No Job Is too Tough for Family Handyman Approved Grime Hand Soap

Updated: Feb. 14, 2023

A fiercely degreasing hand soap that's still gentle on your skin?  Give this Family Handyman Approved Grime Hand Soap a try.

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One of the worst things about working on your car or motorcycle after work is showing up to the office the next day with dirt and grime still in every crevice of your hands. I’ve tried many of the degreasing hand soaps out there, but they often leave my hands feeling chemical-ridden and dry.

Recently, a friend and fellow Family Handyman editor told me about an all-natural degreasing hand soap called Grime. So with a couple of dirty jobs on my to-do list, I decided to pick up a bar and give it a try.

What is Grime Hand Soap?

Grime Hand Soap is an all-natural, biodegradable hand soap with a blend of coconut oil, activated charcoal, natural sand, and fir needle essential oil.

It’s made the same way as any standard hand soap (AKA cold process), retaining the glycerin and nutrients so there’s no need to add harsh chemicals or preservatives. Grime hand soap uses only recyclable packaging, and the bars are formulated, produced and packaged in the U.S.

When I opened the package, a two-inch square bar tumbled out, bluish-grey and speckled with light and dark granules.It has the faint, pleasant smell of something like summer air.

How We Tested It

With hand soap, only two things matter: How well it cleans, and what it leaves your hands feeling like afterward.

So I got busy dirtying my hands with the filthiest projects on my to-do list: Changing the oil in my car, lubing my bicycle chain, planting vegetables and painting some shelves with oil-based paints.

I did these over a two-day stretch, keeping a tally of how many times I used Grime Hand Soap and how long it took to remove the gunk each time.

Performance Review

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After 30 individual washes and nearly 15 minutes of total hand-washing time, my hands look and feel fantastic. At no point did my hands dry out, crack or need lotion, thanks to the high quality, all-natural ingredients and moisturizing coconut oil.

I love the coarseness of the bar when it’s wet in your hands. It works like a scrubby pad or pumice stone, removing the chain lube grease and caked-on paint from deep within the crevices of my hands.

I appreciate the subtleness of the soap’s smell as well.  The bar has a soft fresh scent without that lingering, perfumery, over-the top smell.

There are a couple of downsides to Grime Hand Soap, too.  High quality, well-made products tend to cost more, and Grime is no different. Though small (less than two ounces), it costs the same as a full-size bar of run-of-the-mill degreasing soap. Natural soaps also dissolve quicker than soaps made with artificial ingredients. Over my 30 washes, the bar shrunk to less than half its original size.

Why You Should Buy This

No matter how much you love getting your hands dirty, Grime Hand Soap can help you get them clean. The all-natural, biodegradable formula is ruthless on dirt and grime while leaving your mitts feeling soft and smooth.

Where to Buy

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Grime Hand Soap is available online at and Amazon.

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