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7 Best Parcel Drop Boxes for Safe and Secure Deliveries

Deter porch pirates from stealing your packages and keep them weatherproof with the top parcel drop box picks.

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7 Parcel Drop Boxes To Keep Your Deliveries SafeVIA MERCHANT

Home delivery is a central part of everyday life. Nowadays, almost anything is deliverable—from high-end outdoor appliances to meal kits and gift cards. Typically, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding package delivery day—a delivery courier is an adult’s version of an ice cream truck! But that excitement is shattered when packages are stolen. Deter porch pirates from stealing your deliveries with a safe and secure parcel drop box.

A smart complement to a video doorbell, parcel drop boxes offer an extra layer of protection from package thieves, nosy neighbors, weather, pests and sun exposure. These boxes have an opening at the top for couriers to place packages into a secure compartment at the bottom. The boxes are bolted to the floor or weighed down with sand or weights. Some models have smart features that send alerts when a delivery is made and lets you lock/unlock the compartment from your smartphone.

We’ve rounded up the best parcel drop boxes based on their construction, durability, locking mechanism, ease of operation and curb appeal. We considered online smart features and bonus features, like temperature monitoring for grocery and meal kit deliveries.

The Best Parcel Drop Boxes

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Architectural Mailboxes Elephantrunkvia merchant

Best Overall Parcel Drop Box

Architectural Mailboxes Elephantrunk Drop Box

The drop box from Architectural Mailboxes wins on all counts—from storage and security to durability. A rotating drum design keeps packages safe and deliveries remain secure with a three-point lock on the package retrieval door and an outgoing package partition. Easy on the eyes with its sleek, discerning design and spacious interior, it comes in four color options to create a cohesive front porch look. It also features cast aluminum and heavy steel construction with the option to bolt to the ground. With an opening of 7.6 inches by 11.9 inches, you’ll feel relieved knowing your packages will be there when you get home.


  • Three-point lock system
  • Rotating drum design
  • Outgoing partition
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Has a “no deliveries” indicator


  • Not weatherproof

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Cosco Outdoor Living Boxguardvia merchant

Best Budget Parcel Drop Box

Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard Drop Box

When a home security system isn’t enough, outsmart thieves with this tough, weather-resistant BoxGuard drop box. Touting 45 gallons of storage space, it includes a hinge that holds the lid open without assistance and a shingle roof design to keep packages dry. This affordable and effective deterrent is also available in an aluminum option. It’s a rather basic option, but it gets the job done.


  • Affordable
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • 45 gallons of storage space
  • Available in aluminum option with hydraulic hinges


  • Can’t be bolted to the ground
  • Lock not included

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Loxx Boxx Package Drop Boxvia merchant

Best Parcel Drop Box for Food Deliveries

Loxx Boxx Package Drop Box

This lockable package box is ideal for both packages and grocery deliveries. This box comes with an app that manages deliveries and sends notifications to your phone. Select grocery as your delivery type and the app automatically turns on temperature monitoring to keep your items cool. The box also keeps packages dry, as it’s built to withstand the elements, including sun, wind, rain and snow.

Create one-time access codes and delivery status updates with tracking numbers so you know the moment your package arrives. Even better, the app has a built-in alarm and notifies you when unauthorized access is attempted. A keypad unlocks the lid and the battery-powered box comes with a power bank for remote charging.


  • Has temperature monitoring
  • Smartphone app with status updates
  • Tamper alert
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Works with or without the app


  • Courier needs a code to unlock the lid

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Porchpal Anti Theft Drop Boxvia merchant

Most Discreet Parcel Drop Box

PorchPal Anti-Theft Drop Box

An effective deterrent to package theft is a parcel drop box that’s discreet. The PorchPal anti-theft box is a relatively affordable way to keep packages hidden behind a three-sided faux hedge. Use the opening in the back to hide longer packages from street view. No tools are necessary to assemble this stylish box that complements your porch decor.

