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99 Organizing Hacks for Cheapskates

Why buy more stuff to organize your stuff?! With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can get your home in order on the cheap.

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HH long handled yard tool pallet organization hackFamily Handyman

Use a Pallet to Store Lawn and Garden Equipment

If you have a yard or a garden, you know that there are a lot of long-handled tools involved. If you don’t have any pallets lying around, they are easy to get for free. This is a quick one-hour project and after you’re done, your tools will be organized and easy to reach.

You could easily attach this pallet to a fence, shed or to the exposed wall studs in your garage. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to make sure that your screws are long enough to go through both your pallet and the wall you are attaching it to. We drilled two screws into the pallet, one into each exposed wall stud. You won’t need a ton of screws or nails because the pallet isn’t all that heavy.

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Organize Your Fridge with a Six-Pack

Organize Your Fridge with a Six-Pack

Do all of your small bottles in the refrigerator door like to tip over after opening or closing the door? Fortunately, the answer to tidying those wayward bottles is just a recycling bin away. To keep your kitchen storage and organization under control, use an empty six-pack holder to hold the condiments in your refrigerator door.
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Free Shelf Liner

Free Shelf Liner

Window shades make an excellent, wipe-clean shelf and drawer liners. Recycle an old shade or ask the shade department staff at a local home center to go through their box of scraps. Heavy, 12-mil shades make the best liners.
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writing notes on washing machine HHFamily Handyman

Write Notes on the Washer

Stop shrinking your sweaters! When you put a load of clothes into your washing machine, use a dry-erase marker to note on the lid which items should not go into the dryer. That way, whoever switches the load from the washing machine to the dryer will know which items to leave out for line drying.

The enamel finish on most washing machine lids is similar to a whiteboard, and dry-erase markers can be removed easily with a dry paper towel.

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Sink-Front Trays

Wet sponges and dishcloths sitting by your sink look messy, so make the most of the little-used space at the front of your sink cabinet with these tip-out sink front trays from Rev-A-Shelf. This double pack has one conventional open tray to store sponges and cloths, and another accessory tray with ring holder and soap dish. Available in 11 inch or 14 inch sizes, and in white or almond finish.

Here’s how to take advantage of the storage space in your kitchen sink base cabinet.

Buy it now on Amazon.

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Get a Cooking Caddy for ConvenienceFamily Handyman

Get a Cooking Caddy for Convenience

Here's a kitchen storage and organization ides: Keep condiments and spices in an easy-to-carry rack to free up countertop space. You always want salt, cooking oils and your favorite spices next to the stove because you use them every day. But they don't have to take up valuable counter space full time. Place them all in a caddy that you can instantly stow in a cabinet after cooking. You'll find caddies in various shapes, sizes and prices at any store that sells kitchenware.
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HH lazy susan fridge condiments organization

Lazy Fix for a Disorganized Fridge

Digging to the back of your fridge to find a certain ingredient is a pain. Instead, use a Lazy Susan to bring that food to you! Simply place a lazy Susan on a shelf in your fridge and stock it with condiments and other small containers. Nothing could be easier than spinning your ingredients around to find just what you need.

If you’re short on space or just want to add some extra storage, there are some clever kitchen storage solutions you may not have considered. Check out these 30 Ways to Revolutionize Your Kitchen Space.

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Tension Rod Storage Hack

Tension Rod Storage Hack

It can be difficult to keep spray bottles and other cleaning supplies from falling over and making a mess under your kitchen sink. Thankfully, we have plenty of cabinet organization tips and tricks. To keep your cleaning supplies upright, hang them from a short tension rod inside your cabinet. Another clever idea is to slide a paper towel roll through the tension rod for easy access. This tension rod organization hack is also a great place to hang dish-drying towels and rubber cleaning gloves.
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DIY garage tool storageFamily Handyman

Simple Rack for Long-Handled Tools

This compact rack is strong and simple to build. You can store shovels, rakes, a sledgehammer — any long-handled tools — conveniently up and out of the way.

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Remember Your Keys!

You’ll always know where your keys are with this handy hint!

To make Lego keychains:

  1. Start by drilling a hole into the base of a Lego that is slightly smaller than the screw portion of an eyelet screw.
  2. Next, wind the eyelet screw into the lego. Thread a split ring through the hole and use it to attach keys.
  3. Mount the Lego board to a surface using your preferred method. In this case, we mounted our Lego plate to the wall in our mudroom.
  4. Attach the Lego board to the wall by first marking the desired location for the board and making sure that it is level.
  5. Drill pilot holes in the four corners of the Lego board and into the wall.
  6. To finish, drill screws with small enough heads to fit in between the Lego pegs into the board.

You’ll be so excited to put the Lego on the Lego board that you won’t lose your keys (hopefully) ever again!

Plus, check out these 14 super fun DIY projects to do with kids, rain or shine. And don’t worry; these projects won’t break the budget!

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Use a Pool Noodle Inside a Drawer

Use a Pool Noodle Inside a Drawer

Silverware is a notoriously difficult part of kitchen storage and organization, especially in small kitchen with oddly sized drawers. Reader Roy Allison found a solution for keeping his silverware drawer organizer from moving around each time he opened or closed the drawer: a pool noodle! He cut the noodle to size, so that it fits snuggly between the back of the organizer and the back of the drawer. This is just one pool noodle hack to use around the home.
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Cord Rack Featured PhotoFamily Handyman

Grab & Go Cord Rack

This one-hour project provides a simple way to hang up a variety of things such as extension cords, rope or air hoses, and it keeps them away from your workspace. Here’s how to make it.

