25 Companies with Super Useful Warranties

Updated: Oct. 20, 2023

Whether it’s a riding lawn mower or kitchen cutlery, any purchase for your home is an important one. That’s why these impressive warranties are worth noting while you shop.

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Kobalt cordless chain saw
Courtesy of Kobalt


A good deal of Kobalt products come with a lifetime hassle-free guarantee, like it sockets, ratchets, wrenches, chisels and files. Wall shelving racks, cabinets and other garage storage products also fall under the lifetime hassle-free guarantee. The lifetime hassle-free guarantee extends to lawn and garden tools as well.

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Ridgid 18-volt 1-gallon compressor


Ridgid stands behind its tools so much that they come with a full lifetime warranty. Ridgid will repair or replace any damaged tool free of charge. Even reconditioned tools get a 1-yard limited warranty. Ridgid also has a lifetime service agreement for eligible tools that were bought at The Home Depot.

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FH18DJF_583_52_038 cordless circular saw
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DeWalt features several warranties, including a full lifetime warranty for mechanics tools. Its hand tools have a limited lifetime warranty, meanwhile compressors and spray washers have a limited warranty. Find out the 10 tool myths you need to stop believing.

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Nemo Equipment Lifetime Warranty

If you’re a serious outdoors person then you’ve probably gone to Nemo Equipment for some exploration items in the past. You shouldn’t have to go back there often because Nemo stands by its products with a lifetime warrant on its products. From incredible tents to sleeping bags and pillows there are a lot of finds with Nemo. Complement your camping gear with 10 of these super cool camping gadgets you’ve got to have.

Photo: Via Nemo Equipment

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Maglite Lifetime Warranty

The power of a Maglite flashlight is powerful so it’s no surprise it comes with a beefy warranty. Know why it’s important to make a flashlight glow in the dark and more than 100 other incredible things homeowners need to know.

Photo: Via Maglite

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Lupine Lifetime Warranty

This lifetime warranty offer from Lupine is something to chew on. Lupine makes dog collars and says it will cover any accidental damage that happens during pet-related activities—even chewing. We think it’s a pretty doggone good deal. Check out a palace for your pet with these 12 mind-blowing dog houses, including one that’s a camper for dogs.

Photo: Via Lupine Pet

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Le Creuset Lifetime Warranty

Coookware should really be built to last and Le Creuset takes that to heart with its lifetime warranty for defective cookware. If you’re planning on cook gourmet meals, get your kitchen on the same page with one of these 30 ways to revolutionize your kitchen space.

Photo: Via Le Creuset

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Lands’ End Lifetime Warranty

Lands’ End makes its warranty pretty simple: Guaranteed. Period. Customers who aren’t satisfied with a product can bring it back and exchange or get a refund of the purchase price. Lands’ End’s gear can get you prepared for the outdoors and looking good for them, just like some of these fabulous items for glamping.

Photo: Via Lands’ End

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Kryptonite Lifetime Warranty

You’d hate to have a bike lock fail but Kryptonite is there to pick you up with its warranty. Its lock products carry a limited lifetime warranty and its light products come with a two-year warranty. Now, if you could only store your bike and have it take up as little space as possible.

Photo: Via Kryptonite

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JanSport Lifetime Warranty

Having a trusty backpack for hiking adventures is vitally important because the last thing you need is stuff falling out of a backpack because it’s starting to deteriorate. JanSport has assured customers that they’re buying a quality product built to last with its lifetime warranty offer. JanSport will replace any pack that breaks down.

Photo: Via JanSport

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dfh32_shutterstock_605813396 track electricity monitor phone app

iCracked Lifetime Warranty

You just spent a small fortune on a new iPhone and then you went and dropped it a week into owning it. Fret not, iCracked will fix you cracked iPhone screen and give you a lifetime warranty on the repair. The warranty doesn’t cover any subsequent cracks from mishandling, water damage and other specific instances but it does guarantee the replacement parts for any repairs it does.

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Fiskars Lifetime Warranty

If you need to buy a pair of scissors or another kind of cutting tool for your home you might want to make it a Fiskars product because of the lifetime warranty. Fiskars’ warranty doesn’t cover sharpening, normal wear and tear, environmental factors, accidental damage, misuse or commercial/industrial use.

