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    100 Incredible Projects By DIYers Like You

    From jaw-dropping remodels to crazy automotive creations, these real-life projects are as unique and inspiring as the DIYers who built them.

    26 Household Items You Didn’t Know You Could Use in Your Shop

    Before you purchase expensive storage systems or a specific tool for one unique task, try these genius shop hacks using...

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    The 100 Handiest Shop Tips

    You won't find a better collection of the most brilliant workshop secrets you've ever seen, brought to you by the...

    Filter for Your Shop Vac Filter

    Protect your shop vacuum filter from large debris by adding this one layer.

    41 Genius Sanding Tips You Need to Know

    Save yourself some time and hassle during your next woodworking project with one (or 41!) of these genius sanding tips...

    59 Handy Hints to Keep Your Workshop Shipshape

    It's a lot easier (and more fun!) to do projects in a space that's neat and tidy, and these clever...

    The Greatest Shop Tip in History

    Grab the leaf blower to take care of a dirty shop vacuum filter and clean it up in a short...

    5 Dust Collection Products that Suck (In a Good Way!)

    Sawdust isn't just a health hazard; it can cause falls and fires, too. These dust collection tools can help keep...

    Ventilated Shop Vacuum Attachment

    Get better suction with your shop vac—here's how:

    Drum-Sander Dust Collector

    Capture the dust that flies off a sanding drum before it fills your shop and lungs! All you need is...

    Convenient Plywood Cutting Station

    Sawhorses can be modeled out a lot of things, check out this great solution for a plywood cutting station.

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    How To Build a Swing-Out Countertop

    Need more counter space in your workshop? Here's a DIY solution.

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    8 Bad Workshop Habits You Should Drop Today

    Want to improve your skills as a DIYer or woodworker? Learn how to avoid these bad workshop habits and the...

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    3 Pro-Quality Products All DIYers Should Have at Home

    For homeowners that like to get their hands dirty with a wide variety of do-it-yourself projects, add these products to...

    13 Workshop Items to Incorporate into Your Interior Decor

    Decor styles are constantly changing. If you're looking for a way to bring a rustic-chic look into your home, consider...

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    12 Workshop Supplies You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Store

    The DIY attitude embraces affordability and accessibility for everyone, no matter how tight your budget. Here are 12 items to...

    Best Lighting for Your Garage and Workshop

    Find your way in the dark with these cool products that help light the darkest nooks and crannies of your...

    31 Cheap Workshop Updates for the Ultimate DIY Space

    Our readers know how to make the most of their home shop space. These 31 updates don’t cost much (or...

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    A Basic Bench You Can Build On!

    Start with a simple workbench and add features as you need them.

    5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Workshop

    Want to maximize the time you spend in your workshop over the next year? Here are five workshop resolutions that...

    How to Get Started in Welding

    Whether you’d like to build custom cars or just fix a cracked lawn mower deck, learning to weld gives your...

    20 Unusual Uses for Workshop Tools

    Make your workshop tools work double duty with these 20 unusual uses for common DIY tools and materials.

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    Deals We Love: Air Movers

    These two air-movement tools from Hart provide durability and portability for DIYers with busy lives.

    Family Handyman’s Vintage Projects From the ’50s

    Family Handyman has always taken great pride in teaching readers to DIY through the use of step-by-step projects. To celebrate...

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    Upgrade Your Garage With These Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Clear your mind and your space with these discounted garage items during Amazon Prime Day.

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    How to Replace a Fluorescent Light Ballast

    Stop fluorescent lights from flickering and humming with a new ballast.

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    Why Every Workshop Needs a Quality Flashlight (And How to Choose the Right One)

    Every workshop needs a flashlight for emergency lighting, precision detailing and more. Here are key features to look for when...

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    Bosch’s New Thermal Camera a ‘Staple for Any Toolbox’

    The camera gives DIYers and pros an easy way to accurately measure, visualize and analyze thermal variance on almost any...

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    ‘Girls Garage’ Book Empowers Young Women to Build, Believe

    Emily Pilloton wants her book, Girls Garage, to inspire generations of young women to become "fearless builder girls."

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    See Family Handyman’s Murphy/Bed Desk in Action

    Tight on space? This is a piece of furniture you'll want to check out.