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Jars on JarsZigzag Mountain Art/Shutterstock

Jars on Jars

You can easily organize your dry goods by storing them inside jars and canisters. Not only can you create uniformity in your pantry storage this way, but you can also see at a glance where your lentils, rice, or oats are stashed. Arranging these jars on display on open shelves can also give your kitchen a rustic, homestead-chic look.
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Pullout Chopping Board

Pullout solutions are perfect for small kitchens as they allow a decent amount of extra kitchen counter space with a very small footprint. And a pull-out cutting board is perfect for food prep, cookbooks or for extra storage. Plus, when you are done, you can simply slide it back into the cabinet, and here are a few tips to help you organize your kitchen cabinets.
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use gutters for tool organization HH

Make Tool Organizers with Gutters

When I needed to find a new tool storage idea for my garage that would also fit in my new truck bed toolboxes, I discovered this tip: I found a perfectly sized tool bag that I was not using in my garage, but it lacked compartments that my larger tool bag has. I like to keep my tools organized in a way that I can see all my tools at once and so I can reach in to get a tool without having to empty the entire bag to get to it.

I looked around my shed to see what I could use to divide the tool bag into sections, and I found a section of PVC gutter downspout that fit the bill perfectly. I carefully cut the downspout into 5-in. lengths using my miter saw. Then I arranged them vertically in a grid pattern inside the tool bag and glued them together. — Bert Jandy

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File Folders Kitchen Organization Hack

File Folders Kitchen Organization Hack

File folders can be used for more than just organizing papers and magazines in your office. They can also be used for organization in your kitchen. We filled file folders up with the clutter that normally barricades the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Place all of your kitchen cleaning supplies into file folders, putting the most frequently used items towards the front. This kitchen organization hack is so easy and satisfying!
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Kitchen Window Plant PerchFamily Handyman

Kitchen Window Plant Perch

Do you like having fresh herbs at your fingertips? Keeping them on your counter takes up valuable space and doesn't expose them to enough light. Try this easy storage idea: Install a wire shelf between the upper cabinets flanking your kitchen window. You can set your plants where they'll get plenty of light without blocking the view. This also makes watering easy and keeps them readily available for snipping. Make sure to install the shelf high enough so you don't bump into it when you're working at the sink. Get more quick and clever kitchen storage ideas.
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PVC razor organizer

PVC Razor Organizer

Make this simple razor organizer with a small piece of 1-in. PVC pipe.

  1. Cut the pipe into lengths that are just larger than your razors.
  2. Then glue them together with hot glue.

That’s it! You can make as many razor slots as your family needs. To be even more organized, color code or write names on each piece of pipe so your family members know which razor is theirs. You could also add a bead of hot glue along the bottom of the assembled piece to secure it to your cabinet or drawer.

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cord and hose hooksFamily Handyman

Cord and Hose Hooks

Hanging electrical cords and hoses on thin hooks or nails can cause kinks and damage the sheathing and wires. Use pieces of 3-in. ABS plastic plumbing pipe to make simple, inexpensive hangers. Screw 3-in. end caps to a 2×6 with two 1-5/8-in. screws. Fender washers under the screw heads keep them from pulling through the plastic. Then cement on 8-in. lengths of end-capped pipe. These “hooks” are very strong! Plus: Make your own hideaway for your garden hose with these plans.

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DIY Small Kitchen Coffee Storage and Organization

DIY Small Kitchen Coffee Storage and Organization

Coffee pods can be a disaster to keep organized. But this hack uses simple t-molding as an ideal organization system for your coffee pods (Keurig, Nespresso or any other type of coffee pod).
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small workshop solutions ceiling drawersFamily Handyman

Ceiling drawers

Eke out every cubic inch of storage in a basement shop with pivoting boxes that hang between the ceiling joists. When a drawer is down, you have easy access to its contents. Use glue and 1-5/8 in. drywall screws to hold together the boxes, then customize shelving for whatever you want to store. Make the width about 3/8 in. narrower than the cavity it fits in and use double-nutted 3/8 in. x 3-1/2 in. carriage bolts for the two pivot points.

Two plywood cleats pivot on 3-in. screws to hold each drawer in place in the “tucked” position. The drawers are perfect for anything you only need occasionally. But be careful to keep contents relatively light so you can safely open and close the drawers. It’s definitely not the place to store your anvils.

small workshop solutions ceiling drawersFamily Handyman

Hold the shelves closed with a cleat

Use a cleat to keep the shelves closed.

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medicine bottle to store fasteners

Storing Fasteners

Use old prescription bottles to hold nuts and bolts, screws, nails, etc., on a shelf by your workbench. Remove the original label, so you can easily see the contents inside.

You can also make a simple customized shelf for your fastener storage bottles by using a 2-in. hole saw (or one that is just larger than the diameter of your bottles yet just smaller than the lids) to drill a few holes in a shelf. Then the bottles will fit through the holes, keeping the bottles and your fasteners easily visible and organized. — Mike Yavorski

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HH Handy Hint color coded key nail polishFamily Handyman

Identify Your Keys at a Glance

“It seems the older I get, the more keys I carry around. Between the car, house, shed and garage, I have a whole pocket full of keys. To make it easier to quickly find my most used keys, I paint both sides of the key head with brightly colored nail polish. I use a different color for each key. The nail polish is extremely durable and you’ll be surprised how much longer it lasts than spray paint.” —Joseph Grayson

Check out these other 14 Secret Tool Tips for DIYers from the Pros.

