11 Flower Boxes That Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Updated: Sep. 29, 2023

Beautify your front yard with flower boxes. These picks fit below windows, along walkways and more.

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House with window boxes, wall-mounted boxes and front step flower boxes
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Why Add a Flower Box?

A flower box is an easy way to add more color to your yard without digging up the ground. Flower boxes can hang from deck railings, line walkways or dress up front steps. These versatile pieces of outdoor décor come in many shapes, sizes and finishes to suit any home. Here are some of the most stylish flower boxes to boost curb appeal.

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Best Flower Box Set

This concrete flower box set includes a traditional trough planter and four round pots. Purchase them individually or as a mixed and matched group to get the perfect number for your yard. Fluted sides give these planters some visual interest while neutral colors allow your bright flowers to pop. They also come in gray and terra cotta.

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Best Window Flower Box

Window boxes enhance the view from your window and from the curb. This gorgeous stainless steel window box comes in three sizes and two striking finishes: copper and graphite. Your floral arrangement will greet you through the window in the morning and walking up the driveway in the evening.

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Railing Flower Box

A plain flower box looks sleek on a deck or balcony railing. This white resin rail planter fits right over the top of the railing, making efficient use of otherwise wasted space. It’s an inexpensive and durable choice.

And at the end of the growing season, it’s easy to clean. Just give it a rinse with the garden hose and stash it with the rest of your patio storage.

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Most Decorative Flower Box

This wagon planter looks charming with or without flowers. It would even make a cute fairy garden. It’s small enough to fit on a front patio yet large enough to be a mixed flower container. Its stained wood and metal accents fit in with other antique-inspired decorations.

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Best Farmhouse Flower Box

Weathered wood and X-shaped details give this square flower box farmhouse vibes. The barn door-inspired design is perfect for a fall flower display. It comes in three sizes so you can fit one anywhere, whether by the front door or alongside the front steps.

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Rustic Flower Box

This large, rectangular flower box fits plenty of plants. It’s rustic yet durable, with a recycled wood body and powder-coated steel legs. The included soil liner prevents spillage. A few of these planters would look good lining a driveway or pushed against the edge of a front porch.

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Modern Flower Box

If you like the rectangular shape and ground placement but prefer modern styles, the Delvale Planter Box is a good choice. The mesh grid is designed to be filled with stones or gravel of your choice. It’s an easy way to personalize a planter that matches any other type of stone in your landscaping.

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Traditional Flower Box

The Araluen Wood Planter Box is simple, traditional and affordable. Its timeless appearance looks at home with any flower arrangement, from fall mums to spring-blooming bulbs.

A water-based stain lets the cedar’s beautiful natural grain show through. Try filling it with hummingbird flowers and placing it along the edge of a porch where you can watch the jewel-toned visitors.

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Tiered Flower Box

Compact entryways and patios often lack space for greenery. This tiered flower box is a handsome solution. Taking advantage of vertical space allows you to incorporate more color into your outdoor décor. Tiered planters like this one are also ideal for growing strawberries and herbs.

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House Number Flower Box

Planting flowers at the end of the driveway adds tons of curb appeal with minimal effort. A flower box makes it even easier. This chic house number planter from Etsy is eye-catching yet minimalist. First-time guests will find your home with ease.

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Best Flower Box for Privacy

If you prefer more seclusion in your yard without sacrificing aesthetics, a privacy screen with built-in flower boxes offers the best of both worlds.

Wooden slats allow climbing plants to flourish, while medium-sized flower boxes fit plenty of colorful blooms. The hinges allow you to stretch out the privacy screen or fold it up to meet the needs of any space.

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