Our Home Editor’s Favorite Storage Solution Is 31% Off!

Our favorite Amazon deal of the moment is a set of magnetic hooks that can hold up to 110 pounds each! They make organizing every room of the house a breeze.

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Good news, shoppers! Any metal surface in your home now offers the opportunity for extra storage and organization. How? A deceptively simple set of magnetic hooks. Our Home Editor discovered them while browsing home improvement items on Amazon and can’t get enough of their super strong storage power.

What are magnetic hooks?

The top-rated DIYMag Magnet Hooks are universally handy—magnetize them to any metal surface and instantly add storage space. More than 600 Amazon ratings attest that this popular DIY product is one of the most budget-friendly ways to organize any room in your house. The hooks offer a unique storage solution for small kitchens that are short on space and make use of that under-sink area you don’t know what to do with. They also help you add organizing power to your stove, sink and cabinets by using your kitchen’s vertical space.

Plus, right now, you can find the hooks marked down by 31%. At just over $10 per set on sale, they’re a super functional addition to everyone’s list. We’re scooping up several sets.

Why We Love the DIYMag Magnetic Hooks Set

These magnetic hooks may seem like a humble little DIY gadget, but don’t let their unassuming appearance fool you. What sets the DIYMag hooks apart from other storage and organizing tools is how ridiculously easy they are to install. Just unpack them and affix them to any magnetic surface, like a metallic shed wall, magnetic kitchen strip, refrigerator or oven. No installation tools necessary!

Not only that, but these heavy-duty magnets will not budge, even under heavy weight. They can bear up to 36 pounds when hung horizontally, and an impressive 110 pounds hanging vertically. That means you can feel confident hanging even bulky items like cast iron pans, plants and garage tools.

Our Home Editor plans on using them to hold cooking tools and aprons in her kitchen, as well as putting several along a mud room wall to keep her children’s backpacks and winter coats off the floor. The rust-free and corrosion-free nickel plating makes them ideal for heavy-traffic areas prone to humidity swings, so they’ll last for years to come.

Easy use and durability are features that verified Amazon reviewers like Alexandra M. can’t stop raving about. She writes, “The magnet is super strong. It practically jumps out of your fingers and attaches itself to the metal. I hang heavy jackets on it, and it does not slide down. Some people even have heavy frames hanging. Best hooks ever!”

Where to Buy Our Favorite Storage Tool

Diymag Magnetic Hooks Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Amazon is the only place to score the DIYMag Magnetic Hooks, and you can snag them now for 31% off! We wouldn’t be surprised if these magnetic hooks sold out quickly, so stock up while you’ve got the chance. Just think of all the things you can hang (and organize)!

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