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Kitchen Cabinet Organizers: Dish Drawers

These drawers inserts come complete with movable pegs, allowing you to customize the arrangement to fit your dishes. By keeping your dishes at an easy-to-reach height, they are easier to get at and put away. Organize anything with pegboards! Check out these 11 ideas and tips.

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Instant Kitchen Cabinet OrganizerFamily Handyman

Instant Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

A metal file organizer is perfect for storing baking sheets, cutting boards and pan lids. You can pick one up for a buck at a dollar store. To keep the organizer from sliding around, use rubber shelf liner or attach hook-and-loop tape to the cabinet base and the bottom of the organizer. Plus: 18 Inspiring Inside-Cabinet Door Storage Ideas
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C-Clamp Paper Towel Rack

C-Clamp Paper Towel Rack

Have you ever seen such clever storage ideas? Create an instant DIY paper towel dispenser in your shop with two C-clamps. Position and clamp them a roll's width apart in a convenient spot, hold up the roll and push in the handles to hold it. Buy slick-looking C-clamps and install them in the kitchen, then fib to visitors about your chic designer hardware.
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cardboard box plastic bag dispenser

Cardboard Box Bag Dispenser

Need a way to store all of those plastic bags you get from most stores? Here’s an idea: Straighten them out and stack them into an organized pile. Then place the pile in a small cardboard box. Cut a hole in the box so you can pull out one bag at a time as you need it. This works great at our garage sales when we need to bag items for our customers! — John Mylander

This plastic bag dispenser would also be handy in the basement or wherever you keep your cat’s litter box or near your dog’s leash. Then you’ll have a stash of bags ready when it’s time to clean up after your pet.

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Bottle Organizer

We love that everyone is making sure to stay hydrated, but all of the reusable water and sports drink bottles take up a lot of space! This durable BPA-free rack keeps bottles all in one place and ready for the next workout.

This Is Why You Should Never, Ever Leave a Water Bottle in a Hot Car

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Easy Drawer Organizer

Easy Drawer Organizer

My kitchen drawers used to be an absolute wreck; pans and dishes crammed in however they’d fit. And nearly every time I needed something, it was always at the bottom of the drawer. My solution was to cut a piece of 1/8-in. pegboard to the size of the drawer bottom and attach dowels using screws from underneath. Now my pans are organized and easy to access. The 10 minutes it took to build was easily made up for with how much frustration it has saved me.

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Family Handyman

Garden/Garage Tool Caddy

I had some leftover wood and plastic lattice from a fence I was building. Rather than toss the scraps, I decided to use them to build a caddy to organize my garden shovels, hoes and brooms. I installed casters, so it scoots easily into a corner of my garage. Works great! — Philip J. Gruber

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Fishing Rod OrganizerFamily Handyman

Fishing Rod Organizer

We got sick and tired of our fishing rods getting tangled, so we came up with this easy fishing rod organizer. All you need is a length of 3-in.-diameter PVC pipe and a foam swimming pool noodle for this DIY garage storage system. Drill 1-in. holes spaced every 4 in. in the PVC pipe. Use a utility knife to cut slits in the foam noodle, spacing them 4 in. apart. Line up the pool noodle on the wall so that at least two of the slits sit over studs. Pull those slits apart, slide in a fender washer, and screw the noodle to the wall with 2-in. screws. Then screw the PVC pipe to the wall beneath it at a comfortable height and insert your fishing rods. Look Ma, no more tangles! Want some more DIY garage organization ideas? Check out 27 Easy Ways to Organize Your Garage
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Secure Moving Bins 1

Secure Bins

Moving is always a pain, but using plastic containers that don’t stay closed adds even more frustration. Zip-ties to the rescue! After putting on a container lid, drill a small hole through the lid and handles. Run a zip-tie through the holes and you’re on the road. Check out these other clever household storage hacks.

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Garage ceiling track storageFamily Handyman

Garage ceiling track storage

Get those big plastic storage bins up off the garage floor and onto the ceiling! Screw 2x2s to the ceiling framing with 3-1/2-in. screws spaced every 2 ft. Use the bins as a guide for spacing the 2x2s. The lips on the bins should just brush against the 2x2s when you're sliding the bins into place. Then center and screw 1x4s to the 2x2s with 2-in. screws. The garage ceiling is a perfect place to store light and medium weight seasonal items like holiday decorations and camping gear. For more ways to use your garage ceiling for DIY garage storage, check out these 14 products for garage workshop ideas.
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Racquet CaddyFamily Handyman

Racquet Caddy

Here's a slick use for that old wooden tennis racquet that's gathering dust in the garage. Drill a hole in the handle and screw it to the underside of a workbench. Position the racquet so it can swing in and out from under the table. Use it to hold tools, parts or other small items.
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Storing in Suitcases? Roll AwaySvetlana Cherruty/Shutterstock

Storing in Suitcases? Roll Away

If you already have a few unused suitcases around, they can be suitable for storing seasonal clothes (and won't take up any extra room). Roll common clothes like shirts, sweaters and pants into loose bundles before storing them. They take up less room this way, and can breathe easier.
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rolling garage bike storageCourtesy Eric Schleppenbach

Rolling Bike Storage

My rolling bike rack offers easy access and efficient storage for my family’s many bikes. To build the rack, I made a 2×4 lower frame with 2×4 uprights on each end. Large triangular plywood braces support the uprights. Plywood panels span the uprights, adding strength and rigidity. Staggering their heights and alternating their orientation, I can hang seven bikes on this 6-ft.-wide rack. Casters make it easy to roll away for storage. For security, I run a long steel cable through the bike frames and connect the looped ends with a hefty lock. I hang all our biking essentials—helmets, shoes, pumps, spare wheels and tires—on the back of the rack. – Eric Schleppenbach

Get the garage of your dreams one step at a time with our dream garage makeover guide.

