9 DIY Snowman Making Ideas Everyone Will Love

Updated: Jun. 30, 2022

Get outside this winter and spend some quality family time building a snowman. Even if you're somewhere warm for the holidays, there are plenty of ways to get in on the fun. Here are some ideas for building a snowman everyone will love.

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Snowmen with Tools

Get creative in the snow this winter with some hard-working DIY snowmen. These two appear to be ready to take on their weekend to-do list!

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Snowman Kit

This snowman-making kit has everything you need to build a snowman, except the snow. It comes with a top hat with holly, a scarf, and fixtures for the arms, eyes, nose and mouth.

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Beach Snowman with Santa Hat

If you’re spending the holidays at the beach, build a snowman in the sand! Just bring along a Santa hat, some cool shades and find a couple sticks for arms.

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Here’s a lovely couple. Build two snowpeople, using sticks for arms, and attach some gloves at the end. Bonus points for making it look like they’re holding hands.

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Classic Snowman

Give your child a carrot for the snowman’s nose and encourage him or her to collect other items from the yard to finish off their custom Frosty. Pine cones or rocks work great for eyes or buttons.

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Identical Snowquintuplets

Grab some matching hats and scarves and build a whole family! They don’t have to be big—try using just two balls of snow for the bodies.

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Felt Snowman Kit

If it’s too cold to head outside to build a snowman, build one indoors! This felt kit will keep young kids busy and adds some holiday cheer to your decor.

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Snowman with Hair

Snowmen don’t have to be bald! Grab some prairie grasses or dried plants and use them for your snowman’s hair. Dried leaves and some twigs also work. It gives new meaning to a hair transplant.

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Sand Snowman with Bucket Hat

Build a snowman with sand and incorporate some beach toys. This snowman has a bucket for a hat and some shells for buttons. Sand shovels will also work for arms.

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