8 Best Vinyl Siding Brands of 2022

Updated: Feb. 29, 2024

Looking into vinyl siding for your home? Kick-start your search with this list of the best vinyl siding brands and manufacturers.

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Certain Teed Vinyl Siding Ecomm Via Certainteed
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CertainTeed (Saint-Gobain)

CertainTeed is one of the oldest and most respected names in vinyl siding. Founded in 1904, this Pennsylvania-based business makes various building materials along with their industry-leading siding.

Now owned by the French company Saint-Gobain, CertainTeed has won multiple Energy Star “Partner of the Year” awards for its environmentally-friendly products. According to its web site: “We aspire to be North America’s recognized leader in sustainable habitat.”

CertainTeed vinyl siding is available in various styles and wood textures, including cedar shake and board and batten.

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Georgia-Pacific (Ply Gem)

Georgia-Pacific is a large building material manufacturer, founded in 1927 as a hardware lumber company. Today, Georgia-Pacific is one of the largest construction and paper product manufacturers in the United States. It produces everything from drywall and subfloors to tissues and paper napkins, and Georgia-Pacific vinyl siding can be found on homes across the nation.

Ply Gem, part of Cornerstone Building Brands, manufactures Georgia-Pacific vinyl siding. It offer siding soffit and skirting in a range of styles and colors.

To get a feel for the difference new vinyl siding can make on a home, spend some time playing with the Georgia-Pacific “Vinyl Visualizer.” This free, web-based app lets you see how different styles and colors of siding change the appearance of homes.

Start by selecting one of the existing gallery images or upload a photo of your home. Then experiment with many kinds of siding, trim, roofing and doors.

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Odyssey Vinyl Siding Ecomm Via Alside
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Founded in 1947, Ohio-based Alside rose to prominence when the company’s founder, Jerome J. Kaufman, introduced a baked enamel residential siding. It ushered in the era of low-maintenance residential siding for the American market.

In 1996, Alside introduced Charter Oak Premium Vinyl Siding. Its attractive appearance, rugged construction and easy installation makes it a popular choice across the U.S. It’s also the only vinyl siding to win a Consumer Reports Best Buy title.

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Residential Vinyl Siding Westlake Ecomm Via Royalbuildingproducts.com
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Royal Building Products (Westlake)

With a history dating back almost 50 years, Royal Building Products vinyl siding is now part of the Westlake family of building materials. Founded in 1970, it went through several name changes and acquisitions before Westlake Chemical bought it.

Two features of Royal Building Products siding are worth highlighting. One is the Premium Colorscapes shades with Chromatix color protection, which guards against against UV fading and makes single-panel replacements much more practical. The second is their “Double-Lifetime” warranty, which can be transferred when a home is sold. Full details are available on the Royal Building Products warranty page.

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Mastic Vinyl Hero Ecomm Via Plygem
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Mastic (Ply Gem)

Ply Gem also makes Mastic vinyl siding. In 2006, Ply Gem purchased Alcoa’s home exteriors unit, eventually rebranding Alcoa siding as Mastic. Today, Mastic siding is available in lap, vertical and shake-and-shingle styles.

Mastic products are are made from 80 percent recycled material and covered by Ply Gem’s “V.I.P.” limited lifetime warranty.


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Rutichill Vinyl Siding Ecomm Via Norandex
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Norandex (ABC Supply Co.)

Founded in 1946, Norandex is known for rugged, durable siding products. We particularly like Norandex’s proprietary NailRight installation system. Every siding panel features a clearly-marked X every eight inches to ensure nails are securely fastened to studs.

ABC Supply Co. acquired Norandex in 2015, and now their products are available exclusively through ABC Supply branches. Luckily, with 603 locations in the U.S., you should have no trouble locating a dealer who sells the perfect Norandex siding for your project.

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Vinyl Siding Guide Ecomm Via Kaycan.com
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Kaycan has been selling vinyl and aluminum siding since the mid-1970s. This Canadian company has a global footprint, selling their siding in more than 30 countries.

Kaycan is especially focused on environmental impact. Their R3V and GreenSense initiatives underscore their commitment to reducing waste. Kaycan reports that “100 percent of waste generated from the production of Kaycan vinyl products is reground and re-inserted into the manufacturing process.”

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Contractors Choice Variform Vinyl Siding Ecomm Via Plygem
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Variform (Ply Gem)

Variform is another Ply Gem product line. Like the other brands on this list, it offers a range of styles including vinyl lap siding, vertical and cedar shake. Its American Tradition and Vortex Extreme lines may interest homeowners in wind-swept areas.

American Tradition vinyl siding features Variforms AnchorLock System and TuckTight curled nail hem to help resist high wind conditions. Vortex Extreme features Weather Warrior Technology, a blend of thicker panels, a reverse, roll-over nail hem and UV protection, to help it last in even harsh environments.

Variform vinyl siding is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.