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garage shelf bag grill cover storageFamily Handyman

Shelf Bag

While cleaning the garage, I found lots of toys, scooters and sports equipment that took up too much shelf space and needed a different solution. I picked up a grill cover at a reuse center and repurposed it as a catchall bag for all this odd-shaped stuff. I attached the cover to my shelving unit with screws and washers. – Dean Tener

Learn how to make a DIY wheelbarrow hang-up, plus 10 more space-saving garage storage tips.

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slide-out parts bins sliding panel garage storageFamily Handyman

Slide-Out Parts Bins

I made use of the narrow space between a shelving unit and a workbench by building this handy slide-out rack. I mounted 12-in. full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides ($6 per pair) to a plywood panel—one at the top and one at the bottom—with their mating parts attached to the side of the shelving unit. Then I hung the parts bins on the plywood panel. The drawer slides have a 100-lb. load capacity. – Scott Beverly

Organizing a garage isn’t a one-size-fits-all project, so we’ve compiled some of our best garage storage ideas. Check out these 51 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Garage.

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door track bike rack garage storageCourtesy Roy Velardi

Door-Track Bike Rack

I attached a box rail to a well braced shelf. Each machine-threaded bike hook hangs from a box rail hanger, using a nut and thread locker. (The box rail and box rail hangers are from Home Depot; the bike hooks from Bikes slide both ways for easy access, and the hooks rotate, allowing bikes to hug the wall. The rail and hangers hold 450 lbs. – Roy Velardi

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mega mobile storage rack garage storageFamily Handyman

Mega Mobile Storage Rack

I found this metal shelving unit with wheels at a garage sale and turned it into a mobile storage unit for my garden tools. I covered three shelves with plywood to keep items from falling through the wire shelves. I framed the top two shelves with 2x4s, creating a lip on the shelves and providing a sturdy place to fasten storage hooks. Concrete mixing tubs on the lower shelves are perfect for storing smaller items. – Stan Hall

It will only take you one morning to achieve garage happiness. Here’s how with these garage organization ideas.

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ball storage garage organizationFamily Handyman

All-in-One Ball Storage

I built this sports storage rack to hold a lot of equipment. We toss large balls into a round hole at the top, and bungee cords span the front to keep them from falling out. Two baskets on the bottom half of the rack hold baseballs, hockey pucks and more. And the storage hooks on the side of the rack hold our baseball bats and hockey sticks. – Tim Hausman

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rotating small-parts organizer garage organization Family Handyman

Rotating Small-Parts Organizer

Here’s my take on an old tip for organizing fasteners and hardware. Instead of mounting jar lids to a 2×4, I decided to attach them to a six-sided rotating beam. I drew a hexagon on the end of a 4×4 to use as a guide for setting the fence. Then I set my table saw’s blade to 60 degrees and made the rip cuts to form the sides. To allow the beam to rotate freely, I drilled dowel holes in the ends of the beam and ran dowels through the posts into the beam ends. – Kenneth Snow

See how we doubled the storage capacity of this garage wall with plywood and inexpensive hardware.

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Cabinet Door Spice Rack

To save space, try a door-mounted spice storage rack inside a kitchen cabinet. And not only will this cabinet door spice rack keep your spices safe from heat and humidity, but it keeps shelves free for other kitchen staples.
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Decorative Backsplash RackFamily Handyman

Decorative Backsplash Rack

Backsplash racks offer easy access and stylish kitchen storage solutions. Most versions take just a few minutes to install. Backsplash racks have a few disadvantages, though. All your kitchen utensils have to look good, since they're on display. And if you ever decide to remove the rack, you'll be left with screw holes in the backsplash; not a big problem with drywall, but ugly and unfixable in tile.
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HH cereal container car trash canFamily Handyman

Keep Your Car Clean and Organized!

Keeping your car clean can be difficult. There are dirt roads, messy trees, pet hair, food crumbs and wrappers. And there’s likely trash on the car’s floor, under the seats and in the seat cracks. Toss out any wrappers, bottles and other objects in sturdy car trash can! Line a plastic cereal container with a grocery bag and use it as an in-car trash can. To keep the container upright, apply a strip of self-adhesive hook and loop fastener to the bottom of the container, so it’ll stick to your car’s carpet.

Get your vehicle looking like new with these 36 simple interior and exterior car detailing tips that you can do yourself.

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scrap wood computer shelf

Computer Shelf

Make this simple-yet-useful computer shelf for your desk with a few pieces of scrap wood and a nail gun. We built the one shown with a 1 ft. x 2 ft. piece of plywood and two pieces of a 1×3 board cut to 12 in. lengths. Then we used a brad nailer to attach the plywood to the boards.

