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Don’t compromise your family’s health. Here’s everything you need to know about air quality management.

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I Tried the NuWave OxyPure Air Purifier and Noticed Less Dust Around My House

Curious about all the hype around air purifiers? We tested one popular model that purifies over 2,500 square feet.

7 Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Don't ignore this silent killer.

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Is It Bad to Block a Return Air Vent?

Discover the importance of an open return air vent to your home's forced air HVAC system.

The 6 Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers to Eliminate Damaging Moisture

Remove moisture to prevent mold, mildew and wood rot. We evaluated the top-rated picks to help you choose the right...

Why the Blueair Air Purifier Is the Best: Our Honest Review!

The newest lightweight and compact air purifier stands up against smoke, pet hair and odor!

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How To Clean a Box Fan

Portable, affordable box fans move serious air — and collect serious dirt. Here's how to get yours looking like new.

Amazon’s Alexa-Compatible Smart Air Monitor Audits Indoor Air Quality—and It’s on Sale

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is the newest release in Amazon's Alexa-compatible catalog. It keeps tabs on the air...

The 10 Best Air Purifiers for a Basement to Remove Dust, Allergens and Odors

You and your family can breathe easier with the best air purifier for a basement. Filter smoke, pet dander and...

Here’s How to Make This Super Handy DIY Air Cleaner

The Corsi-Rosenthal Box can reduce the amount of virus-laden aerosol particles in your home as well as any fancy filter...

The 11 Best Dehumidifiers for Basements to Get Ahead of Moisture Issues

Prevent moisture damage and keep mildew growth under control with the best dehumidifiers for basements.

Levoit 400S Review: This Air Purifier Works for Cooking Mishaps and Air Pollution

You already clean your home, but you should also be cleaning your air quality. In our Levoit 400S review, see...

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What to Know About Air Duct Cleaning

What does an air duct cleaning entail? A professional discusses what to expect with this process.

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What to Know About Indoor Allergens

Allergies come from more than just outdoor pollen. The dust inside your home can contribute just as much to allergy...

Breathe Easier with Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier (We Approved)

For better indoor air quality, look no further than our Honeywell air purifier review, which details the True HEPA filter.

Aura Air Purifier Review: Keep Your Air Clean and Free of Pollution

Check out this Aura Air Purifier review to find out if this wall-mounted unit is the best choice for your...

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How Much Does It Cost to Heat a Garage?

Garage heaters can turn your garage into a functional, usable space even in the dead of winter. But is the...

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Best Air Ionizers of 2024

Considering buying an air cleaner for your home or office? From compact to splurgy, here are our picks for the...

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Air Ionizers: What to Know Before You Buy

Is an air ionizer right for you? We uncover what they are, how they work and their potential benefits and...

Central Air Conditioner Filter Sizing and Replacement

Central air filters help keep your central air conditioner running at peak performance. If you're unsure about these filters, this...

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How to Size Your HVAC and Water Heater to Fit Your Home

Building a home? Here are some tips to help you figure out what kind of HVAC system and water heater...

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The Trouble with Whole House Humidifiers

Whole-house humidifiers make dry, brutal winters far more comfortable indoors. Unfortunately, the cons of a manual humidifier may out weigh...

Why You Should do a Home Air Quality Test

Learn the reasons you should do a home air quality test.

13 Silent Signs Your Home Is an Unhealthy Place to Live

These innocent-seeming habits could be making you and your family sick—really sick.

Why Amazon Reviewers Love this HEPA Air Purifier

Say hello to this fan-favorite HEPA air purifier and you’ll be saying goodbye to germs, allergens and indoor air pollutants.

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Types of Air Fresheners and the Odors They Best Treat

Sprays, solids, candles — not all air fresheners are created equal. Find out how different types work to combat common...

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8 Best Air Quality Monitors for 2022

Before you buy an indoor air quality monitor, do some research. We're here to help, with our list of the...

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Should You Have Air Quality Monitors in Your Home?

An indoor air quality monitor can detect dangerous gases, chemicals and particulates in your home. Find out how they work...

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Two Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor If You Want Cleaner Indoor Air

Using the furnace filter to clean your home's air stresses your furnace. Ask your HVAC contractor these two questions to...

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Can I Put Essential Oils in My Humidifier?

Colder temperatures mean it's time to dust off and plug in your humidifier. If you're thinking about adding essential oils,...

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Can An Air Purifier Kill Germs in the Air?

We clear the air on this important topic.

Don’t Let Your Home Make Your Fall Allergies Worse

Just because you're waving goodbye to summer doesn't mean hay fever goes with it. Here's how to allergy-proof every room...