6 Best Smart Doorbells for Your Home

A smart doorbell can help you step up your smart home game, adding live video feed, two-way audio, motion alerts and other convenience and safety features to your front door.

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What to Know About Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells eclipse basic doorbells because they feature live video and numerous other convenience and safety features. You can answer a smart doorbell from anywhere, view real-time video or converse via two-way audio, all from your smartphone.

You can also use a smart doorbell as a security camera at your front door. Some smart doorbells can be set up to alert you when motion is detected, even if no one has pressed the doorbell itself. Here’s our list of the best doorbell cameras to help you choose the right one.

Installation of some smart doorbells involves low-voltage wiring, while battery-powered models are the easy plug-and-play type.

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Best Overall Smart Doorbell

The Nest Hello ($229) represents the cutting edge of smart doorbell technology with excellent 1600×1200 resolution (4:3 ratio), HDR video, night vision, noise cancellation, around-the-clock recording coverage and native Google Assistant voice and video display integration.

You’ll pay top dollar for this best-in-class tech, though it’s been offered on sale for as little as $180. And you’ll have to subscribe to Google’s cloud service, Nest Aware, to get some of the best features, such as 24/7 video history and AI recognition. The latter lets you differentiate among people/packages/pets and emergency services calling. You can subscribe to Nest Aware for all Google devices in your home for $6 or $12 per month, depending on options.

Low-voltage wiring is required for standard installation, or you can buy an indoor plug-in power adapter and run the wire out to the doorbell.

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Best Value Smart Doorbell

Arlo’s Video Doorbell ($143) is a popular smart doorbell that offers great performance and features at a great price. Standout features include excellent 1536×1536 resolution (unique square 1:1 ratio, good for seeing people), a 180-degree viewing angle, HDR video, infrared night vision and two-way audio. It also sends motion alerts even if a person doesn’t press the button.

Low-voltage wiring is required for installation, and you’ll need a Arlo Smart subscription (from $2.99 to $14.99 per month) to add features such as 30-day recording history, emergency calling and detection zones. Voice control and video display are available with Google Assistant or Alexa.

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Most Secure Smart Doorbell

Eufy’s Video Doorbell ($160) runs exclusively on your local network and uses local storage. That means you won’t need a subscription for full functionality and your data is never uploaded to the internet.

This smart doorbell also offers a competitive lineup of features, such as standout 2560×1920 resolution (4:3 ratio like Nest Hello), two-way audio, configurable detection zones, AI human-detection for less motion alert noise and some fun ringtone options. This doorbell requires low-voltage wiring for installation.

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Best for Neighborhood Networking

The Ring Doorbell 3 ($200) is a strong all-around choice, featuring easy DIY installation and no subscription required. However, the subscriptions ($3 or $10 per month) add recording and other features, plus a unique neighborhood system where Ring-equipped neighbors and law enforcement share crime and safety alerts with video footage. One user says, “The [Neighbors] app has a strong effect of bringing neighbors together by sharing information and creating a sense of community.”

It also improves on the previous version of the Ring Doorbell with faster 5GHz wireless and adjustable motion zone distance. Voice control and Echo screen display are available with Alexa integration.

Value shopper note: Older versions (Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2) still come highly recommended and may be a good budget option if those models meet your needs.

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Best for a Tight Budget

The RemoBell S ($100) is not only the cheapest option on this list, but also includes three days of video recording history access with no subscription. Those recurring fees can add up, in some cases costing more than your hardware within a couple of years. Low-voltage wiring is required for installation, but we’ll chalk it up as another budget point with no ongoing battery replacement expenses.

Despite its low cost, this smart doorbell stands up to the competition with features like two-way talk, 1920×1080 video resolution, a 180 degree field of view and infrared night vision. Plus it’s equipped to work with Alexa for voice commands and video display on Amazon screen devices.

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Best for Renters

The Ring Peephole Cam ($130) owns the niche market of smart doorbells that can be installed through a door peephole. It’s perfect for renters. The standalone, battery-powered setup doesn’t require wiring or screws to install, and it can be removed from the peephole hardware without a trace and go with you when you move.

This peephole cam also benefits from all Ring networking and cloud functionality. One standout feature is knock detection; you can get a phone notification for a knocking visitor even if they never push the Ring button. This smart doorbell works with Alexa voice commands and video display.

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