You could paint or stain the assembled piece to match your room décor or leave it as is for a purposefully unfinished look. The shelf will raise your computer screen to an ergonomic height, making it easier to see and more comfortable to work at your desk!

Check out these other surprisingly simple woodworking projects.

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Concealed Message CenterFamily Handyman

Concealed Message Center

Don't let shopping lists, phone messages and to-do notes clutter up counter space. Mount a dry-erase board and a plastic bin on the inside of a cabinet door with double-sided foam mounting tape. The bin will protrude into the cabinet, so be sure to position it where it won't collide with shelves or the stuff inside. Get the board, bin and tape at a discount or office supply store.
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boxFamily Handyman

Military Surplus Boxes

Steel or plastic boxes from a military surplus store are a great option for hardware storage. These boxes won’t rust and usually have a watertight seal. Try these 11 easy space-saving ideas for your garage.

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HH sonotube wrapping paper storage container

Using a 6-ft. cardboard cement form cut in half, I created two wrapping paper storage containers. I cut the cylinder in half and cut pieces of heavy cardboard for the base of each, attaching them with duct tape. Then I spray painted them to look presentable. — Peter Turner

Plus, the storage possibilities for concrete forms are vast. Think outside the home as well. They can be used to corral wood scraps in the workshop, long-handle yard tools in the shed and more.

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magnet inside fastener container

Store Bits Where They Belong

In my shop, I use many different sizes and types of screws, and each different screw head requires a different bit. So in order to not waste time searching for the correct bit before each project, I came up with this solution:

Using a bead of hot glue, I simply attach a magnet to the underside of the lid on each fastener container for holding the bit that belongs with the screws inside. That way I always have the right bit at the right time, without the frustrating search. — Jerry Weldon

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Recycling bin rackFamily Handyman

Recycling bin rack

Recycling bins tend to take up way too much floor space. Here's an easy project that will get them up off the floor and out of the way, and it costs almost nothing. Find simple DIY instructions to build this project for your garage here.
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Family Handyman

Old Jars

Save those old peanut butter and baby food jars to use for hardware storage. You can attach the lids under a shelf with two screws. This will keep the lids in place and allow you to screw on the jar once it’s loaded with hardware pieces. Build a top-of-the-line DIY hardware organizer in just one day.

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Kitchen Storage: Better in a BasketThe Adaptive/Shutterstock

Kitchen Storage: Better in a Basket

You come home from the grocery store with an armful of fresh fruit, but lo and behold—there's no spare fridge or counter space available. A stylish solution for this storage problem is to hang a single or tiered wire basket from the ceiling. You can store your apples, bananas, and oranges as well as potatoes, onions, and garlic here. Plus, a hanging basket adds visual interest to your kitchen.
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bread tabs labeling cords

Bread Tabs for Labeling Cords

Not sure which cord goes with which electronic device plugged into your power strip? Save yourself the hassle of following the cord from the plugin to the device for each item you need to move by labeling them.

Plastic bread tabs are perfect for labeling cords that are plugged into a power strip because they’re sturdy, have enough room to write on and can easily clip around the plugin end of a cord. Plus, they often come in different colors. You can also use bread tabs to label identical toothbrushes in the bathroom, silverware at a party and even wine glasses at happy hour. So save those tabs when you buy a loaf of bread!

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4-Pack of Shoe Organizers

These shoe organizers are a simple way to keep your shoes organized. We love that they’re made of eco-friendly ABS plastic and the unique design, with the shoes secured within 3M Command sticky strips. You can put the four-piece set ($13.99) on the closet or bathroom door or near the entryway to store your shoes, slippers, high heels, sneakers and sandals. These seriously clever shoe hacks will have you jumping for joy!

Buy it now on Amazon.

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Hair Tie Carabiner

Hair Tie Carabiner

I always have trouble keeping my hair ties together. Somehow they are always missing when I want them but are all over the place when I don’t. The solution to this mess was to attach them to a carabiner. It keeps them all in one place, provided I remember to use it! — Rachel Douglas

An empty toilet paper roll also does the trick!

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Pegboard ShelvesFamily Handyman

Pegboard Shelves

Here's a slick way to store a whole cluster of tools on pegboard with only two pegs. Cut some 2-1/2 in. wide mini shelves; drill holes or slots for router bits, screwdrivers, chisels and files; then drill a couple of 1/8-in. holes in the edges for the 1/8-in. diameter pegs. With a vise and pliers, bend the pegs to about 85 degrees and hammer them into the holes. Be sure the pegs fit tightly in the wood so the shelves can't fall off.
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Kitchen Organization: Racks for Canned Goods

Kitchen Organization: Racks for Canned Goods

Use those leftover closet racks as cabinet organizers. Trim the racks to length with a hacksaw and then mount screws to the backside of the face frame to hold the racks in place. The backside of the rack simply rests against the back of the cabinet. Now you can easily find your soup and check the rest of your inventory at a glance with this pantry storage solution.
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ShoeFamily Handyman

Make a Shoe Rack with Modern Style

DIY a trendy, modern ladder shelf for your entryway with just $35 worth of supplies and only two tools! You can use the shelf for other things, but it makes a great shoe rack You can follow our guide that shows measurements that can be customized to fit your space. Check out the complete instructions for making this shoe rack.

