100 Incredible Projects By DIYers Like You

Updated: Feb. 27, 2024

From unique accent walls to crazy automotive creations, these real-life projects are as interesting and inspiring as the DIYers who built them.

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DIY backyard oasis
Photo: Courtesy of Juan Zetino

Backyard Oasis

Family time is important to Juan Zetino. He has served our country with numerous deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and Japan. So he wanted to build an oasis to reconnect with his family. “My inspiration came from reading The Family Handyman and other publications. It took me about six to eight months to complete this project, with planning being the most important aspect.” — Juan.

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Hidden bed behind bookshelf
Photo: Courtesy of Brandon Dempster

Disappearing Bed

Reader Brandon Dempster is a magician (or at least a very clever DIYer)! He built this disappearing bed with bookshelf in his guest room. We can’t explain it any better—you just have to see it for yourself!

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Watch this video to see a few of our all-time favorite reader projects:

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arts and crafts end table
Photo courtesy of: Mike Gratzer

Arts & Crafts End Table

Reader, Mike Gratzer, built this beautiful end table for his home. He followed the “Simple Rennie Mackintosh End Table” plans that from the December/January 2015 issue of The Family Handyman.

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solid cedar mailbox
Photo Courtesy of: Todd Johnson

Solid Cedar Mailbox

Reader Todd Johnson needed to replace his mailbox, so he went to his local home center to get inspired. “I went ahead and started the project and then realized I should have taken some measurements. So I called an associate at the store to help me. Unfortunately, the measurements they gave me were incorrect, so my posts were too far apart. Instead of starting over, I decided to add the cedar boards to fill it in. I then stained it and finished it off with metal house numbers.” — Todd.

Here are step-by-step photos of how Todd created this project.

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Cool Copper Cupola

Cool Copper Cupola

Check out reader Bruno Bucci’s fantastic rendition of The Family Handyman’s How to Build a Cupola project, originally published in the July/August 1999 issue. Bruno customized the design with a copper top and a motorcycle weathervane. We must say, that’s really cool! Photo: Bruno Bucci
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New Twist on a Classic Workbench

New Twist on a Classic Workbench

We love the look of the top that reader Charles Brown chose to use on his version of The Family Handyman’s Super Bench project, originally published in the September 2012 issue. Butcher block is very durable, and the backsplash addition will help to protect the wall in Charles’ shop when he’s working on a project! Photo: Charles Brown
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finished kitchen remodel
Photo Courtesy of: Carlo Pelandini

Bright, Beautiful DIY Kitchen Remodel

Carlo Pelandini was never satisfied with the design of his kitchen. So he naively started a six-month renovation that resulted in a beautiful modern kitchen.

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Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven
Photo: Courtesy of John White

Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven

Inspired by foreign exchange students that his family hosted, reader John White built this professional-looking wood-fired oven in his backyard. Then he needed to learn how to bake!
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Green Garage Storage

Green Garage Storage

Reader Jeanne Waggoner is holding up the September 2016 issue of The Family Handyman. She’s also standing in front of the project featured on the cover. Jeanne’s husband Wilbur built the green storage unit in their garage, and it works magnificently at corralling boots, sneakers, jackets and more. Photo: Jeanne Waggoner
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DIY Pine Accent Wall
Photo: Courtesy of Jamey Heim

DIY Pine Accent Wall

Reader Jamey Heim cut and distressed the boards, and then his wife stained them with various weathered-wood colors. The result is a one-of-a-kind statement wall for their home.
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mobile flip-top workbench
Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Rings

Mobile Flip-Top Workbench

The Family Handyman reader Christopher Rings sent us photos and drawings of his incredible workbench. We just might need to build one of these for The Family Handyman shop, too. Check out Christopher’s amazing how-to photos and project illustrations here.

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Right-Height Planter

Right-Height Planter

This Patio Planter project, originally published in the April 2017 issue of The Family Handyman, is right at home on the sunny deck of reader Bob LaBelle. He built it for his wife, who you can see is an amazing gardener! They’ll be eating fresh veggies and herbs all season long! Photo: Bob LaBelle
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Trash to treasure sewing station
Photo: Courtesy of Cathy Abene

Trash to Treasure Sewing Table

Cathy Abene and her kids have gotten very good at keeping an eye out for trash. It also helps that the city she lives in offers curbside collection for anything and everything on every trash day of the year.

