10 Best Ways To Protect Your Home

Updated: Jan. 30, 2024

Sometimes the best ways to protect your home are the easiest. Learn how without investing a lot of time or money.

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Never Open Your Door to Strangers

When someone comes to your door, do you promptly open it, assuming it’s a neighbor or delivery person? if so, stop right now. Those with bad intentions can easily knock you aside and gain entry to your home.

Your best bet to protect your home is adding a video doorbell camera. These easy-to-install devices let you see and talk to whoever’s at your door through an app on your phone. You don’t have to open the door.

A bonus: You can talk to visitors whether you’re home or not. And the camera can catch package thieves, too.

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Hire a Home Sitter When You’re Away

Most people know you should halt your mail service and put lights on a timer when you’re away from home for long periods. Well, most thieves know those tricks, too.

Here’s a better way to deter potential break-ins: Hire a home sitter to make your place look lived in by shoveling snow, cutting the grass and bringing in packages. Plus, the sitter can water your plants and feed the fish. Just make sure you hire someone from a trusted agency or a well-known friend or relative.

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Trim Your Bushes and Plant Smart

Your landscaping can make your home safer. Overgrown bushes give thieves an ideal place to hide. Keep them trimmed to give those with ill intentions less coverage. Even better, plant spiky bushes and plants like cacti, yucca and roses underneath windows to deter thieves.

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Light Up the Night

How many times have you forgotten to turn on the porch light before you left the house? Darkness is a thief’s best friend because it gives them cover to shimmy through windows undetected.

Protect your home at night by installing motion-sensor lights on each side. Many use batteries or solar power so they don’t need to be hard-wired. Here’s our list of the best motion lights on the market.

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Girl child opening home smart door lock, unlocking the code. Close up view of girl touching pointing the number pad.
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Keep Your Door Locked … The Smart Way

Okay, you know to lock your doors, but chances are someone in your family constantly forgets. No problem. Invest in smart locks.

Smart locks can automatically lock the door behind these forgetful loved ones. You can even lock the door when you’re not home using an app. Here’s our list of the best smart locks for your home.

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Someone hand open a safety box after press passwords code on safety lock pad.
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Bolt Your Valuables to the Floor

So you have a safe for your valuables? That’s a great start. Unfortunately, if it isn’t super heavy, thieves will just take it with them and try to figure out how to open it later. Protect your valuables better by mounting the safe in a wall or bolting it to the floor.

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Hide Your Trash

A big-screen television or computer box by your curb is basically advertising you’ve got cool stuff to steal. Hide your new big-ticket items by breaking down the boxes and stuffing them in your trash can or recycling bin.

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Stay Off Social Media

No, you don’t have to delete your accounts. Just be smart with some social media best practices.

Don’t post that you’re going out of town for work or vacation. Save those photos until you get home. Then in the post write something like, “I’m back home!” This will let potential thieves know you’re not still on vacation.

Also, make sure teens know they shouldn’t post about vacations, money or expensive items. Don’t unwittingly make yourself a target.

Woman locks a child safety lock on a window frame an apartment on a high floor
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Secure Your Windows

Locking windows is one of the best things you can do to protect your home because 23 percent of thieves come in through windows.

If you live in an older home, a few windows probably don’t lock properly. For those, purchase window stops. These devices install quickly and only cost around $13 for a pack of four. Here are some DIY ideas to secure your windows.

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Hispanic businessman using electronic key to open car door
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Lock Your Vehicle

Your car could be the key a crook needs to get into your house. If you park in the driveway or on the street, keep your vehicle locked and never leave a garage opener inside. Otherwise, one click is all a thief needs to access your garage.