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Delightful Fairy Garden Containers

Get creative with where you set up your fairy garden. Fairies and gnomes will be happy to call these 10 delightful fairy garden containers home.

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Multi-Level Fairy Garden Box

This modern looking fairy garden is contained in a box that has three different levels for accessories and plants. The box is the perfect size for a small desktop fairy garden as it is just 7-1/2 inches in length and just over 5 inches wide. These 12 DIY planters are made from kitchen castoffs.

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3planter fairy garden _288462248_07Jenn Huls/Shutterstock

Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Next time you see old flower pots at a garage or yard sale, pick them up and use them as fairy garden containers. This three-level fairy garden is connected by a log bridge. Use just one container or several, depending on how big you want your fairy garden to be. These budget-friendly fairy garden supplies will help you create the perfect enchanted fairyland.

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miniatureAdelso Bausdorf/Shutterstock

Terrarium Fairy Garden

With some well-chosen accessories, a glass terrarium can transform into a small fairy garden. This terrarium has a few succulents, along with a fairy house. Terrariums can sit on a table or be hung near a window. Build a terrarium with help from these 12 tips.

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Multi-Level Fairy Garden

This multi-level fairy garden container has three pots to grow plants or flowers. Add a fairy or two, and even a couple small fairy accessories for a petite setup that’s perfect for a desktop. Get inspired with these 15 breathtaking DIY fairy gardens.

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WheelbarrowCarter Brown/Shutterstock

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

An old wheelbarrow makes the perfect base for a rustic fairy garden. Just load it up with dirt, rocks or sand and place your garden accessories inside. Add some moss or small succulents to bring the fairyland to life. Here are some fairy garden statues you must see to believe.

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fairy garden gnome terrarium_491551057_08Olga Savina/Shutterstock

Fairy Garden Box

An old box, basket, bin or crate makes an economical great fairy garden container. Try using an old apple crate, which would give you the opportunity to make your fairy garden portable. Follow these 14 tips for planting succulents outdoors.

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Log Fairy Garden

An old, hollowed out log is a unique fairy garden container you could find on a walk through the woods. Or, this faux wood planter will hold not only your fairy garden accessories, but a few succulents or other plants and moss, as well. Show it off on your deck, in your yard or indoors. Make a wood log planter for succulents and add it to your fairy garden!

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wagonMelinda Mc/Shutterstock

Wagon Fairy Garden

Why not use an old wagon for your fairy garden container? Just fill it with some dirt or rocks, then add your plants and fairy garden accessories. A wagon also allows you to move the garden around, depending on where you want it to be displayed.

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Tree Stump Fairy Garden

A tree stump makes a great natural base for your fairy garden. For a more portable tree stump idea, this fairy garden container features a treehouse with a staircase and space to plant succulents and place fairy accessories. “Beautiful planter. I added some moss to the base and it looks great in my fairy garden,” said one buyer. Learn why everyone needs solar garden fairy lights.

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houseGretchen Gunda Enger/Shutterstock

Bird Bath Fairy Garden

If you have an old bird bath you’re not using, use it as a fairy garden container. This bird bath holds some greenery, a small fairy garden house and plenty of accessories to keep it interesting. Add to your fairy garden decor with one of these 10 enchanting fairy garden kits.

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