“One morning we came across a nice old wooden table base that had obviously been abandoned in someone’s garage for years. The finish was literally flaking off. I was in the process of redoing my daughter’s room and wanted to incorporate a sewing station. After I cut it down to size and glued a couple of pieces back on, my daughter (with gloves, glasses and a mask) sanded, primed and painted the base in pink. We added a tabletop from IKEA and a sewing station was born.” — Cathy

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Private Studio Space
Photo: Courtesy of Dale Lockwood

Private Studio Space

Reader Dale Lockwood built an amazing creative studio building for his wife. It includes double front doors, three sliding windows that face a nearby lake, an interior loft for storage, window boxes, a weathervane and a woodchip pathway. It’s the perfect space for bringing creative projects to life.
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Customized Showcase Wall

Customized Showcase Wall

Reader Mike Farron’s version of our Showcase Wall project includes a larger size and a creative configuration of cubbies to suit his family’s needs. The arches he incorporated into a couple of areas give the unit a classy, attention-to-detail vibe that we love. Way to go, Mike! Photo: Mike Farron
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Al Gingrow grillzebo
Photo courtesy of Al Gingrow

Grilling Shelter

When Al Gingrow saw the Grill Gazebo plans in The Family Handyman May 2016 issue, he knew he had to build this project in his backyard.

“We have had several pool parties and the bottom line is—The Grillzebo is a hit! Everyone loves the setup of the Grillzebo and it’s comforts, especially the delicious grilled food prepared in front of them. I am looking forward to many years of fun and memories.” — Al.

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Amazing Marble Tracks
Photo: Courtesy of Steve Moseley

Amazing Marble Tracks

The results are truly amazing!
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Dream Shed Spinoff

Dream Shed Spinoff

The Family Handyman reader Greg Reierson sent in a photo of his interpretation of our Dream Shed project, originally published in the July/August 2013 issue. He had to create a beefier base featuring a retaining wall to level out a space in his backyard, and he even added a lovely front porch with beams and pavers. Nicely done, Greg! Photo: Greg Reierson
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In Memory of a Woodworker

In Memory of a Woodworker

Reader Becky Christensen was determined to complete the Ikea Kallax Hack project from The Family Handyman’s March 2015 issue in memory of her late husband Todd, who was a stellar woodworker. She had to do some problem solving, such as figure out how to make the top removable to fit through her interior doorway, but she did it. The finished storage table looks amazing—a true labor of love! Photo: Becky Christensen
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Pond Upgrade

Pond Upgrade

Reader Janice Ferguson and her husband made changes to their existing pond based on a few ideas they found in The Family Handyman’s Plan a Low-Maintenance Pond project, originally published in the April 2005 issue. They lowered the water level, making it more accessible for birds, and added a small waterfall. What a great water feature!
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dog house

The Ultimate Dog House

Reader Corey Hosick built the ultimate shelter for his two German Shepard dogs. It’s equipped with so many bells and whistles for his fur babies. Check out all of the great photos from Corey here!

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Step Stool to the Rescue
Photo: Jeffrey Pease

Step Stool to the Rescue

Reader Jeffrey Pease built this creative and very useful Flip Flop Step Stool, originally published in the April 2015 issue of The Family Handyman, for his granddaughter Robin. His son is a Batman fan, so the signature “R” and red and yellow colors of Batman’s famous sidekick were perfect personalized touches for Jeffrey to incorporate into the design. So clever!
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Kitchen remodel after picture
Photo courtesy of Denise Boyd

Amazing Kitchen Remodel

Denise Boyd, avid DIYer and The Family Handyman fan, recently completed a remodel job in her 1960’s ranch-style home.

Interested in more kitchen remodeling ideas and tips? Here are some of our favorites.

