15 Ways to Fake That You Have a Home Security System and Deter Burglars

Updated: Mar. 13, 2024

Send burglars running with these fake home security system options.

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Simple Fake Security Camera

For an inexpensive but effective way to deter burglars, try this faux home security system option. It closely resembles a real camera and features an activation light. It installs quickly and easily, to the ceiling or wall, with the included screws. If you’re going away for a while, then try these fool proof methods to trick burglars into thinking you’re at home.

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For more options, you can consider our picks for the best fake security cameras.

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Fake Security Keypad

This fake security keypad features an automatic light sensor that lights up the pad at dusk, making it an even more realistic-looking deterrent. At the sight of the device, burglars will likely step away and leave your home alone! Garage doors are traditionally weak links in home security, giving thieves easy access. Use these garage door locks tips to make your garage door more secure.

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Beware of Dog Sign

If a burglar has been attacked by a dog before, they might not want to take their chances again. This sign takes it a step further with, “You have been warned. Not responsible for injury or death.” Yikes! Here are the 10 best home security devices without monthly fees.

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Fake Security System Sign for Your Yard

Security yard signs are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to deter criminals. BrickHouse Security offers high-quality weatherproof signs. If someone scans the QR code in the center of the sign, it will bring them to a webpage informing them that your home is protected by BrickHouse Security technology. Here are 11 home security mistakes that put you at risk.

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Fake Security Dome Camera with Flashing Red LED Light

When burglars survey a home or business, they’re likely to look up to see if there’s a camera in sight. The dome camera is a classic security option that will easily be spotted by the bad guys. You can also mix dummy and real cameras to increase your security at a fraction of the cost of all real cameras. Take a look at these (real) new age security cameras that will keep your home safe.

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Home Security Window or Door Decals

A little window decal can go a long way. If a burglar sees it before breaking into your home, it might make them think twice about entering.

“These are great. We bought them after a break-in at our home. We’ve suffered no break-ins since, but I doubt that speaks to the effectiveness of the product. They look real and we’re hoping they work as a deterrent to the next assailant who thinks they want to enter our home,” one Amazon reviewer says. You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep burglars at bay. Here are some of the best inexpensive (yet very effective!) DIY home security ideas.

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Motion Sensor Dog Barking Alarm

You might not have a dog, or perhaps your pup is on vacation with you, but the sound of a vicious dog may be enough to send burglars running. When motion is detected, a dog barking sound will be set off with this alarm system.

Home security system installers share tips that will keep you and your home safe and secure.

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Wall-Mount High-Power Motion Sensor Scream Box

This powerful infrared motion sensor speaker allows you to record your own custom sounds that will play back when the sensor is triggered. And, because it’s an infrared sensor, it will work in total darkness, so even a criminal avoiding the plane of light will be caught off guard! You can record multiple sounds of your choosing. Sometimes a simple, “Hello? Who’s out there?” will do just the trick!

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Fake TV

You don’t have to keep your TV on for hours or even days to deter burglars. This small box that emits light to mimic the color and scene transitions of television programming will give burglars the impression that you’re home and watching TV. Check out our ultimate guide for finding secret hiding places in your home.

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Criminals fear lasers because they’re well aware that these sensors are placed across from each other to cause an invisible beam to pass between them and if that beam is broken the alarm system is triggered. Use a fake laser scanner to project red laser-looking lights that will intimidate burglars, scaring them away from your home!

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Timed Lights

Use these plugs to time your lights to switch on and off, even if you’re not home! It’s a simple, effective and economical way to keep intruders at bay. (If you have smart-home technology, you can turn lights off and on with your phone.)

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Solar-Powered Exterior Security Light

This exterior light is ideal for alerting you to any movement outside your home, by emitting a super bright light when activated via its motion sensor. This simple light may alert burglars that you have even more security if they dare to break in, making it an effective deterrent if you’re not ready to purchase a full-on home security system. Prevent break-ins by upgrading and strengthening your deadbolt and lockset.

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Talking Security Camera Motion Detection Warning Message

This fake camera looks just like the real deal. When motion is detected inside of nine feet, an authoritative male voice warns intruders. The voice is also accompanied by siren sounds and a red blinking light. Is it a crime to spend money on a home security system these days? A look inside the mind of convicted burglars will help you decide.

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Security Sensor Automatic Light Lamp Switch

When an exterior door or window is tampered with or opened, this sensor will automatically turn on a device you have plugged in. The device can be a lamp, radio or other electronic device that will trick burglars into thinking you’re home! Here’s how to monitor your home from your phone.

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Kinder, Gentler Deterrent

While you may opt for some fake cameras (or real ones), you can let would-be burglars know they’re on camera with these friendly stickers.

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