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8 Best Window Planter Boxes

Nothing says "home sweet home" better than window planter boxes. They add a touch of green, splashes of color and extra curb appeal to your home.

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8 Best Window Planter Boxes Ft Via MerchantVIA MERCHANT

Buying a Window Planter Box

Window planter boxes with colorful flowers really dress up the exterior of a home. We spoke with master gardener Tami Gallagher at Home Sown Gardens, who shared her knowledge about window planter boxes — what to look for, plus tips and advice on installing and maintaining them.

  • Aesthetics: Gallagher says a planter box should be at least as wide as the window and never be so tall that it obscures the view, unless you’re trying to create a privacy screen with plants.
  • Style: Window boxes should complement a home’s architectural design/era and match the color of the window frames or other house accents.
  • Watering considerations: Check out self-watering planter boxes to make plant care easier. If you install traditional boxes, Gallagher suggests adding a drip-line irrigation system; if not, be sure the hose in your yard will reach. The boxes should come with drainage holes, too.
  • Materials: Gallagher likes lightweight PVC composite because it lasts longer and needs less maintenance than natural materials. For heavier wood or ceramic window planter boxes, bolt the brackets into the studs or bricks to support its weight, factoring in plants and water-soaked soil.
  • Placement: Don’t place window planter boxes in windy areas or where water comes pouring down off the roof. Note: Low and wide boxes are more stable than high and narrow.
  • Grow space: Most window boxes can’t accommodate deep root systems, leaving no room for plants to mature. The best options are shallow-root plants like geraniums, petunias, strawberries, herbs and cascading ivy.
  • Maintenance: To make wood or ceramic window boxes more water- or mildew-resistant, insert a plastic liner. Whatever material you choose, monitor for cracks, holes and other signs of deterioration. You don’t want the box to crumble when it’s filled with blooming plants.
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Costway Wooden Flower Planter Box Garden Rectangular Ecomm Via Homedepotvia merchant

Best Wooden Window Planter Box

Window planter boxes made of wood are quintessential. The Costway Rectangular Wood Flower Planter Box is a classic that never goes out of style — or lets you down when conditions turn blustery.

Made of strong, solid, weather- and sun-resistant natural fir with two pre-drilled drainage holes, it’s almost 29 inches long, and wide and high enough to hold bigger plants and flowers.

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Growneer 3 Packs Terracotta Color Flower Window Box Vegetable Planters Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Best Plastic Window Planter Box

It’s almost ridiculous how affordable and lightweight the Growneer Terra-Cotta Color Flower Window Box Plastic Planters are. At about $26 for three, these plastic flower boxes feature a raised-foot design with attached trays, two open drainage holes and six reserve ones you can punch out with your finger or screwdriver if needed.

The set also comes with 15 plant labels for tracking seedlings. Choose between terra-cotta, green, white and black. The box can rest right on the window sill or be mounted with brackets.

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Bunny Williams Shipman Window Box Planter Ecomm Via Ballarddesignsvia merchant

Best Decorative Window Planter Box

From the mind of famed garden designer Bunny Williams comes the Shipman Window Box Planter. This handsome window planter box, made of black powder-coated rust-proof aluminum with an embossed lattice skirt and center floral medallion, embraces spring and summer with elegance.

Besides being attractive, this window box has a practical side, too: It arrives assembled with a liner that lifts out for easy cleaning.

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Jaimee Lea Galvanized Steel Window Box Planter Ecomm Via Wayfair.comvia merchant

Best Galvanized Steel Window Planter Box

With its sought-after cottage charm, this durable Jaimee-Lea Galvanized Steel Window Box is practical and decorative. It features a tapered silhouette with a burnished, distressed finish, and the galvanized steel is nearly impervious to damage from UV rays and rain.

Although it may look heavy, it weighs only three pounds, so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing under its own weight. It comes in Nantucket Blue or, in keeping with the cottage theme, Cape Cod White.

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Copper Window Planter Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Best Copper Window Planter Box

Trends come and go, but copper has long been the standby metallic workhorse thanks to its durability and warmth. Cooperheadcraft’s Copper Window Planter is the latest example.

Constructed from 16-ounce copper, the planter measures 30- x 5-in. at its widest, tapering down to 28- x 4-in. It arrives bright and shiny. You can retain that look by spraying it with a clear protective coating, or let it turn a natural patina over time. Either way, this window planter box should last for years and years.

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Vigoro Metal English Flat Wire Horse Trough Planter Ecomm Via Homedepotvia merchant

Best Hayrack-Style Window Planter Box

Inspired by the hayracks of England (self-service feed troughs for cows and horses), Vigoro Metal English Horse Trough Coco Planter provides 36 inches of rustic charm.

Framed with powder-coated metal in a rich black finish, it’s lined with coco, a natural, biodegradable fiber that helps retain moisture. At the end of the growing season, toss the used coco liner into the compost pile and order a replacement for next year’s “crop.”

Install the planter with the adjustable brackets (included), or hang it on screws or nail heads with the keyhole slots at the back.

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White Mayne Window Boxes 5823w 44 600via merchant

Best All-Around Window Planter Box

If you want the look of wood without the hassle, the Mayne Fairfield Self-Watering White Polyethylene Window Box is an outstanding option.

The 48-inch box, with lovely recessed panel detailing, is molded from high-grade polyethylene that’s double-walled for extra strength. Mounting brackets are included, and you can order the optional decorative brackets for an extra bit of style.

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Diy Wooden Window Planter Box; red box against a house with yellow sidingFamily Handyman

Best DIY Window Planter Boxes

If you’d rather make your own, this simple window planter box might be just what you’re looking for. Or maybe you’re a minimalist and prefer a window planter shelf. Either way, all you need are a couple of inexpensive boards, exterior house paint and a few basic tools and supplies.

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