Save Deck Space With These 10 Patio Storage Ideas

Short of space on your deck? Check out these fabulous space-saving patio storage solutions.

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Outdoor Murphy Bar

Wall-mounted outdoor drinks storage solution don’t come any more stylish than this clever outdoor Murphy bar. Made from a recycled pallet, the fold-down door is held up by strong chains for security and doubles as a prep table. There’s even interior storage for your drinks glasses too. And if you want to build your own outdoor bar, here are 10 inspiring ideas.

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Vintage Barrel BBQ Storage

Hide all your BBQ accessories away in this innovative vintage barrel cabinet. It has an interior shelf and double doors that open wide for easy access, making for a perfect patio storage table. Add some hooks to hang your longer handled implements and you’ll have everything at your fingertips, and the optional glass top on this patio storage table can be used for food prep. And, why not build this portable grill table for a totally perfect outdoor grilling station?

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Garden Closet Storage

When space is at a premium on your patio or deck, build this compact garden storage closet that combines a tiny footprint with the maximum storage space. There’s hanging space for long-handled tools, floor space for boots or compost bags, and a door hung with cubbies for small tools, bird food and more. The pitched roof makes a great finishing touch.

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Outdoor Storage Bench Lead
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Outdoor Storage Bench With Cushion

This DIY bench is easy to customize. You can change the dimensions, choose fabric to complement other patio or deck furniture and stain the wood to match your deck or paint it to match your house. Covering the seat is simple, even for a novice. Need to reupholster a chair? That’s simple, too!

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Outdoor Storage Locker

You don’t need a huge shed to store long garden tools, your lawnmower and your snowblower. This mini shed makes a super storage locker for your outdoor accessories and equipment and holds more than you’d think. Easy to build, and measuring just 4×8 feet, it can be built with basic tools in a weekend.

Considering a full-size shed project in the future? Be sure to check out our multi-purpose pub shed.

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pot hose
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Garden Hose Storage

Garden hoses are unsightly and causing a trip hazard if they’re lying around on your patio, deck or lawn. Hide yours away in this storage solution that masquerades as a stone pot. It’s really made from durable resin and fiberglass. It holds up to 100 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose, with an interior guide to avoid tangles and a hole for easy connection to a water supply. Need an outdoor faucet? Here’s how to install one.

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Cooler for Drinks

Nothing beats a cool drink when you’re out enjoying your patio or deck on a warm summer day. So, how about storing your drink supplies in this clever wicker-look cooler cabinet? It boasts a rack for holding bottles, a fold-out side table for drink prep and interior storage for glasses. The 77-quart ice cooler with drainage will keep everything chilled for hours. Take a look at these other ideas for making your backyard into a peaceful oasis.

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Garden Storage Box

When you just need to store a few hand tools and accessories near your patio or deck, this tiny garden storage box is the perfect solution. Designed to resemble a bird house, this little cubby is built from a single 8-foot 1×12 and requires only basic tools.

Build a coordinating bird house to complete the look.

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outdoor storage bench

Outdoor Storage Bench

Building a bench that doubles as a storage box is a great way to save space on your deck or patio. This stylish bench is a great beginner’s project. You’ll need to know how to use clamps for this project, but you only need basic tools and a day or two. Build it from cedar, pine or cypress, depending on availability and your budget.

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Pull-Out Bike Storage

If your patio space is limited but you need to store bikes there, take a look at this ingenious pull-out bike storage solution. It holds two or more adult cycles, keeping them out of sight but easily accessible. Built from durable hardwood, this cycle cabinet is fully lockable for security and features a living roof! Check out these eight attractive succulents that work well on a living roof or as ground cover.

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