9 of the Most Popular Home Siding Colors

Updated: Apr. 24, 2024

Whether you're building, remodeling or just refreshing your home's exterior, consider these popular siding colors experts say their clients love.

Front exterior of newly constructed modern white home
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Arctic White

Bright, clear Arctic White is siding maker James Hardie’s most popular color. It’s classic and dramatic on a modern farmhouse, as well as homes with Scandinavian and contemporary architecture. “It all starts with the architectural style,” says Amy Hendel, a designer with Hendel Homes, who recommends staying true to a home’s framework whenever possible.

jet Black House exterior
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Jet Black

No list of popular exterior siding colors can ignore black. While some home styles that can pull off a full black façade, you’ll also see home exteriors where black is paired with another color for dramatic effect.

Contemporary homes have been making a comeback in recent years, and you’ll find architects adding large blocks of black to contrast with a white or cream backdrop.

two story red Home exterior with a large grassy front yard
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Autumn Red

Perhaps Autumn Red is a popular exterior siding color because it reminds people of their favorite red barn. Nostalgic, dramatic and classic, red is perfect for a farmhouse-style home, but it’s equally impressive on modern and transitional styles. It pairs well with any neutral tone used for roofing and exterior trim.

Newport Bay colored cottage House
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Newport Bay

Deep grayed blue is a distinctive statement on any home, and especially popular on today’s transitional styles. Like most dark colors, these blues pair nicely with lighter grays and whites for exterior trim and accents.

“The classic American-style siding, a deep blue-gray with white trim, makes a statement with great curb appeal,” says Hendel, who likes how deep blue/blacks are reminiscent of historic farming communities in Europe.

Beautiful pewter colored luxury home exterior with glowing interior lights at sunset in suburban neighborhood
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For those planning to sell soon, you can’t go wrong choosing any greige tone (light gray to beige). “For a traditional or classic look, I recommend softer colors like light grays,” says Teresa St. Amant, director of architectural design with McDonald Construction.

Cool gray pairs beautifully with honey stained wood for a striking contemporary feel, or add white trim on a more traditional design. Hendel recommends lighter grays if you’re going for a coastal feel.

warm neutral Stucco House exterior in California
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Warmer greige colors suit almost any home style.

“For farmhouse and modern Tudor styles, stucco is still very popular, but not super white,” Hendel says. “We’re seeing more creams, definitely. I always remind clients when you go to Paris, one of the prettiest cities in the world, it’s all creams and whites.”

key lime Green and Brown House
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Key Lime

Soft greens combined with bright white work well for a classic Colonial with a bit of whimsy or “a coastal edge,” says St. Amant. Soft and brighter greens pair beautifully with black, gray or dark brown shades for rich accents and a more dramatic look. Greens work really well with lots of stone and stone veneer choices too, like this stone veneer from Lowe’s.

Fhm Brown House Gettyimages 155358649 Jvedit
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Sable Brown

Dark, warm and delicious, deeper browns are organic and perfect for homes surrounded by nature. Distinctive prairie style homes look amazing in dark brown, accented with lots of brick or stone.

But browns can make a striking statement on rustic and traditional homes as well. Bright white trim will really stand out. For a more muted look, select a range of beiges for trim.

large yellow house exterior
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Sunshine Yellow

A yellow home, representing sunshine, happiness and warmth, brightens a day every time you drive up. Best paired with white, classic yellow façades can be found all across the country. Adding a deeper color front door and gray-green accents can complete the popular look.

“Selecting exterior colors are completely a personal choice whether a bolder yellow farmhouse or greener cottage,” Hendel says. “As long as you do it right, with the right architecture and proportions, people will love to drive by your interesting home.”