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Keep your belongings and personal information safe with these personal security tips and product recommendations.

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Are Hackers Targeting Your Wi-Fi Router? Here’s How To Stop Them

Yes, your router can be hacked. Here's how to tell, and how to keep your home network and devices safe from hackers.

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4 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Garage

With a few simple tricks, you can burglar-proof your garage.

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13 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home More Secure.

Protect your house and your loved ones with these inexpensive, easy-to-install devices!

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Is It Safe to Pay Rent With Venmo and Other Cash Apps?

Digital payments might be more enticing than traditional payment methods, but do the risks outweigh the rewards?

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Here’s How to Spot an Airbnb Scam

Airbnb scams can really ruin your vacation, but there are some reliable ways to spot one.

10 Best Ways To Protect Your Home

Sometimes the best ways to protect your home are the easiest. Learn how without investing a lot of time or...

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Should You Get a Smart Home Security System?

Here, we'll help you decide if a smart home security system is right for you.

5 Home Security Additions That Can Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Rate

Smart home security upgrades protect your home and family and are easy to install. Did you know they also can...

Why Does My Car Alarm Keep Going Off at Night?

Car alarm interrupting your sleep? We've rounded up some causes and solutions for why your car alarm keeps going off...

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Can Alexa Be Hacked? Here’s How To Prevent It

Though it's rare, Alexa can be vulnerable to hackers. Here's what you need to know to keep yourself and your...

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Can My Neighbor Point Their Security Camera at My Backyard?

Have you asked yourself this question? We consulted a lawyer for the answer.

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6 Items To Take With When Closing Down Your Cabin

You know to sweep the floor and turn off the lights. But do you know what should be on your...

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Do Amazon Echo’s Security Features Really Work?

Amazon Echo has security features, like detecting broken glass. But do they really work? We tested them here in our...

12 Airbnb Horror Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice

Think you might want to become an Airbnb host? Or, maybe you're just using their services while traveling. Whether you're...

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35 Common Home Security Mistakes

These not-so-obvious indicators will make your home a target for thieves.

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11 Common Home Security Mistakes That Put You at Risk

No matter where you live, you must address home security sooner or later. Will you do so before or after...

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How to Protect Your Home Security Camera From Being Hacked

Security cameras connected to the internet are easy to hack. Here's how to stop a breach before it happens.

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Secret Hiding Places You’ve Never Thought Of

Got some cash or valuables to hide? Try one of these clever, simple ways to hide those items from all...

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26 Helpful Tips For Installing Security Systems In Your Home

Save money on a home security system by installing it yourself. Here's how.

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12 Things You Must Do Before Leaving Your Home on Vacation

Considering a trip away from home? Be sure to address these 12 must-do items before heading out the door.