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Timber-Frame Shop

Timber-Frame Shop

This workshop of all workshops took three years for reader Mike Pado to complete. But it was sure worth it.
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Closet to Cabinet
Photo: Courtesy of Brett Gardner

Closet to Cabinet

We like the custom built-in cabinets, drawers and shelves that reader Brett Gardner created much better than the closet that was once there.
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Open-Fire Brick Barbecue Bar
Photo: Courtesy of John Kubicki

Open-Fire Brick Barbecue Bar

With no brick-laying experience, reader John Kubicki built a dream outdoor kitchen featuring an open-fire barbecue, a mini-fridge, a beautiful patio, built-in bench and more. Be sure to read up on our guide to modular outdoor kitchens.
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Lakeside Shed Plus Shelter

Lakeside Shed Plus Shelter

Reader Jim Reitenbach built this Shed Plus Shelter from plans originally published in the July/August 2012 issue of The Family Handyman. The front porch adds to the shed’s charm and makes a great sitting spot to enjoy the outdoors. Photo: Jim Reitenbach
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Hidden Staircase Drawer
Photo: Courtesy of Mark Maixner

Hidden Staircase Drawer

Oh the possibilities! Check out this awesome hidden drawer that reader Mark Maixner built into his staircase. Think of all of the storage space you could harness with this project!
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Jeep Bed for Kids

Jeep Bed for Kids

Reader John Forck designed and built these really cool Jeep beds for his son and neighbor’s daughter. They feature amazing details such as headlights, license plates and off-road-style wheels. John also shared a link to his Etsy page, where you can download plans and build one yourself!
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Elevated Vegetable Garden Planter
Photo: Courtesy of Jan Ryan

Elevated Vegetable Garden Planter

Reader Jan Ryan made her life as a gardener ten times better by building a raised planting table. Now it’s so much easier to tend to her delicious veggies and herbs.
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Bathroom remodel after picture
Photo courtesy of Denise Boyd

Before & After Bathroom Remodel

“I started with ideas in my head, pencil and paper in hand, and went straight to my most valuable resource, MY DAD! My dad is a man of all traits. Without a doubt, everything I know is because of him. Together, we have amassed countless hours of blood (yes, true blood from my dad and myself—we can never seem to make it through a remodel without some bumped knuckles), sweat (many, many sizzling hours) and tears (a few sad, but most happy) along the way. Both of my parents have helped me in rehabbing my home. It has been a family affair! My mom being the painter, cleaner and forever organizer in the family and my dad, the genius behind the scenes helping me make all of my dreams a reality.

Our first remodel was the half bath off of the kitchen. We decide to start with a smaller remodel to get our feet wet, and to find out what the house was truly made of. The peach wall tile, peach sink, and peach toilet, although having a nice monochromatic feel, had to go! As you can see from the pictures included, some demolition and modernizing was just what the half bath needed.” — Denise Boyd.

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Drill Dock to Declutter

Drill Dock to Declutter

“As you can tell, it really cleaned off my workbench,” Carle Davis says of the Drill Dock he built for his shop space. He used project plans originally published in the September 2017 issue of The Family Handyman. Carle used different sizes of PVC pipe to fit his tools. That’s an awesome tip! Photo: Carle Davis
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Bookcase Entertainment Center

Bookcase Entertainment Center

My entertainment center is by no means perfect, but it is by far the nicest thing I have ever built,” says reader Matt Godsey. “It fills me with pride every time I get a book down from the shelf to read to our kids, or I watch one of them get a movie out of the cabinet for family movie night.” Matt crafted this beautiful rendition of The Family Handyman’s Classic Bookcase project, originally published in the December/January 2014 issue.
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Modular Pet Ramp

Modular Pet Ramp

Reader Doug Swanson has two lucky dachshunds. He built a custom ramp with window seating and a safety railing so they can look out the window despite one of the pet’s back issues. The ramp also features built-in storage cabinets and casters, so it can be moved easily when it’s time to vacuum the floor.
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Home Theater

Home Theater

Reader Todd Rice literally built a private movie theater in his home.
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In-Wall Kitchen Cabinets
Photo: Courtesy of Vern Schleyer

In-Wall Kitchen Cabinets

Reader Vern Schleyer didn’t have enough room in his kitchen for more cabinets, so he built them into the wall.
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Backyard Stone Fireplace
Photo: Courtesy of John Golock

Backyard Stone Fireplace

Reader John Golock built an impressive stone fireplace himself. Bet you can’t tell that it was his first attempt at a masonry project—ever!
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Added vanity storage
Photo: Courtesy of April Lesho

Custom Vanity Drawers

April Lesho maximized her vanity storage with these custom drawers. “I noticed the wasted space above each drawer in our bathroom vanity and decided to make custom drawers to take advantage of this space. Every square inch matters in our 920-sq. ft. home!” — April. Here are a few double vanity bathroom ideas that will give you double the storage, double the counter space and double the style!

