Air Quality

Don’t compromise your family’s health. Here’s everything you need to know about air quality management.

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    How to Size Your HVAC and Water Heater to Fit Your Home

    Building a home? Here are some tips to help you figure out what kind of HVAC system and water heater you'll need.

    Thryv Hosting Free Virtual Seminar for HVAC Pros

    Calling all HVAC pros! Join this free seminar to boost your business or career.

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    The Trouble with Whole House Humidifiers

    Whole-house humidifiers make dry, brutal winters far more comfortable indoors. Unfortunately, the cons of a manual humidifier may out weigh...

    Why You Should do a Home Air Quality Test

    Learn the reasons you should do a home air quality test.

    13 Silent Signs Your Home Is an Unhealthy Place to Live

    These innocent-seeming habits could be making you and your family sick—really sick.

    Why Amazon Reviewers Love this HEPA Air Purifier

    Say hello to this fan-favorite HEPA air purifier and you’ll be saying goodbye to germs, allergens and indoor air pollutants.

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    Types of Air Fresheners and the Odors They Best Treat

    Sprays, solids, candles — not all air fresheners are created equal. Find out how different types work to combat common...

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    8 Best Air Quality Monitors for 2021

    Before you buy an indoor air quality monitor, do some research. We're here to help, with our list of the...

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    Should You Have Air Quality Monitors in Your Home?

    An indoor air quality monitor can detect dangerous gases, chemicals and particulates in your home. Find out how they work...

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    Monitoring Indoor Air Quality: The AirThings Wave Plus

    The AirThings Wave Plus monitor provides real-time air quality data to let you know of any potentially dangerous issues with...

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    Two Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor If You Want Cleaner Indoor Air

    Using the furnace filter to clean your home's air stresses your furnace. Ask your HVAC contractor these two questions to...

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    Can I Put Essential Oils in My Humidifier?

    Colder temperatures mean it's time to dust off and plug in your humidifier. If you're thinking about adding essential oils,...

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    Deals We Love: Air Movers

    These two air-movement tools from Hart provide durability and portability for DIYers with busy lives.

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    Can An Air Purifier Kill Germs in the Air?

    We clear the air on this important topic.

    Don’t Let Your Home Make Your Fall Allergies Worse

    Just because you're waving goodbye to summer doesn't mean hay fever goes with it. Here's how to allergy-proof every room...

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    Winter Is Coming. Are You Concerned About Your Indoor Air Quality?

    Now is a good time to assess your home's indoor air quality.

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    Why Plants are Perfect Housewarming Gifts (and 5 Great Ones to Give!)

    Houseplants help transform a new house into a home. Here are five reasons to give them to new homeowners especially,...

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    11 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality — And 2 You Can Skip

    Many homes have less than ideal indoor air quality. Learn 11 effective ways to improve the indoor air quality in...

    The Best Air Purifiers for Different Rooms

    Our guide will save you hours of online research looking for the best air purifier for your room.

    12 Natural Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Sometimes you need to freshen the air in your home, but it's too cold to crack a window. Improve your...

    Why You Don’t Really Need to Clean Your Ducts Every Year

    Don't assume that you need heating and cooling ducts cleaned unless you actually have excessive dust and debris or mold...

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    9 Air Conditioner Myths You Really Need to Stop Believing

    No, your air conditioner is not going to give you a cold. Learn what other AC myths you can stop...

    10 Ways to Reduce Indoor Allergens

    Indoor allergens affect millions of Americans each year. While a home air purifier can help limit your exposure to most...

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