8 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaners

Updated: Jun. 05, 2024

Cleaning vinyl siding isn't a fun task, but these vinyl siding cleaners make the job as painless as possible.

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Krud Cutter Ecomm Lowes.comVIA MERCHANT

What to Consider When Buying Vinyl Siding Cleaner

Vinyl siding is a low-cost, easy-to-install cladding option for your home. Although it’s relatively easy to clean, you’ll still need the right cleaner. I’ve used my experience cleaning vinyl siding, as well as the expert advice of Vince Christofora, owner of Woodstock Hardware, to compile a list of quality, effective options.

Keep these considerations in mind to buy the best product for your situation.

  • Application method: According to Christofra, vinyl siding cleaner application methods vary from applying-and-forgetting to hand-scrubbing and pressure washing. Although the spray-and-forget products have their niche,  he says “nothing beats applying either by hand and scrubbing or pressure washing.” Especially dirty siding may require scrubbing and pressure washing.
  • Vinyl condition: Loose or unfastened siding pieces should be secured before you begin cleaning. Make sure you follow recommended pressure washing techniques and use the “cleaning” nozzle to prevent damaging your siding.
  • Earth friendliness: Many of these cleaners are environmentally friendly, although none are all-natural. Products that contain bleach require extra precautions. You should cover any exposed skin, as well as nearby plants. Christofora recommends pre-soaking and a final rinsing with your hose of any areas surrounding the siding. This minimizes how much cleaning solution may be absorbed into plants, landscaping, decking and outdoor furniture.
  • Cost: Vinyl siding cleaners are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $15 to $40 per gallon and covering 700 to 4,000 square feet.
Krud Cutter Ecomm Lowes.com

Krud Cutter

Christofora recommends Krud Cutter vinyl siding cleaner specifically for pressure washers. It contains anti-corrosive agents to protect the washer’s components, and the biodegradable formula doesn’t require pre- and post-rinsing of bleach-based products.

Moldex Instant Hose Wash Ecomm Bjs.com

Moldex Instant Hose Wash

Christofora describes Moldex Instant Hose Wash vinyl siding cleaner as his go-to instant bleach cleaner. Its container easily connects to your garden hose for hassle-free application, with no scrubbing needed. Just spray on, wait 10 minutes and rinse off. Each 56-oz. bottle cleans 4,000 square feet of siding.

Wet And Forget Ecomm Amazon.com

Wet & Forget

Bleach-free Wet & Forget no-fuss vinyl siding cleaner doesn’t require rinsing. Just dilute it in a garden sprayer and let it do the work. The lack of bleach makes it safer for you and your plants. Your surfaces will stay clean for up to one year between applications, according to the manufacturer.

Mold Armour Ez House Wash Ecomm Lowes.com

Mold Armour EZ House Wash

Besides vinyl siding, bleach-based Mold Armour EZ House Wash works on brick, asphalt, stucco and concrete. Spray it on the surface with a garden sprayer (not included) and rinse it off after about 10 minutes. The 128 oz. container will cover 2,000 square feet.

Savogran Liquid Tsp Substitute Cleaner Ecomm Homedepot.com

Savogran Liquid TSP Substitute Cleaner

This all-purpose cleaner works for medium-duty cleaning, especially on wood decking. There’s no rinsing, making it ideal for those preferring a hassle-free vinyl siding cleaner. You can use it with or without a pressure washer. Find out if a TSP substitute is as good as the real thing.

Jomax Ecomm Lowes.com2

Concentrated JoMax House and Siding Cleaner must be combined with bleach and water, producing a product strong enough to eliminate mold and mildew without scrubbing. This isn’t the cheapest option, but this bottle creates 20 gallons of cleaner. If you’ve got a lot of siding, you shouldn’t run out.

Star Brite Ecomm Amazon.com

Star Brite

This bleach-based product, Star Brite All Surface Mold Stain & Mildew Stain Remover, is not practical for whole-house use because it comes in a 23-oz. spray bottle. But it’s great for spot-cleaning stains and moldy areas. It’s also effective on outdoor acrylic fabrics and vinyl upholstery.

Oxy Solve House And Siding Pressure Washer Cleaner Ecomm Amazon.com

Oxy Solve House and Siding Pressure Washer Cleaner

This peroxide-based cleaner isn’t as effective on heavy-duty stains as bleach-based products. But for light-duty jobs, it could be the perfect fit.

Of note: The Environmental Production Agency (EPA) certified this product as a Safer Choice, meaning it doesn’t contain ingredients deemed harmful for families, pets and the environment. So when you use this, you shouldn’t have to cover your plants or grass, or keep your pets inside while you work.