7 Best Window Well Covers

Wondering which window well covers work best? Learn about some great options for covering your window wells and the specific advantages of each.

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Buying a Window Well Cover

Window well covers are plastic or metal lids designed to protect below-ground windows from precipitation, debris and — depending on the design — people or animals from falling into the window well below.

The size, shape, and material of window well covers vary greatly. Which you choose depends on the shape of your window well, and exactly what you’re hoping to prevent by buying and installing a cover. Learn about seven great window well covers and the specific advantages each offers.

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Best Overall

Universal Fit Polycarbonate Window Well Cover

Excelling in only one area is a major issue with many plastic window well covers, but this one from The Home Depot solves several problems handily. Featuring adjustability, strength, transparency, full protection and easy installation, it’s an excellent choice.

Made from extremely strong polycarbonate plastic, this window well cover can support up to 400 pounds. It completely covers almost any standard window well and its full transparency provides maximum light. Tension spring clips make installation a breeze because they can be placed anywhere on the cover with a drill and screwdriver. Don’t want to buy one? Learn how to DIY window well cover.

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Best Adjustable

Adjust-A-Grate Window Well Grate

If your window well was custom-built, finding a cover that fits it perfectly can be a challenge. That’s where this model by Adjust-A-Grate can help. It’s adjustable from 22 to 25 inches wide and 45 to 60 inches long. This is an ideal choice if your window well isn’t a standard size and your main goal isn’t moisture protection, just stopping people and animals from falling in.

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Best Budget

MacCourt Polyethylene Reversible Bubble Window Well Cover

Although the polyethylene plastic can’t support the weight of an adult, it’s hard to beat the $10 price tag on this product by MacCourt.

Weighing just under two pounds, it’s easy to install and can be flipped to accommodate round and rectangular window wells. It has two flat faces, one round and one rectangular, and you can choose which sits over your window well and which rests against the wall. This window well cover is transparent too, so it will keep rain and snow out while letting in natural light.

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Best Rectangular

Ultra Protect Clear Polycarbonate Window Well Cover

Window wells are generally semi-circular or rectangular. If yours is the latter, this cover from Ultra Protect offers one of the best combinations of features. It’s strong enough to hold 250 lbs., fully transparent and will seal out all precipitation, guaranteed. It’s also completely flat, making it easy to install a metal grate underneath for even more strength and protection.

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Shape Products Projection Polyethylene Straight Flat Grate Window Well Cover

Unless you have bears, buffalo or sumo wrestlers entering your yard regularly, the strength of this plastic grate-style window well cover won’t let you down.

Able to hold as much as 500 lbs. without breaking, you’ll never have to worry about your kids or dogs falling into a window well with this product in place. It’s also flat and easy to install. This unit is made from polyethylene plastic, which pound-for-pound isn’t nearly as strong as polycarbonate. But a higher-than-usual density polyethylene formula, along with this product’s unusually beefy thickness of a full inch, lead to its extreme strength.

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Best Bubble Style

Bubble Window Well Cover

Weakness, yellowing from the sun and incorrect sizing are all common troubles with plastic bubble-style window well covers, but this product from Window Well Covers solves all of them. Extremely customizable in size and shape, the unit comes with UV protection to prevent yellowing, along with a full lifetime warranty if it ever breaks.

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Best Metal Grate

Custom-Built Aluminum Window Well Grates

It can be hard to find a pre-made grate-style cover to fit your particular window well, and that’s where this product from Window Well Experts comes in. Surprisingly light and easy to install, the units are infinitely customizable to your specific window well shape and size, leading to a perfect fit every time.

They also come with an optional openable hatch in the middle in case someone needs to climb out a basement window during an emergency. The cost to outfit most standard-size window wells with one of these covers ranges from $300 to $500.

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