Check out these 15 ideas for creating more storage in your small spaces.

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Reclaimed Lumber Decking

Reclaimed Lumber Decking

From trash to treasure is an understatement for this project by reader Dallin Pedersen. He salvaged a pile of 3x3 unfinished Ipe boards, turning them into beautiful and unique decking. After reshaping the boards and a lot of sanding, Dallin added an oil-base wood toner. The deck looks spectacular!
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Custom Truck Bed Drawers

Custom Truck Bed Drawers

The drawers are perfect for organizing his tools, and a rubber bed liner protects the drawers and tools from rain and other outdoor elements.
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Perfect-Fit Fence

Perfect-Fit Fence

When you can’t find what you’re looking for, build it yourself! That’s what reader Scott Schneider did with his fence. The completed project features arches that complement the style of his house—just what he wanted.
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Home Office Cabinetry

Home Office Cabinetry

Reader Leo Paquin built his home office like a kitchen—with beautiful cabinets, desk-height countertops and plenty of storage to go around.
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Richard Rowe DIY Miter Saw Stand
Photo courtesy of: Richard Rowe

Simple Miter Saw Stand

The Family Handyman reader, Richard Rowe, built the Convertible Miter Saw Station that was featured in the November 2015 issue.

“I followed the plans to build the miter saw station. It took me a few days, but I got it done. I made it all out of 1x4s, except the wings. Than I added the top guides on both wings with a tape measure on the top. On the back, I attached a permanent 50-ft. electrical cord. When I turn on the power to the table the vacuum comes on. To make the station mobile, I plan on adding 4-in. casters that will also lock the stand in place.” — Richard

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Pirate Ship Tree House

Pirate Ship Tree House

This pirate ship-inspired tree house must be the talk of reader Douglas Goble’s neighborhood! It’s amazingly executed—from the pretend cannon to the sail to the helm that spins. It provides his kids with hours of outdoor fun.
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Twin Adirondack Chairs

Twin Adirondack Chairs

We are impressed with the style modification that reader Billy Keith made to The Family Handyman’s Comfortable Adirondack Chair plans, originally published in the May 2004 issue. The curved back of Billy’s chairs makes them look even more inviting—and perfect for sitting around his cozy patio fire pit. Photo: Billy Keith
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Above-Cabinet Wine Rack
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Hubbs

Above-Cabinet Wine Rack

Making use of unused cabinets above his fridge, reader Michael Hubbs built a custom wine rack in the space. He cut perfect holes in the cabinet doors and a supporting board inside.
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Skinny Workshop Cart

Skinny Workshop Cart

Talk about taking advantage of unused storage space! Reader John White constructed this skinny shop cart for storing his surplus sheet goods. It features an open frame on four small casters, and it fits perfectly in the open space behind the lower cabinets in his workshop. Excellent idea, John!
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Dorm Room Spinning Storage Unit

Dorm Room Spinning Storage Unit

Reader Michael Kirby created this spinning storage unit out of necessity for his daughter, who is a dorm-dwelling college student. Space is at a premium for his daughter, so this storage unit features four hardworking sides - cubbies with bins, small shelves, a full-length mirror and a magnetic board for hanging photos. Plus, the unit spins on a turntable, which is genius!
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Cover-Worthy Shed

Cover-Worthy Shed

Reader Byrom Stacey built this simple-yet-stunning shed using plans from The Family Handyman.
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DIY Window Seating and Storage

DIY Window Seating and Storage

Starting with cabinets, readers Richard and Susan Barber built this comfy window seat by adding a platform with vents, pine boards for the top, a few coats of paint and a comfy cushion.
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Patio and Pergola
Photo: Courtesy of Michael McGuire

Patio and Pergola

To save some serious cash, reader Michael McGuire decided to DIY his patio and pergola project. We think he did a standup job, and surely learned a thing or two along the way.
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Grand Garden Shed

Grand Garden Shed

Ever think about putting an outdoor shower in a garden shed? Neither have we! But that’s just what reader Emlyn Jones did, and he used shed plans from The Family Handyman.
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Wall Teardown Hidden Fireplace
Photo: Courtesy of Gary Grant

Wall Teardown Hidden Fireplace

With demolition tasks, you never know what you may find. For reader Gary Grant, it was this beautiful old fireplace. Though it was no longer function, Gary uncovered it and incorporated it into his home’s décor.
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farmhouse dresser after

Restored Farmhouse Dresser

“This dresser was in an old farmhouse. My wife wanted me to restore it, but as you can see, one of the top drawers was missing. I could not figure how I was going to bend a piece of oak to match the other drawer.

