8 Vinyl Siding Colors That’ll Never Go Out of Style

Updated: Oct. 27, 2023

So you're finally ready to re-side your house. Which vinyl siding colors will stand the test of time? Pros share their top picks.

white house
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No surprise here: White is still a leading choice among homeowners. “When in doubt, Aspen White is a classic and crisp color that works in almost any setting,” says Michael DiMartino, senior vice president of installations at Power Home Remodeling.

But, he says, homeowners beware: A monochromatic home lacks depth when everything — including the siding, gutters, capping and more — is white.

What accounts for this vinyl siding “blank canvas” color’s longevity and current popularity? DiMartino says we can attribute that to modern farmhouse styles, which traditionally used black as an accent color for white.

Neat beige home with two garage spaces.
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Although vinyl siding in bolder neutrals enjoyed boosts in popularity in recent years, beige is still a go-to color, especially in the suburbs. Why? Because it’s a classic neutral shade.

It’s simple to add contrast or color to this easy-on-the-eyes earth tone. With linen, cream or darker brown accents and trim, you maintain a comfortable middle-of-the-road look. Want to add some drama or trendiness without diving in too far? Think about navy or black accents.

light gray home exterior
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Light Gray

While we’ve watched light gray fade as an allover interior color, gray has maintained its classic cool for exteriors. It looks crisp, sharp and almost preppy with white trim. It plays well with a rainbow of trim and roof colors, from bright and bold to dark and moody.

Depending on the light, light gray might look like a cool white while looking much darker in shade or shadow. This color also provides a neutral canvas for landscaping, so there’s no doubt you’ll up your curb appeal with light gray vinyl siding.

mid-town grey house exterior
courtesy Westlake Royal Building Products

Mid-Tone Gray

Mid-tone gray, such as Harvard Slate, has been the top-selling vinyl siding color for years at Westlake Royal Building Products, according to Chris Johnson, director of product and marketing. Why? It’s flexible enough to complement traditional and contemporary home designs.

“As a mid-tone gray, it has shown itself to be a popular color and works well with other accents,” Johnson says. “Even as the trends change, a mid-tone gray will maintain its classic appeal.” Here, find out if you can paint vinyl siding.

blue house exterior at dusk
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If you’re hoping to move out of neutral territory, blue is a top option. It’s pleasing to most eyes, upping your home’s curb appeal. Plus, it works well with accent colors and fits into a natural landscape.

“Regatta Blue plays very well in coastal areas, as the rich tone sets a cohesive feel with nearby bodies of water and beach towns — from the Northern Cape [Cod] to the Jersey Shore and all the way down in Florida,” DiMartino says. “It’s a great color to use against white accents, and it breaks from the traditional earth-tone siding we typically see.”

light green house exterior
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Green has emerged as a power color in interiors, but it’s also becoming mainstream for exteriors. This renewed interest in green doesn’t translate to trendy — it’s just a classic natural color that will look good for decades.

DiMartino says Cypress really shines in natural settings, making it a “great choice for mountainous areas or hillside suburbs. The green tone is subdued enough that it also makes for a beautiful beach option that plays off the blues and greens of the ocean and its surroundings.”

Backyard view of dark grey siding house with detached garage
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Dark Gray

Think the navy/dark gray/black exterior is a recent trend? Think again, says Johnson. Ironstone, a darker gray, has been bestseller since it was introduced in 2010.

“Designers have been looking toward darker, bolder colors and Ironstone fits the bill,” he says. “The dark neutral tone can be beautifully highlighted with light accent colors or matching trim for a modern look. While dark exteriors may seem like a passing trend, the neutral nature of dark gray allows it to adapt with changing exterior designs and preferences.

dark black house exterior with a red door
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It may feel trendy to go all-black, but consumers are definitely demanding darker siding. Pairing a black siding accent with smoky or silvery tones can lighten up a too-gothic appearance. Or you can pour on the drama with cast-iron gray accents against a black canvas.

Either way, you’ll have an exterior that pairs well with lush landscaping and will look great for years to come.