Verified purchaser, Linnea Weijland writes, “I feel confident leaving the house knowing my deliveries will be kept safe from theft. The PorchPal is not only a beautiful addition to my front porch, but is also large enough to conceal most packages. There’s an open back so that your larger packages can fit. There’s a sign to let delivery persons know to place packages—even my Instacart delivery person left my groceries inside. From the street, it just looks like a planter, so thieves will not attempt to take a closer look.”


  • Conceals packages from the road
  • Can fit longer packages
  • Easy assembly
  • Complements decor


  • Not weatherproof
  • Not as secure as other boxes

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Vsons Locking Parcel Drop Boxvia merchant

Most Stylish Parcel Drop Box

Vsons Locking Parcel Drop Box

While this contemporary drop box easily won us over given its curb appeal, it’s more than just easy on the eyes. A simple locking mechanism on the front pushes to lock. With no complicated padlock or keypad, your courier can quickly complete the delivery. The box is designed to be bolted to the ground and there are multiple customizable options, like vinyl decals and personalized text.


  • Sleek and modern
  • Easy push button locking mechanism
  • Customizable decals
  • Personalized text


  • Once locked, the box can only be unlocked by the owner

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Vevor Wall Mounted Delivery Boxvia merchant

Best Wall-Mounted Parcel Drop Box

Vevor Wall-Mounted Delivery Box

Sleek and durable, this wall-mounted delivery box is best for small to medium deliveries. Protect your packages from both theft and the elements with the coated galvanized steel construction. Plus, there’s no need to unlock or lock the box.

With an easy-drop slot opening, couriers can drop and go, and the contents of your box are protected behind a lockable retrieval door. The parcel box comes with pre-drilled holes and four mounting screws to easily anchor to the wall.


  • Comes with pre-drilled holes and hardware
  • Durable and rainproof
  • Anti-tamper drop slot
  • Lockable retrievable door


  • Doesn’t fit large packages

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Eufy Security Smartdropvia merchant

Best Parcel Drop Box with Smart Features

Eufy Security SmartDrop

Get added security when you’re away with the easy-to-use Eufy Security SmartDrop. Packed with smart features, the parcel box comes with an app that notifies you when packages arrive. See the deliveries in real-time with the included motion-activated high-definition (HD) camera. Talk to the courier from anywhere with the two-way audio feature that’s similar to self-monitored security systems.

If there isn’t already a package inside, the courier presses the open button to complete the delivery. Personal identification number (PIN) access can also be given through voice assistance or your phone. Included with the box are a battery pack, two backup keys and a USB charging cable. This is one of the largest lock boxes available, and has a steel frame that can be bolted to the ground for added security.


  • Built-in 1080P camera
  • Two-way audio
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • PIN code and traditional key access


  • Expensive

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What to Consider When Buying a Parcel Drop Box

When searching for the best parcel drop box, look at the size and capacity based on your needs. Do you need the box to hold small to medium packages, or will you be away for an extended period and need it to hold more?

Extra security features give additional peace of mind, but come at a higher price point. If you don’t want the box to be visible from the road, a more affordable option without smart features is best. A box with a locking mechanism and the option to mount it to the floor or wall is ideal for added security.

Consider additional features, like cameras, two-way speakers for communicating with couriers and sensors alerting you when a package has arrived. Look for a parcel drop box that’s constructed of durable, weather-resistant material, such as steel, plastic or aluminum, along with features like a sealed door and waterproof coating to keep packages dry.

Evaluate the ease of use for the courier to be more compliant with leaving packages in the drop box. The box should have a convenient opening mechanism that allows the courier to easily place packages inside.

How We Found the Best Parcel Drop Boxes

As shopping experts, our only job is to help you find a winning product. We start with the research and reporting basics—what products are made of, what they look like and how much they cost—to ensure that we’re only recommending the buys that are worth your time and money. Then, we research the features that speak to the product’s quality, taking advice from industry insiders and subject matter experts on what makes a product a smart value (or worthy of a splurge). Finally, we do the work of combing through user reviews to see how real people interact with the product, and if it stands up to the test.


How does a parcel drop box work?

Parcel drop boxes are pretty simple. Delivery companies enter a code and place the package inside. Once the box is closed, it locks automatically. When you retrieve your package, use a code or an app to unlock the box.

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