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DIY Tiered Hangers for More Closet StorageFamily Handyman

DIY Tiered Hangers for More Closet Storage

Short on closet space? Use a lightweight piece of chain to stagger hanging clothing in tall closets to maximize space. Just loop the first link of the chain over the first hanger, and hang subsequent hangers on every other links after. Hang up to six shirts for the rod space of one. If you're up for a bigger project, you can build your own melamine closet storage system.
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Install Expandable Shelves in CabinetsOmiStudio/Shutterstock

Install Expandable Shelves in Cabinets

Expandable or pullout shelves are an easy way to add extra room to your kitchen without changing anything else. This is a relatively small project and you can typically find a very good pullout shelf accessory for around $50—or you can make your own.
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Family Handyman

Toe-Kick Drawers

Another concealed storage spot that’s often overlooked is the area beneath the base cabinets. It’s surprisingly easy to install shallow toe-kick drawers that are ideal for storing items like bakeware, pet bowls, or cleaning supplies. It’s best to build the drawers in your workshop and then install them under the cabinets. Most kinds of cabinets are suitable for adding toe-kick drawers, so follow our detailed instructions to see exactly ow it’s done.

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wine box shoe storage containerFamily Handyman

Wine Box Shoe Storage

Why pay for a fancy compartment-style shoe storage container when you can just pick one up for free at almost any store that sells wine? Designed to protect fragile glass bottles, a wine box is perfect for storing footwear because it comes equipped with cardboard dividers—a place for each shoe! In addition, the exterior cardboard is very sturdy, again to keep wine bottles from breaking, but also great for protecting your kicks in storage!

You could get fancy, too, and paint or cover the exterior of the wine box with decorative wrapping paper if you plan to keep it in your closet or entryway.

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toilet paper roll small cord storageFamily Handyman

Organize Small Cords

In today’s high-tech homes, keeping track of small cords can be challenging. Almost every electronic device has a cord that goes with it: cameras, smartphones, computers and the list goes on. Rather than tossing them in various drawers throughout your house, where they can get tangled or forgotten, try this simple and inexpensive solution.

Find a small box (a shoe box works perfectly) and fill it with as many empty toilet paper rolls that will fit vertically. Then place a single cord in each toilet paper roll. Next time you need one of your small cords, you’ll know where to find it, and it’ll be free of tangles!

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move clothes on hangers

Move Clothes Masterfully

When it comes time to move, this tip is especially useful for packing—and unpacking—your closet!

There’s no need to take your clothes off of hangers, fold them and stack them in boxes. Just grab a handful of your hanging clothes and wrap the tops of the hangers together using bendable electrical wire or a zip tie. Drape a garbage bag over the clothes, pulling the tops of the hangers through a hole in the bottom of the bag. Then cinch up the garbage bag handles and tie them together.

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Pegboard Cubbyholes

Pegboard Cubbyholes

Here's a tool storage technique for all those slender tools and shop accessories. Cut short lengths of PVC pipe (1-1/2-in. and 2-in.-dia. pipes work well for most items) and slide them over pegboard hooks. Then load them up with files, hacksaw blades, zip ties, pencils, stir sticks ... you get the idea.
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Custom Truck Bed Drawers

Custom Truck Bed Drawers

The drawers are perfect for organizing his tools, and a rubber bed liner protects the drawers and tools from rain and other outdoor elements.
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Stackable Nesting Kitchen Caboodle

It’s way too easy to toss mismatched bowls and other kitchen gear in a drawer and forget about them until the next time you need something. Avoid wasting time digging around for what you want while saving space with this stackable option. This is an affordable, space-saving, 10-piece mixing bowl, colander and measuring set that’s bound to make your life just a little easier.

Check out these other kitchen cabinet and drawer organizers you can build yourself.

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joist storage shelving

Under-Joist Shelf

The unused space between overhead joists in a basement or garage is a brilliant place to install a heavy-duty wire shelf. The wire shelving is see-through, so you can easily tell what’s up there. Store outdoor sports equipment, tackle boxes, coolers and other less-frequently used items out of the way yet still easily accessible. Depending on the width, wire shelves cost from $1 to $3 per foot at home centers.

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Ball StorageFamily Handyman

Ball Storage

If you have kids, you have balls—basketballs, soccer balls, rubber balls and other round objects that roll around underfoot. Here's a perfect way to use that narrow gap between a pair of garage doors (if you're blessed with such an awkward spot). Just install angled “ball ramps” made from scrap wood. The balls fit neatly in the gap, and because the ball ramp is right there at the edge of the garage, kids are more likely to use it.

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Light-Duty Extension Cord StorageFamily Handyman

Light-Duty Extension Cord Storage

To keep light-duty extension cords organized, slide them into toilet paper or paper towel tubes. Write the length of the cord on the tubes before you put them in a drawer or bin. You'll be able to find the right cord easily with this extension cord storage hack, plus you've made good use of the tubes. Check out these other cardboard tube hacks.
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Belt and Other Hang-UpsFamily Handyman

Belt and Other Hang-Ups

Where do you store your belts? How about on this inexpensive and easy-to-make belt holder? All you need is a wooden hanger and some cup hooks. If some of your belts have unusually thick buckles, just widen the cup hook slightly with a needle-nose pliers. This is a great way to hang small handbags, too. We also have tons of storage ideas for the kitchen.
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Plastic Bag HolderFamily Handyman