Photo: Via Fiskars

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Via Merchant

Filson Lifetime Warranty

Filson has been around since 1897 and through the years has built itself as a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction. That includes a 90-day, no-questions-asked return policy and a lifetime warranty on every item it makes. Filson also has an easy-to-understand warranty policy devoid of the usual legalese.

Filson has great products for outdoor adventures and these 15 amazing camping gadgets on Amazon could complement what you find with Filson.

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Esee Lifetime Warranty

Esse carries an unconditional lifetime warranty on its knives, which are great for outdoorsmen who are clearing brush or skinning a deer. The company has sought to a build a reputation since its beginning of providing the best customer service it can. The unconditional lifetime warranty is a really great way of doing that. Check out some brilliant ways to store your hunting and fishing gear at home.

Photo: Via Esse Knives

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Eddie Bauer Lifetime Warranty

Eddie Bauer’s lifetime, unconditional guarantee is awfully handy since the retailer sells everything from clothing to hardwood flooring. The company offers a refund to customers who feel a product has not given them complete satisfaction. Old Eddie might have liked this fishing rod organizer, too.

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Family Handyman

Duluth Trading Co. Lifetime Warranty

Duluth Trading Co. is known for its plain language and its “No Bull” guarantee spells things out pretty clearly. Customers who aren’t entirely satisfied with their purchase can return it anytime for a refund.

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Stanley extends a limited lifetime warranty to its hand tools, tape rules, landscaping and garden tools. It offers a full lifetime warranty to its mechanics tools. Stanley, like other tool manufacturers, have great lifetime warranties but who’s got the best socket set? Find out here.

Photo: Via Amazon

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Darn Tough Vermont Lifetime Warranty

Who doesn’t have a pile of socks with holes in them sitting around the house to be repurposed as dusters? Stop collecting those old socks by investing in Darn Tough socks. Darn Tough provides an unconditional lifetime guarantee and will replace any pair that doesn’t perform. Not to mention they’re made with merino wool, so they have the warmth, but without the itch. Here are a few items you can repurpose around the house.

Photo: Via Darn Tough

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Cutco Lifetime Warranty

Cutco’s hospitality extends throughout the life of the knives it sells. The company has a forever performance guarantee, along with a forever replacement service agreement, not to mention a forever sharpness guarantee. You have to pay the postage to have Cutco sharpen your blades but that’s a pretty great guarantee to have to keep your blades straight, too.

If you’re infrequently sharpening kitchen knives then you’re making one of the 45 kitchen mistakes you need to stop making now.

Photo: Via Cutco

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Craftsman Lifetime Warranty

Craftsman extends lifetime warranties to several of its products including saws, hand tools and tool storage products. It has limited warranties on several other products, too. Organize your garage easily after reading these 51 brilliant ways to organize a garage.

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Columbia Lifetime Warranty

Columbia’s bevy of products come with warranties of varying degrees. Equipment and outerwear products come with a limited lifetime warranty. Sportswear and footwear come with limited warranties. Customers can ship products back to Columbia after filling out information for a warranty claim but check Columbia’s full policies on its website.

Photo: Via Columbia

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Chicago Cutlery Lifetime Warranty

When wedding season approaches, a knife set is always a good gift. Check out Chicago Cutlery if that’s the route you want to go. Its lifetime warranty will replace any defective knives. Speaking of wedding, check out some of these beautiful DIY wedding decorations.

Photo: Via Chicago Cutlery

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CamelBak Lifetime Warranty

The cleverly titled, “The Got Your Bak” lifetime guarantee by Camelbak is super useful for the outdoor enthusiast. The warranty covers manufacturing defects but not the normal wear and tear from regular use of its packs.

Photo: Via Camelbak

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Calphalon Lifetime Warranty

Cookware’s supposed to last a long time and that’s what Calphalon guarantees with its warranty. Calphalon will replace any item found defective because of the manufacturing of the item. The customer pays the freight on shipping it back but having a lifetime warranty makes paying shipping costs a little easier.

Photo: Via Calphalon

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Big Green Egg Lifetime Warranty

Big Green Egg grills come with a limited lifetime warranty that won’t have you looking for a replacement for the ceramic grill anytime soon. See what’s missing from your grilling toolbox.

Photo: Via Big Green Egg