8 DIY Projects Perfect for Hanukkah

Make this year's Hanukkah celebrations beautiful and memorable with these Hanukkah DIY decor ideas and fun crafts.

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Hanukkah Wreath Courtesy @lovealwaysaudrey Via Instagram
Courtesy @lovealwaysaudrey_/Instagram

Hanukkah Wreath

Hang this gorgeous gold wreath by @lovealwaysaudrey_ on your door or wall for chic Hanukkah decor. Though it looks high-end, it can be made with just a few supplies from the craft store!

A gilded metal hoop and faux gold leaves secured with gold thread form the wreath. Then she cut the dreidel out of blue craft paper and used a special embossing technique to create texture and shine. Check out her full tutorial for more details.

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Scrap Wood Menorah Courtesy @homemademimi Via Instagram
Courtesy @homemademimi/Instagram

Scrap Wood Menorah

This beautiful minimalist menorah by @homemademimi was made with scrap wood.

Cut wood into different lengths and use wood glue (check out a few of our favorites) to hold them together. Then drill holes in the top of each piece to hold the candles. Go with brass candle cups keep the candles secure, or line the holes with aluminum foil.

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Press For Latkes Button Courtesy @rebekahlowin Via Instagram
Courtesy @rebekahlowin/Instagram

Press for Latkes Button

When it’s time to celebrate Hanukkah, you can never have too many crispy, fried latkes! That’s why this playful “Press for Latkes” button by @rebekahlowin is the perfect addition to your Hanukkah decor.

It’s easy to make with a vintage-style picture frame, and it will make your guests chuckle. Check out the full step-by-step instructions here.

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Painted Dreidels Courtesy @theneonteaparty Via Instagram
Courtesy @theneonteaparty/Instagram

Painted Dreidels

Painting wood dreidels is a fun activity to do with kids, but adults love it too! Check out the fun neon colors on these dreidels by @theneonteaparty.

To make your own, you’ll need wooden dreidels, acrylic paint in various colors, and paint pens for writing Hebrew letters or other designs. Bring out all the supplies during your Hanukkah party and let everyone get creative!

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Menorah Wall Hanging Courtesy @madebyilyssa Via Tiktok
COURTESY @madebyilyssa/TIKTOK

Menorah Wall Hanging

This cute paper menorah hanging by @madebyilyssa makes for colorful wall decor, but it’s also interactive. Paper tabs along the top can be pulled to reveal a different candle for each night of Hanukkah. It’s a great way for your young kids to get involved without coming too close to a real candle flame.

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Hanukkah Collection Diy Printable Party Ecomm Etsy.com
via merchant

Printable Party

Your Hanukkah party decorations will be stress-free with this printable party set, and it only costs $2!

You’ll receive PDF files for everything you need including a “Happy Hanukkah” banner, cupcake toppers, gift bag labels and dreidel boxes. Print them at home or at an office supply store, then cut them out yourself. Instant party!

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Star Of David Succulent Wall Planter, Diy, Jewish Decor Ecomm Etsy.com
via merchant

Star Of David Succulent Wall Planter

This Star of David succulent planter is made from naturally rot-resistant redwood and cedar, and comes with built-in drainage holes for healthy succulents.

You can buy the frame empty and choose your own plants, or purchase the kit with the succulents and moss included. Hang it on the wall during Hanukkah season or enjoy it year-round!

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Hanukkah Decorate Cookie Kit Ecomm Etsy.com
via merchant

DIY Hanukkah Cookie Kit

Decorate Hanukkah cookies during a party, family gathering or just with the kids for a fun Hanukkah night activity. This Hanukkah cookie kit makes it easy and includes everything you need, even the cookies!

You’ll also get blue and white royal icing and a variety of sprinkles. All that’s left for you to do are the fun parts — decorate and eat!

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