Toolipedia: Vinyl Siding Removal Tool

Updated: Mar. 11, 2021

Toolipedia: Everything you wanted to know about vinyl siding removal tools.

Vinyl Siding Removal Tool | Construction Pro Tips

What is a vinyl siding removal tool?

A vinyl siding removal tool (VSRT) is used to separate two interlocked pieces of vinyl siding in order to gain access to the nailing flange for siding removal or repairs. A VSRT is also called a zip tool because the process is similar to unzipping a zipper. A zip tool consists of a handle from which extends a thin, narrow piece of metal that is bent on the very end. A zip tool is used by vinyl siding installation professionals.

How is a vinyl siding tool used?

Start near a seam if possible. Push the tool up into the seam where two pieces connect. Work the tool up and back and forth until the bent portion of the tool hooks on to the lower lip of the upper piece of siding. Pull down and out to separate (unzip) the two pieces. Always wear eye protection when using this tool.

What are the different types of vinyl siding removal tools?

There are different brands of this tool, but most resemble each other.

What makes a good vinyl siding tool?

  • Stiffer metal
  • The metal hook is an integral part of the handle

Malco has been making quality siding tools for many years.

Using a vinyl siding removal tool | Construction Pro Tips

Vinyl siding removal tool tip

Wait for a warm day. Vinyl siding gets brittle in cold temperatures. The chances of chipping off the bottom lip increase as the temperature drops.