10 Super-Cool Ideas for Painting a Girl’s Bedroom

Color, pattern, details and more. Check out these easy girl's room paint ideas to make your child's room as unique as she is.

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nursery dots on wall
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On the Dot

Adding vibrancy to a room isn’t always about coating it with a saturated, favorite color. Sometimes it’s painting everything white, then adding in a palette of colors that pleases your little one. Free-handing a polka-dot design couldn’t be simpler.

For those with no space for a dedicated guest room and separate office, consider the super-cool combination Murphy bed and desk in this video.

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Gray Glam

It’s neutral but won’t be overlooked: A deep gray on all the walls (and ceiling, even) adds drama and visual interest without being age-specific. Lighten it up with whimsical patterns or youthful color, and swap those pieces out as your child ages and can articulate her preferences.

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Terrific Trompe L’Oeil

If you have a petite-sized room for your petite person, you could always add a little trompe l’oeil — French for “deceive the eye” — for decadence without taking up space. Paint-on luxe furnishings, an expansive view, or even a pretend pet for an allergic little one — all while leaving room to grow.

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Get Shipshape

Give her bedroom the Joanna Gaines-inspired touch: Installing shiplap to a wall is an easy weekend project, and has the added bonus of being totally on trend. Plus, she can choose any color her little heart desires. This lofted bed provides tons of kids room storage.

Watch this video to learn how to make your own shiplap for your walls.

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Create a Canvas

Never worry about scrubbing graffiti off the wall again. Benjamin Moore’s Notable Dry Erase Paint comes in a clear formulation, which means you can turn any wall into a surface on which you can use dry-erase markers! She can draw, imagine and create her own surroundings — and change them whenever she wants.

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striped nursery
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Show Your Stripes

Pinstripe a room for preppy appeal. Or choose fat stripes, horizontal or vertical, in complementary or opposing colors, to add zip. Pair with florals or other patterned textiles for a high-fashion aesthetic. Or consider painting one wall with bold stripes, and the rest of the room a soothing neutral to compliment the colors she chooses.

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Stencil Style

Stencils are back in a big way. Today’s take is fresh and modern. One trick: Find a repeating pattern for the look of wallpaper without the hassle. We like this timeless quatrefoil pattern for its ability to grow with her age and stage. Add a bright pop of color, or a coordinating neutral — whatever speaks to her own sense of style!

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Color Block It

Instead of one accent wall, why not every other? Just go for it: Choose two coordinating favorites and paint every other wall the matching color for what feels like a truly mod paint job. Tap into current trends with deeper, richer version of traditional pastel shades.

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black triangle wall
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Pattern Play

It’s easier to coordinate furnishings and patterns with other patterns than it might seem. These triangles (or any favorite shape) could be done freehand or added with a stencil. Look for other spots in her room to add a little pop: The colored drawer pulls here are what really polish off the space. Here’s another collection of kids’ rooms for inspiration.

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Shoot for the Stars

Choose a theme to showcase her latest favorite things. One example: The trending celestial theme. Paint the room a soothing sky hue (sunrise or sunset, her pick!), and then accentuate with her zodiac constellation, favorite planets or a nod to something sci-fi, such as Star Wars. Another take? Paint the ceiling a deep navy, add glow-in-the-dark stars or paint and create the Milky Way or solar system.

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