Fresh siding can make your home look like new. Learn how to upgrade that curb appeal with a new siding tips and treatments.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Siding?

The cost to replace siding depends on several factors. The main ones are the siding material, your home's design and local labor rates.

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8 Tips for Painting Wood Siding

Painting wood siding? Save time and money in the long run with a little preparation.

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How To Install Cedar Shingle Siding

Cedar shingle siding is beautiful, durable and probably not as difficult to install as you think. Here's how to install...

What Is German Smear?

If you're ready to revamp your plain brick house or fireplace but don't want to spend a lot of money,...

9 Popular Home Siding Colors

Whether you're building, remodeling or just refreshing your home's exterior, consider these popular siding colors experts say their clients love.

How To Estimate Home Siding Costs

Picking your material and factoring in labor are the biggest pieces of determining house siding costs, but those aren't the...

8 Vinyl Siding Colors That’ll Never Go Out of Style

So you're finally ready to re-side your house. Which vinyl siding colors will stand the test of time? Pros share...

8 Best Vinyl Siding Brands of 2022

Looking into vinyl siding for your home? Kick-start your search with this list of the best vinyl siding brands and...

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding had its heyday in the mid-1900s and may look retro today. However, there are still good reasons for...

How to Add a Covered Entryway to Your Home

Take your home's basic facade to the next level. Add a roof over the entryway.

What To Know About Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding has emerged as a powerhouse in the residential siding market. Why is it so popular, and should...

Tips for Removing Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding lasts about 20 years, a little longer if you paint it. Here are some tips on how to...

How to Paint Aluminum Siding

If your aluminum siding has developed a chalky residue or is faded, stained or just flat-out the wrong color, don't...

We Tried This Ryobi Pressure Washer and Our Patio Has Never Looked So Clean

This all-new Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer will spray away dirt and grime from almost any outdoor surface, and leave your...

How to Maintain and Repair 7 Common Home Exteriors

Maintaining your home's exterior is important. Here's how to maintain and repair seven of the most common exterior...

We Tried This Innovative Brush That Makes Cleaning Vinyl Siding a Breeze

Looking for an eco-friendly way to clean your vinyl siding? Give the American-made Siding Brush a try.

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Everything You Need To Know About Stucco

Is stucco a good siding choice for your home? Let's find out!

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How To Paint Stucco

When the outside of your stucco home needs a refresh, reach for the paint and follow these step-by-step directions for...

What to Know About Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is popular on the outside of homes, as well as accenting the inside. Learn more about this decorative...

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How to Choose the Best Siding for Your Cabin

Choose well, and the siding on your vacation home will give the appearance you desire, provide worry-free performance and last...

Which Exterior Renovation Adds the Most Value to a House?

Not all exterior renovation projects are created equal. These are the ones that add the most value at resale.

Exterior Home Building Materials: What To Know

Building a new home, cabin or room addition? You need to know the types of exterior building materials available and...

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9 Types of Siding for Houses

The right siding enhances a home's curb appeal, bolsters its structure and increases its value. Discover the type of siding...

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34 Silent Signs That Your House is Failing

Your house can't talk, but it can give you hints of failure, if you pay attention. Learn what your house...

IBSx Award Winners Highlight Modern Home Building Innovations

Game-changing home building products were front and center at the 2021 IBSx.

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10 Most Common Uses for a Pressure Washer

Got a pressure washer collecting dust in your garage that you're just not sure what to use for? Here are...

Toolipedia: Vinyl Siding Removal Tool

Toolipedia: Everything you wanted to know about vinyl siding removal tools.

12 Tips for Bending Metal with a Bending Brake

A metal brake is the tool for bending custom metal flashing and decorative trim. Every siding contractor and most roofers...

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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

When can you paint vinyl siding on your house? Learn these critical tips you need to know before painting vinyl...

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A Full Guide to Replacing Vinyl Siding

A $5 tool makes the job quick and easy.

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How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Techniques for cleaning tough-to-remove stains on vinyl siding, trim and gutters.