five years,” Huy says. “This aligns with Bosch’s reputation for quality engineering and thoughtful design.”

Drew Hamblan has used several appliance brands in new builds and renovations and says Bosch offers the best value due to their reliability.

“Bosch models, particularly those in the 800 Series, provide an excellent user experience with features like quiet operation, energy efficiency and advanced drying technologies that employ Zeolith (a chemical compound) for perfect, spotless results,” Hamblan says. “These dishwashers are designed to fit seamlessly into any kitchen design, from traditional to modern, without being a distraction.”

The Bosch 800 series is a 24-inch dishwasher available with a pocket or bar handle, comes with a third rack for utensils and has five wash cycle settings. Here’s how to get the most out of your dishwasher.

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Miele Ecomm Via Lowes.com


  • Rated to last for 20 years
  • Easy to find replacement parts
  • Automatic dispensing system
  • Very quiet when in use


  • Pricey

Miele started making dishwashers in 1963 and was instantly recognized as a reliable appliance company, which is why many people are still willing to shell out some extra dough for their dishwashers.

“While higher-end models from Miele and others command steeper pricing, they can represent better long-term value through extended, trouble-free lifespans,” says consumer analyst Huy. “Miele, for instance, has an exceptional reputation for longevity — many of their dishwashers are rated for over 20 years of use with proper maintenance. Their commitment to stocking replacement parts for a decade or more after production also boosts repairability.”

That commitment also extends to its washer and dryers for apartments, and its many other appliances.

Miele’s most affordable dishwasher costs around $1,300, and their most expensive model, the fully integrated G 7966 SCVi XXL AutoDos, is more than $3,500. We’ve previously recommended the Miele smart dishwasher as one of the most eco-friendly dishwashers. It costs around $1,900, comes with an automatic dispensing system and is whisper-quiet.

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Amana Ecomm Via Lowes.com


  • Affordable but reliable
  • Automatic shut-off in case of drainage problems
  • Quick-wash cycle
  • Large capacity


  • 59 decibels noise level is loud, but better than similarly-priced dishwashers

Martin Orefice, CEO of Rent to Own Atlanta, says his clients have found more success with Amana dishwashers compared to other budget-friendly brands like LG. “[Amana] is not the highest-end brand out there, but they do hit the sweet spot of quality and affordability,” Orefice says.

The Amana Front Control 24-in Built-In Dishwasher costs as little as $300 during home improvement stores’ appliance sales, while still providing some of the conveniences found in more expensive options. While the 59-decibel noise level isn’t great, it’s much lower than appliances at the same price point. It also comes with a quick wash cycle, can hold up to 12 place settings, has a heated dry option and a valve that turns the dishwasher off if there’s a drainage issue, such as a faulty dishwasher air gap.

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  • Built to last many years
  • Holds up to 16 place settings
  • Remote app control
  • The two-year warranty is better than most


  • Expensive

Professional cleaner Brian Davis says Thermador dishwashers stand out in terms of reliability and have consistently been a good investment by homeowners looking for a new dishwasher. The brand was also recommended by consumer trend analyst Huy, who said it was one of the “premium brands fashioned for discerning, longevity-conscious buyers.”

Thermador dishwashers are available in custom panels or stainless steel for as little as $1,400, and as expensive as $2,500. The affordable option still comes packed with plenty of features, including a 16-place setting capacity, remote app control, a time remaining beam that projects onto your floor and a sanitizing function. The $2,500 dishwasher comes with premium features, including adjustable racks, flexible tines and a multi-light glow.

All models are eligible for a two-year warranty, and though the two-year warranty isn’t great, it’s double the typical dishwasher brand.

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  • Highly rated for reliability by consumers
  • Affordable
  • Height-adjustable racks
  • Energy Star certification


  • Only has room for four place settings

Samsung ranked among the most reliable dishwashers in the Consumer Reports survey, Huy said. The appliance company makes budget-friendly dishwashers, such as the under $500 fingerprint-resistant dishwasher that comes with height-adjustable racks, has an Energy Star certification, an auto-release door for quick drying and a five-year warranty on the control panel’s circuit board.

