The Most Reliable Dishwashers on the Market

Updated: Jan. 24, 2024

A reliable dishwasher will save on elbow grease, energy costs and repair bills. These are picks for the most reliable dishwasher to fit your price range.

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A new dishwasher can save you both elbow grease and money since today’s models use less energy and water than either older appliances or washing dishes by hand (speaking of, you might also be interested in our top picks for eco-friendly dishwashers).

You don’t want to waste savings on repair bills, so seeking out the most reliable dishwasher is a great place to start your search for a new appliance. Here are our picks for the most reliable dishwashers, based on brand reputation and stellar reviews.

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Budget Pick: Whirlpool, $479


Whirlpool shows up on many experts’ lists of the most reliable dishwasher brands, including Consumer Reports, Yale Appliances’ annual analysis of service calls and Angie’s List’s interviews with service providers. The Whirlpool WDF330PAH is much quieter than most budget dishwashers, featuring a 55-decibel noise rating. It has a one-hour wash cycle, a soil sensor to customize the wash level and a high-temperature option for extra cleaning power. It consistently gets high customer reviews across multiple retail sites.

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Mid-Range Pick: Bosch 300, $849


Reviewers and appliance specialists often name Bosch dishwashers some of the most reliable on the market. The Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N in particular ranks on many professional reviewers’ lists of the best dishwashers and consistently gets high customer reviews. The 300 series is 44 decibels when it’s running, a little louder than a library. (Hear a similarly rated dishwasher here.) It features a third rack, a height-adjustable upper rack and fold-down tines to accommodate your loading needs. It also features a sanitizing option and a cycle that cleans and dries dishes in an hour.

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Splurge Pick: Miele Crystal EcoFlex, $1,799


Miele has a reputation for reliability. The company designs its appliances to last 20 years, and experts say they last at least 12 to 15. The Miele Crystal EcoFlex G 6625 SCU earns spots on a few lists for top luxury dishwashers, although it should be noted several Miele models end up on different lists, and customer reviews are hard to find since Miele isn’t sold at many national retailers. This model features a third rack with fold-down tines, adjustable upper rack, water softener, three alternating spray arms and multiple cycles. Plus, the door opens slightly when the cycle ends to speed drying time.

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