Here Are All The Quick, Easy DIY Projects Featured on “Saturday Morning Projects”

Updated: May 09, 2024

Grab your tools and get busy!

Projects Featured On Saturday Morning Projects FtFAMILY HANDYMAN (4), TMB STUDIO (2)

Did you see a DIY project on Saturday Morning Projects on At Home with Family Handyman that you just can’t wait to dive into? In case you missed it, here’s a recap of every project featured on the show so you can bring what you saw on TV to life! 

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outdoor brick pizza oven
Family Handyman

Build a Brick Pizza Oven

Make artisan pizzas and more right in your backyard with this brick pizza oven project that takes about one week to complete.

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DIY dog crate
TMB Studio

Build a DIY Dog Crate

Don’t buy a crate from the pet store, make this DIY wooden dog crate in two days for less than $500! A fine piece of furniture and a safe home for your pup.

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Tools Hanged on A Pegboard
Dan Stout for Family Handyman

Install a Garage Pegboard

Considering installing pegboard but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! It’s a cinch if you follow this quick and easy tutorial.

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diy garage bin shelf
Family Handyman

Build a Garage Bin Shelf

Build a high shelf for your storage bins that automatically lowers with the push of a button in just a couple days for less than $1,000.

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wood fired hot tub
Family Handyman

Build a Wood-Fired Hot Tub

With this DIY hot tub, you can enjoy a relaxing soak right in your own backyard—without using any electricity! In about two days time, you can begin to take relaxing dips in this easy-to-build DIY hot tub.

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after diy cabinet refacing
Family Handyman

Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Get the look of new cabinets in one weekend for one-third the cost! It’s DIY-friendly, and you can save thousands of dollars by refacing kitchen cabinets yourself instead of replacing them.

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Christmas tree glowing in a house interior
CasarsaGuru/Getty Images

Fix Christmas Lights

Squeeze another season out of your strings of lights with these tips that take only a few minutes. Learn how to diagnose and fix common problems with Christmas lights.

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DIY christmas tree stand
Family Handyman

Build a Christmas Tree Stand

What better way to get in a festive holiday mood then by building a sturdy DIY Christmas tree stand? This can be done in less than an hour for under $20.

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Wreath with bells hanging on a window
Robert Maxwell for Family Handyman

Hang a Wreath From a Window

Want to take your decorating to the next level this holiday season? Learn how to hang a wreath from a window in a way that looks great and won’t fail. Plus, it takes 5-10 minutes and only costs $20!

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DIY ring toss game in the grass
Family Handyman

Build a Backyard Ring Toss Game

Your whole family will love this fun backyard ring toss game that comes together in a few hours  with minimal materials and cost.

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DIY cornhole
Family Handyman

Build Cornhole Boards

Bring your next backyard barbecue to life by building this beautiful, fun, and functional DIY cornhole set. These are easy to build and carry around and take about two days and $200 to complete.

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diy reclaimed wood coffee table
Robert Maxwell for Family Handyman

Build a Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Learn how to make a sleek reclaimed wood coffee table from pallets in this project that will cost you less than $100 and result in a lovely, elegant hardwood coffee table.

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Yellow painted Dresser
TMB Studio

Transform IKEA Furniture With Paint

No matter what item you fancy, this step-by-step guide will help you make your IKEA furniture stand out in three days for less than $150.

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Fh22ono 621 52 081
Family Handyman

Applying Real Venetian Plaster

Achieve this durable and timeless finish with real Venetian yourself! This is a project for beginners, takes about two days, and costs around $350.

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Bed Frame With Storage
Family Handyman

Build a Bed Frame with Storage

Turn that wasted space under your bed into easy-access storage by building a few simple boxes and drawers and assembling them to make a cool platform bed frame

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Solar Powered House Numbers
Family Handyman

Make Solar-Powered House Numbers

Your dinner guests will never miss your house again once you install these solar-powered house numbers. This is a true Saturday Morning Project and costs less than $50 to complete.

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DIY curtain rod Spice Rack Video Still
Family Handyman

Make a DIY Spice Rack

This simple and easy project uses a curtain rod to organize your spices to give you more room in your kitchen cabinets.

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Bathroom Renovation
TMB Studio

Renovate a Bathroom Without Knocking Down a Wall

Renovating your bathroom can add significant style and resale value to your home. This project shows you how to do that while avoiding expensive construction costs.

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Restored Vintage Console Stereo finished project in a living room
TMB Studio

Restore a Vintage Console Stereo

A console stereo has so much potential! Using simple woodworking techniques, you can refurbish one for a vintage style with modern sound.