Plastic Bag Holder

An empty rectangular tissue box makes a convenient holder for small garbage bags, plastic grocery bags and small rags. Simply thumbtack it to the inside of a cabinet door. It's one of our favorite kitchen storage ideas.
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Behind the Door Storage: Ironing Board StorageFamily Handyman

Behind the Door Storage: Ironing Board Storage

Ordinary coat hooks on the back of a closet door keep your ironing board out of the way but close at hand when you need it. Looking for more nifty storage innovations? Check out these garage storage ideas.
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Behind the Door Storage: Closet Glove RackFamily Handyman

Behind the Door Storage: Closet Glove Rack

If you don't have radiators, finding a good spot to dry wet hats and mittens can be tough. Tossing them into a plastic bin gets them out of the way, but they never dry and it's no fun putting on damp mittens in the morning. This simple back-of-the-door glove and cap rack allows wet things to dry and keeps easily misplaced items organized. Just string clothespins on aluminum wire (it won't rust) and stretch it between screw eyes on the back of a closet door. This also works great out in the garage for drying garden and work gloves. Make your own mitten drying rack with these inspirational ideas.
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Couch Caddy

Keep everything you need within arm’s reach. This clever IKEA hack couch caddy can hold your remote, a beverage and a magazine or newspaper. Find instructions at

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Keep Ladders Out of the Way

Keep Ladders Out of the Way

Hang ladders from the ceiling so they don't hog prime storage space. The rollers on this carriage let you easily slide in one end of the ladder, then the other. The materials are all inexpensive. Fasten the corner braces to ceiling joists with two-inch lag screws. Secure the ladder with an elastic cord so it can't roll out and fall.
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Hot Glue Gun Uses: Magnets in the Medicine Cabinet

Hot Glue Gun Uses: Magnets in the Medicine Cabinet

Reader David Farrand has a great solution for organizing small metal items such as tweezers, nail clippers and more in the bathroom: Hang them on magnets inside a cabinet. If your cabinet does not have a metal surface, attach the magnets with hot glue, one magnet for each metal tool.
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Bathroom Drawer Insert from the Kitchen

Bathroom Drawer Insert from the Kitchen

A silverware drawer insert works just as well in the bathroom for organizing toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, razors, clippers, lip balm and more. The various sizes of compartments keep items looking neat and easy to find. In a small bathroom, every square inch counts. Use these clever tips to wring extra bathroom storage from unexpected places.
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Easy-to-Make Wine Rack Cabinet

Easy-to-Make Wine Rack Cabinet

I never have enough space for wine storage, so I made this wine rack cabinet using pantry shelves and 1x2s. I used a router to round over the top edges of 1x2s, cut them so they're a few inches shorter than the shelf depth; then spaced them about 2 in. apart. Then I screwed them to the shelf. I adjusted the shelf spacing so there’s about 5 in. of clearance for the bottles. – reader Robert Lackey This wine rack is easy to make, too.
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bathroomFamily Handyman

Mount Electric Toothbrushes on Your Cabinet

Most toothbrush holders aren’t big enough for electric toothbrushes. They end up falling out of the holder or taking up too much room on the vanity. Here’s a clever storage idea: Make a holder for them using large grip-type clips. Mount the clips on your medicine cabinet or on a piece of wood that you can hang on the wall. The clips work great to keep your toothbrushes secure! If you recently upgraded to an electric toothbrush, check out these brilliant ways to repurpose your old standard version.

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trashFamily Handyman

Swinging Trash

Here’s a space-saving solution to the bathroom waste-basket problem. Screw wire shelf anchor clips to the inside of the door and hook the lip of a small wastebasket right on the hooks. It’s easy to use, it hides unattractive trash, and it frees up precious bathroom floor space. If you want to disguise other trash cans in or around your house, check out these 9 options.

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Air Tool StationFamily Handyman

Air Tool Station

A 2-1/2-gallon bucket is all you need to cleverly store air tools and hoses on a wall right by the air compressor. Screw a 3/4-in. plywood shelf inside the bucket to create two storage areas, then attach the bucket to the wall with a couple of screws and washers. Load up the bucket with nailers, nails, tire pressure gauges and other accessories and coil the hose around it. This is one of our favorite clever storage ideas. Plus: How to find a small air compressor that's right for you.
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String DispensersFamily Handyman

String Dispensers

Here's a great way to reuse empty CD/DVD containers. Drill a hole in the top for the string to slide through, then screw the lid under a shelf and snap on the string-loaded container. Pull down and snip off the desired length and never worry that your ball of string will roll away across the floor dragging its tail behind it!
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From Office to Kitchen

From Office to Kitchen

You see an empty file holder, we see an opportunity for some clever kitchen storage. If you have an orphan file holder lying around, try converting it to the upright storage space where you arrange your aluminum foil, your parchment paper, your plastic bags, and more.

These are the best office storage ideas.

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Screws, Doodads and Other Hardware StorageFamily Handyman

Screws, Doodads and Other Hardware Storage

If you have lots of small hardware on hand, constantly opening drawers or containers to find what you need is a pain. Here's one solution: Store hardware in small, sturdy zippered craft bags (thicker than sandwich bags and available at hobby stores). Punch a hole in the bag and hang it on pegboard. The clear bags make finding what you need a snap and keep dust, rust and moisture at bay. If you need to find a matching piece of hardware, just hold it up for a side-by-side comparison.

