9 Best Wreath Hangers for a Door or Window

Updated: Mar. 28, 2024

The best wreath hangers never damage doors and always put you in the holiday spirit.

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‘Tis the season for front door wreaths and window-draped evergreen arrangements. If you’re not big on over-the-top decorations and like to keep things simple, adding an elegant seasonal wreath on one of the wreath hangers featured below is one of the best holiday decorating tips.

“Wreath hangers come in different sizes and lengths, and it is important that you purchase one not only long enough to hold the size wreath you have but also that it be the correct length for any features on your door such as paneling or windows,” says Tom Yates, interior stylist and founder of Wreaths.co.

To help you find one that works, we found you the best-reviewed and easiest-to-use wreath hangers to simplify your decorating. While you’re at it, learn how to hang a wreath from a window.

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Sattiyrch Wreath Hanger Hook
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Best Overall Wreath Hanger


This 15-inch steel over-the-door hanger is far stronger than it appears. It’s sturdy, won’t damage your door or the frame and gives a sleek, clean look. It also fits neatly over most door sizes and can hold up to 10 pounds of wreath.

“We needed a wreath hanger for the front door,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Texas Writer. “As we live in an environment of extremes: very hot summers, very cold winters, we needed a hanger that would not succumb to the elements. This wreath hanger is sturdy and I foresee that it will last us a long time.”

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Tqs Metal Wreath Holder
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Best Metallic Wreath Hanger

TQS Metal Wreath Holder

This 12-inch TQS metal wreath holder is a budget-friendly Walmart pick you’ll be happy you purchased for small and medium-size wreaths. It comes in six metallic finishes ranging from soft, muted bronze to bold brass, and its vinyl coating protects your door’s finish.

It’s another over-the-door style that’s easy to use, even easier to store and will last for years. Try using it with a stunning living wreath come summer, too.

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diy christmas wreath
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Best Adjustable Wreath Hanger

Haute Decor Christmas Adjustable Wreath Hanger

If you’re constantly changing your holiday decorations and need to be on top of the latest and greatest trends, this adjustable wreath hanger with interchangeable icons from Target is perfect for you. Pop the snowflake on for winter, the pumpkin for fall, butterfly for spring and the American flag for summer. You’ll have the most festive door in the neighborhood year-round.

If you’re buying a smart Christmas tree this season, you’ll want this genius hanger in your life. Neatly hang almost any size wreath on doors and windows up to 1.8-inches thick. This hanger’s special slide mechanism allows for easy adjustment and extends from just over 16 inches up to 25 inches high.

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Best Magnetic Wreath Hanger

AttractiveAccessory Magnetic Wreath Hanger

Technically you can use this ultra-strong magnetic hanger on multiple surfaces, but we love it for windows. The device relies on magnets, eliminating worry about damaged windows or doors. It’s an ideal choice for smaller and lighter-weight wreaths.

You can hang up to five pounds on these. But to keep the magnets from slipping, the brand advises displaying wreaths under two pounds if you’re planning to keep them up for a prolonged period.

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Adams 14 Inch Adjustable Wreath Hook
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Best Budget Wreath Hanger

Adams 14-Inch Adjustable Wreath Hook

If you’re looking for a basic hook in a metallic finish at an affordable price, this Adams adjustable wreath hook has your name written all over it. Aside from being the cheapest hook on the list at about $4, it casually holds up to 10 pounds of weight with ease.

The ultra-thick top fits most standard door frames without damaging the surface, while the soft attached grippers prevent scratching. The best part? It extends 24 inches for added drama.

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Vis'v Heavy Duty Wreath Hanger Suction Cups
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Best Suction Cup Wreath Hanger

VIS'V Heavy Duty Wreath Hanger Suction Cups

This two-pack of VIS’V wrath suction cups is just the ticket for glass surfaces. They attach with ease to doors and windows and can hold up to 22 pounds.

Amazon reviewers say their five- and 10-pound wreaths fare extremely well on these. And because they’re made of plastic, they’re inexpensive. You can find countless other uses for them around your home when you’re less focused on wreaths.

