The 10 Best Winter Toys to Enjoy the Outdoors

Don't lock yourself inside this winter. No matter what your age, there is plenty of fun to be had outside during the cold and snowy winter months. So bundle up, head outside and try out one of these utra-fun winter toys.

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LED Ski Scooter

Hit the neighborhood sledding hill with this scooter-style sled toy from Geospace. It has an LED light for visibility and not only works in the snow, but also on grass and sand! The handle can be adjusted for height and is best for kids age 4 and older and it handles loads up to 220 pounds. These incredible snow removal tools will make your winter a bit easier.

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Kids Snow Shovels

Get your kids to help you out with shoveling (What? You don’t think shoveling can be fun?) or show them how to make the ultimate snow fort with these 28-inch snow shovels. These shovels have plastic scoops with wooden handles and are durable enough for use year after year. These are the best-reviewed snow shovels on Amazon.

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Snow Tube

Take a trip down the hill in this winter snow tube from Jasonwell. Shaped like a reindeer, the tube is easy to inflate and can also be used as a water float in the summer. Follow these 12 tips when building a backyard hockey rink.

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Snowman Kit

You’ll have the best-looking snowman on the block with this 16-piece snowman kit. Get the entire family outside and build a well-dressed snowman complete with top hat, pipe, buttons and scarf. Check out these 14 incredible ice and snow sculptures.

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Fort Building Kit

Build giant snow forts with this snow fort building kit from Paricon. Perfect for use in the snow (or sand), to create blocks for snow fort or castle walls. The kit has three molds which are easy to stack and store in the off-season.

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Snowball Maker

Get ready for a snowball fight with this snowball maker. Fun for both kids and adults, you’ll be able to make three perfect snowballs at once.

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Convertible Wagon Sleigh

Go from wagon to sleigh and back again with this convertible wagon sleigh from Millside Industries. It takes just minutes to go from tires to skis and the well-made construction means years of family fun. Consider these 12 gifts for kids who are into DIY.

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Snow Art

Make some snow art this winter! This spray and stencil kit has three snow sprayers, six color packets and four snow stencils for hours of creativity outside.

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Snowball Thrower

Need a little more “oomph” for that neighborhood snowball fight? These snowball throwers will make your snowball go the extra distance. Just scoop up some snow, shape it in the mold and let it fly. Speaking of throwing, here are 100 things you should never throw out, and how to reuse them.

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Snow How-Tos

Not sure how to get started having fun in the snow? Snow Play is a how-to book that explains how to build everything from forts and slides to winter campfires and snowmen. All ages will enjoy the book’s ideas for different ways to embrace winter and have fun in the snow.

Try doing these 12 perfect projects with your kids.

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