Amazon’s Alexa-Compatible Smart Air Monitor Audits Indoor Air Quality—and It’s on Sale

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is the newest release in Amazon's Alexa-compatible catalog. It keeps tabs on the air quality in your home.

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When allergy season arrives, those who suffer from sniffles will do almost anything to catch a little relief. But how can you monitor air contaminants that contribute to bad-quality air inside the home? Air quality monitors are a smart way to keep an eye on potential pollutants for peace of mind. Pick up a unit that offers real-time metrics—like the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor.

What is the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor?

Unlike air ionizers or air purifiers, air quality monitors don’t increase air quality. They’re similar to well water testing kits in that they reveal hidden factors that determine the overall safety of the air. Tons of air quality monitors exist on the market, like the Family Handyman-approved AirThings Wave Plus, but the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor has a few bells and whistles that make it a standout.

It tracks five key factors: particulate matter (PM 2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO), humidity and temperature. A color-coded LED light quickly informs users of the air quality at a glance. Fire up the Alexa app to keep tabs on the air quality score in real-time, or browse the gathered data for individual metrics and trends.

Like most Amazon devices, the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is Alexa-compatible. Receive smartphone notifications or announcements on Echo devices when Alexa detects poor air quality. Alexa’s Routines settings provide the flexibility to turn on connected air purifiers, dehumidifiers and fans automatically when the air quality monitor detects pollutants.

How do you use the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor?

Setting up the unit is simple. Just plug in the monitor, open the Alexa app and tap the plus sign icon to add the new device. Once added, users can view detailed air quality, metrics and trends at any time in the Alexa app. Or, ask “Alexa, what’s the indoor air quality?” for a detailed response.

What Reviewers are Saying

Verified Amazon reviewer T.L. writes, “I’ve had this device installed downstairs and by my work machine upstairs for several weeks now and it has already made a huge impression on my life. In my daily life, I do a lot of 3D printing but I have a setup where my printer is in a cage with negative airflow pressure from an exhaust fan I have set up to vent the insides to an outside window.

I noticed while printing one day it started to drop and realized I hadn’t turned the fan on. After turning the speed up, the room returned to normal levels for the duration of the print. It’s little things like that which make me more comfortable having it in the house around my family. It’s a really neat tool and one I’ve found to be extremely beneficial in my day-to-day.”


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Why should I use an indoor air quality monitor?

Those looking to cut down on over-the-counter allergy medications benefit from learning about what triggers their hay fever. Monitoring winter air quality is also important, especially in homes with fireplaces or radiators, to prevent potential health hazards.

Do air quality monitors detect mold?

While the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor doesn’t detect mold, it does detect factors that contribute to or result from mold growth, like humidity, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. This helps homeowners identify possible problems resulting from mold growth.

How accurate are air quality monitors?

Some air quality monitors are incredibly accurate, down to a decimal point. However, it’s important to note that no air quality monitor is 100% accurate. The Amazon indoor air quality monitor includes these fluctuations in a handy chart. According to the listing, these are the variations users can expect in their readings:

  • Temperature: ±1.0 °C
  • Humidity: ±10% at 25 °C
  • VOC: ±10 points or ±10% points, whichever is larger, max over product lifetime
  • PM 2.5: ±20 µg/m³ or ±20%, whichever is larger, max over product lifetime
  • CO: ±5 ppm or ±30%, whichever is larger, max over product lifetime

Where can I buy the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor?

Shoppers can find the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor on Amazon’s website, and it normally retails for $70. For a limited time, the retailer is offering a 21% discount, bringing the total price to under $55.

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