“I purchased the large, heavy-duty suction cups and used these to hang two large and heavy grapevine wreaths that I made for my front door,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Francine. “After cleaning the glass with glass cleaner, I wiped the areas I was using with the enclosed wipe and while there was still moisture on the glass, affixed the suction cup and ‘locked’ it in place.

“I tugged on them quite forcefully, and they didn’t (and haven’t since) moved a bit. They’ve done well so far during their first week in our hot Memphis sun and southern humidity. I would recommend these!”

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Haute Decor Magnetic Wreath Hanger
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Best Metal Magnetic Wreath Hanger

Haute Decor Magnetic Wreath Hanger

Here’s another set of magnetic wreath hangers, this time in a two-pack featuring a darker-toned metal finish. These come in shades from deep bronze to fire engine red. They support wreaths up to 10 pounds on steel frames and up to seven pounds on single-pane glass windows and doors.

Barb, a verified Amazon purchaser, writes: “These magnets arrived today, and I immediately set about hanging my big Christmas wreath. The magnet is heavy-duty and instantly grabbed to the door.

“The wreath weighs about eight pounds and the magnet held firmly in place — no falling, sliding or shifting. These things are the way to go! They’re larger than they appear in photos, so they can certainly hold a hefty load.”

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Command Outdoor Large Window Hook
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Best Command Wreath Hanger

Command Outdoor Large Window Hook

If you’re already a fan of clever Command products, this outdoor window hook will really impress you. It’s weather-resistant from 20 F to 125 F, easy to use and requires no drilling.

It’s a clever addition to your tool kit. You can use them for wreaths up to four pounds, or for hanging hats, calendars, keys and cleaning tools without ruining walls. And when the time comes to take them down, don’t worry. Here’s how to remove a stubborn Command hook.

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Best Farmhouse Style Wreath Hanger

BeautifulHomeAccents Burlap Wreath Hanger

Rustic farmhouse-chic doorways need this burlap-wrapped wreath hanger that offers just the right touch of country flair. It’s inexpensive, and the sturdy metal base can easily hold wreaths up to eight pounds without worry.

The medium 12-inch length makes it ideal for smaller- and medium-sized wreaths, and the two-inch depth offers easy placement on most wood and metal doors.

What to Consider When Buying a Wreath Hanger

A wreath hanger is a clever, inexpensive device that offers the best way to hang a wreath on your door without nails or complicated construction. Some wreath hangers are over-the-door-style hooks, while others offer the ease of magnets. You can also buy peel-and-stick hooks that look like the bigger, bolder cousins of sticky picture hooks. No matter which option you pick, they’re reusable, last for years, and can hold Christmas wreaths as well as store-bought options.

The most important things to consider when buying an over-the-door wreath hanger are the length or size as well as its weight capacity, shares Yates. The wreath hanger should be long enough to display your wreath towards the top of your door without being squished and have a wide enough hook to fit around your door. Since most front doors are a standard width, this shouldn’t be a problem when shopping for wreath hangers.

“Many wreath hangers shouldn’t cause any damage or marks to your door, but if there are high winds or you are concerned it may scuff the surface, then it is worth sticking a strip of felt or flexible rubber to the under edge of the whole hanger, this can be cut to size and applied with double-sided tape,” says Yates. “Alternatively using some furniture felt feet on key contact points will help to pull the hanger away from the door surface slightly, and prevent it from scratching as it moves around.”

You must also consider how much weight your wreath hanger can hold. Wreaths don’t tend to be extremely heavy, but if you have one with a lot of greenery or added decor pieces, make sure your hanger is strong enough. This applies to over-the-door hangers as well as magnetic or suction options. Read the product description to see how much weight it can withstand.

“The amount a wreath hanger can hold will vary depending on the material of the hanger —a plastic one may not be as strong and may become brittle over time,” says Yates. “I’d always recommend a metal, preferably steel, hanger as this will be strong and durable to use year after year. Most metal hangers will hold a wreath over 10 pounds, but there are heavy-duty versions available that can carry heavier wreaths over 20 pounds.”

The main attraction of your door will be the wreath, but buying a high-quality and sturdy wreath hanger is just as important. It will keep your wreath hanging all season long without damaging your door.

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