5 Frightening Ways Snakes Can Enter Your Home

Updated: Apr. 18, 2023

Snakes can be sneaky! Here are five ways they enter houses during the summer, and what you can do to stop it.

Snakes can fit through small spaces, and often pursue their prey or a place to lay eggs indoors. Here are five ways snakes can end up in your home.

So, How Do Snakes Get in the House?

Through Cracks and Gaps Around Doors

Gaps between the garage and the garage door provide one of the most common entry points for snakes, according to Tennessee exterminator Paul Osborne. For snakes even very small gaps provide easy to access to the indoors where they seek food, such as rats and mice that may have gone ahead of them, or a safe place to lay eggs.

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Through Gaps Between Brick and Siding

Osborne also warns that snakes can get inside by slipping between bricks if mortar is missing and also between bricks and siding on the exterior of your home. Gaps between siding and stone veneers, brick or any similar material should be repaired to prevent moisture damage and stop snakes from gaining entry.

Inside Large Plants

Snakes can live inside the pot or container of a large plant. We have personal knowledge of a homeowner who purchased a large houseplant and placed it in her living room. Later that day she thought she heard some rustling near the plant. Several minutes later, out slithered a snake! No one knows when or how the snake entered the pot, but it was indeed a huge shock. If you have large potted plants on your patio or porch that you bring inside for winter, it might be worth poking around in the dirt before you bring them inside, just in case. Learn about the different types of poisnouous snakes that could be hiding in your lawn.

Enticed Up to the Attic by Prey

Snakes climbing into attics is such a common problem that pest removal services regularly encounter it. Climbing snakes are usually lured into attics by the smell of rats, so making sure there is no reason for a snake to want to climb into your attic is essential. Also, make sure any gaps are sealed to help stop this problem.

There’s a Snake in the Toilet!

It may sound like an urban myth, but snakes have been known to end up in pipes and appear in the toilet. They’re not coming up through the plumbing, usually they enter from the top of the bowl. If you’re brave, here are several stories from around the world where it happened.