Customer reviews note that the dishwasher is easy to maintain, is quiet and cleans dishes well, though there’s only space for four place settings.

Samsung was also named as one of the most reliable refrigerator brands.

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Dishwasher Brands to Avoid—The Least Reliable Brands

Fun fact: Some of our experts recommended against Samsung dishwashers, despite it being positively reviewed in the Consumer Reports survey. We decided to name Samsung as one of the best dishwasher brands after reviewing dozens of customer reviews, in which we found that most complaints about the brand were left on the cheapest models. In other words, it’s sometimes worth it to pay a little extra for reliable appliances.

Two of our experts said LG was a brand to avoid. “When our clients have LG dishwashers, we’ll often recommend that they remove them and re-sell them before selling their homes,” says Martin Orefice, CEO of Rent to Own Atlanta. “These dishwashers are cheap—and most people know it. I’ve had more than one potential sale fall through because a buyer didn’t want to deal with an LG.”

The Consumer Reports survey found that GE, Maytag, Whirlpool and Frigidaire were the least reliable dishwashers, according to Huy. “Affordable upfront, but potentially costlier down the road due to repairs and premature replacements,” Huy says of the brands. “As the saying goes, you often get what you pay for in durability.”

LG and Whirlpool may not be recommended for dishwashers, but several appliance experts agree both are some of the most reliable washer and dryer brands.

What to Look for When Choosing a Dishwasher Brand

When looking for the best dishwasher brand for your kitchen, you should first look for one known for being durable and reliable (such as reading our reviews of the brands mentioned in this roundup). Additionally, you can look at customer reviews and online forums to read about people’s real-life experiences with these appliances.

Secondly, look for dishwasher brands with styles and finishes that fit with your kitchen’s aesthetics. Some are only available in one color or finish, while others may offer customizable paneling.

Last, but certainly not least, find a model that fits your needs. If you’re a single person who doesn’t entertain much, a four-place setting dishwasher is a better investment than a 12-place setting appliance. Keep in mind that more affordable dishwashers may not come with features such as delayed start or special wash cycles.

Why You Should Trust Us

As shopping editors and writers, we have years of experience researching and testing the best appliances for homes. The writer is a longtime homeowner who’s used many dishwasher brands and worked on appliances as a New York City maintenance worker.

We also spoke with multiple home renovating and appliance industry experts to find out their recommendations for the most reliable dishwashers. This includes Drew Hamblan, who’s worked with appliance companies on new builds and luxury home renovations; Nguyen Huy, a consumer trends analyst; Martin Orefice, CEO of Rent to Own Atlanta, a service that connects real estate investors with available properties and Brian Davis, a professional cleaner.

How We Found the Best Dishwasher Brands

For this article, we researched every dishwasher brand available on the internet and at home appliance stores. We looked at the company’s customer reviews, range of models and read through online forums to narrow down the list.

We looked for brands that had mostly positive customer reviews, were made of durable materials, had a warranty of at least one year (the industry standard) and offered good value for their price point.

Lastly, we surveyed experts with experience using, installing or managing properties with dishwashers. We asked them which brands they recommend, why they recommended them and their favorite models.


Which brand of dishwasher is the most reliable?

Bosch was ranked as the most reliable dishwasher brand by a Consumer Reports survey of more than 75,000 homeowners, and by multiple experts surveyed for this article. Other top brands included Miele, Amana and Thermador.

What’s the difference between cheap and expensive dishwashers?

The main difference between cheap and expensive dishwashers is that the latter is more likely to last longer and work better than more affordable dishwashers. Cheaper dishwasher brands may also lack Wi-Fi or app compatibility, not have features such as delayed start and may not have fingerprint-resistant finishes.

How do I choose a dishwasher?

Start by finding a dishwasher that fits your need. Do you only need a four-place setting capacity or do you need to fit 10 or more place settings in at a time? Then, look for dishwashers that match your kitchen’s aesthetics and have positive customer reviews for things such as performance and reliability.