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Refrigerator/Freezer Stackable Storage Bins

These clear plastic bins are great for keeping your pantry, refrigerator or freezer tidy while ensuring everything remains in sight. This will keep you from buying things when you don’t need them! The bins are BPA-free and feature built-in handles.

Photo: Courtesy of Greenco

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Concrete Form Wrapping Paper Storage

Concrete Form Wrapping Paper Storage

Using a 6-ft. cardboard cement form cut in half, I created two wrapping paper storage containers. I cut the cylinder in half and cut pieces of heavy cardboard for the base of each, attaching them with duct tape. Then I spray painted them to look presentable. — Peter Turner Check out what another Christmas-related item you can stuff in a concrete form tube.
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Saw Blade Roost

Saw Blade Roost

Here's a double-duty DIY holder for storing and cleaning table saw and circular saw blades in your shop. It features a slotted dowel to keep stored blades spaced apart so the teeth stay sharp. Using a handsaw, cut notches spaced at 3/8-in. intervals halfway through a 5/8-in. dowel. Glue the dowel in a hole drilled in a 16 x 12-in. piece of 3/4-in. plywood. Frame the sides and lower edge of the plywood with 2-in. strips of plywood and add a lower facing piece to create a basin at the bottom. When a blade needs cleaning, remove the other blades and line the rack with tinfoil. Then mount the gunked-up blade on the dowel, spray one side with oven cleaner, and flip it over and spray the other side. Any drips go in the basin, and the sides minimize overspray. Let the cleaner work for an hour or so, then use a moistened kitchen scrub pad to scour the dissolved gunk and burned sawdust off the blade. Then throw away the foil and store your blades. Check out this genius blade storage idea from one of our readers.
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dfh17may090-1-kitchen fruit storage rack

Get Produce Off the Counter

Sometimes all that’s needed to spruce up a space is organization. This creative way to store fruits and vegetables is inexpensive and attractive. It’s also a bonus that this project will free up valuable counter space.

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Garage Door Extension Cord StorageFamily Handyman

Garage Door Extension Cord Storage

Ever wish you had one more garage wall to hang stuff on? Well, you do. Your garage door is a perfect place for extension cord storage. (Yes, they'll stay put when the door opens and closes.) Install screw eyes diagonally about eight inches apart and thread bungee cords (with the ends cut off) through them for perfect extension cord storage. Now you have a perfect bungee “corral” to hold your extra extension cords.
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Hang a Magnetic Strip

You know those magnetic strips that hold your kitchen knives or garden tools? They can also be used to hold the metal accessories in your bathroom, like bobby pins, tweezers and nail clippers. Here are more hacks that prove magnetic strips can be extremely useful for organization and storage.

Photo: Courtesy of Milady Pro

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Trash Bag Kitchen Storage Hack

You could leave them in boxes...or use this clever trick and put your bags on a roll! Simply use curtain rod brackets and a wooden dowel and hang these underneath your sink for easy access. It's an instant, space-saving trash bag dispenser.
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Behind the Door Storage: Charger and Cord PocketsFamily Handyman

Behind the Door Storage: Charger and Cord Pockets

Do you get tired of rummaging through drawers and boxes trying to find the right cords and chargers for all of your electronic gadgets? One solution is to use a clear vinyl over-the-door shoe organizer. Make labels for each pocket and put every item in its own spot. Now you can find everything you need without getting frustrated.
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Tidy File CenterFamily Handyman

Tidy File Center

Countertops are a landing pad for paper—mail, news clippings and other assorted notes. Get that mess off your counter with folders and a file holder. The one shown here (from an office supply store) mounts with screws or double-sided foam tape. If you don't have suitable vertical surface, get a file holder that sits on the countertop. It will take up less space (and look neater) than a stack of papers. If you're short on space and could use a home office, read up on how to turn your closet into a makeshift home office!
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Quick-Draw Hammers

Quick-Draw Hammers

This is probably one of the most cheap storage solutions you'll find! Here's an instant DIY rack for hammer storage in your shop. Drive 2-in. drywall screws into a board and tack it to a shop wall. Hook the hammers on the screws so it looks like they're ready to pull out a nail. The hammer claw's V-notch interlocks tightly with the screw threads so the hammer won't fall off, and the handle angles toward you for an easy grasp.
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Storage Pockets for Skinny Things

Storage Pockets for Skinny Things

Saw off short pieces of 1-1/2-, 2- or 3-in. PVC plumbing pipe with 45-degree angles on one end. Screw them to a board to hold paint brushes, pencils, stir sticks and just about any other narrow paraphernalia in your shop. Mount them by drilling a 1/4-in. hole in the angled end, and then drive a 1-5/8-in. drywall screw through the hole into the board.
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Gutter Bins

Gutter Bins

Here are a couple of clever ways to use leftover gutter parts. Build small bins with the scrap gutter lengths, end caps and corner pieces. Mount the bins to a wall or workbench edge to hold parts and tools or serve as a dustbin. Or, screw downspout sections to a board and mount it on the wall to store wood dowels, bar stock and other long, thin items. Check out nine more uses for gutters that aren't on the roof.
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Kitchen Cabinet Cache secret hiding placeFamily Handyman

Emergency Cash Stash

You never know when you’ll need a bit of emergency cash (or maybe just some fun spending money). Inside an empty tin can is the perfect saving spot. Stash it in the back of your pantry for a rainy day. We’ve got more where this came from! Check out these other secret hiding places in your home.

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