Then my wife suggested that I cut the remaining drawer in half horizontally and flip one half of it over to make a new drawer. This meant that I had to remove the dresser top and cut the height down to compensate for the reduced drawer height (and of course, build a drawer to put the new front on). All in all, the result was worth it!” — John Susil.

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Backyard Putting Practice

Backyard Putting Practice

This backyard putting green, created by reader Shane Graham, features a border of flagstone, artificial grass and two holes for putting practice. What a fun place to pass the time at home!
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Amazing Yellow Shed

Amazing Yellow Shed

Reader Nick Ross created this cheerful yellow shed using plans from The Family Handyman magazine. The concrete ramp in the front is a nice addition and will be perfect for rolling a lawnmower and other outdoor power equipment inside the shed. And, of course, the bright yellow color is awesome.
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New Use for Old Cabinets

New Use for Old Cabinets

Reader Janet Johnson turned two secondhand kitchen cabinets into one tall and trendy bathroom cabinet.
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Envious Tree House

Envious Tree House

This tree house created by reader Tom Beerley features a deck addition fit for a small home!
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boat bird feeder
Photo courtesy of: Daniel Cork

Boat Bird Feeder

The Family Handyman reader, Dan Cork, created the perfect bird sanctuary in his backyard. “We like to watch birds and have had bird feeders for years. However, the birds are pigs and dump bird feed everywhere! There were all types of grass plants popping up in the yard and our garden bed. So I decided to make a bird sanctuary out of an old boat and now we can watch the birds and all the bird seeds are contained inside the boat. The front navigation light and the lantern in the back, are set to come on with my other landscape lights. I named the boat after my granddaughter and the registration number is my street address.” — Dan

For plans from The Family Handyman to build your own bird house, click here.

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Garage Doors in Disguise
Photo: Courtesy of Joe Hawkins

Garage Doors in Disguise

Simply adding some plywood, cedar boards and decorative framework, reader Joe Hawkins upgraded his garage doors tremendously.
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Garden Tractor Made of Junkyard Parts
Photo: Courtesy of Keith Rider

Garden Tractor Made of Junkyard Parts

Reader Keith Rider scoured the local junkyard for months before planning and executing this fully functional (and definitely one-of-a-kind) lawn tractor using the parts that he found.
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DIY rebuilt swingset

Rebuilt Swing Set

Ben Hoyle wanted to build a swing set in the backyard of his house for his daughters. So he found a used swing set that someone was giving away and decided to rebuild it.

“I looked at building something new, but the ones in my price range were not so great and were made with treated lumber, which I don’t enjoy working with. I struck gold with a used swing set. The top beam and most of the decking was too rotten to be used and I decided to go a step further and get all new cedar wood and redesign the swing set configuration. I had a fun weekend of building and a summer full of my daughters playing on my great-looking swing set, all for a lot less money than buying new. On top of that, I used the old cedar 4x4s and some scrap plywood to build a workbench in my garden shed.” — Ben

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Cottage Shed

Cottage Shed

This creative cottage-like shed was built by reader Alan Luebs. He used our Dream Shed plans, originally published in the July/August 2013 issue of The Family Handyman. He modified the doors and windows and added awesome siding materials and colors. We absolutely love it!
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North Woods Bench in White

North Woods Bench in White

Reader Keith Simpson followed plans in the May 2014 issue of The Family Handyman to create his version of the North Woods Bench. We especially like Keith’s process for creating a very durable, very smooth white finish. He used enamel primer and acrylic latex paint and sanded between each coat. Photo: Keith Simpson
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Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeover

Reader David Riggins created a stone fireplace exactly as his wife Charlie had envisioned. He even poured a custom concrete slab for the hearth.
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handy plywood storage
Photo courtesy of Steve Christakis

Handy Plywood Storage System

The Family Handyman reader Steve Christakis came up with this great storage idea to maximize the limited space in his garage. “My garage is my workshop, and space is tight, especially for squeezing two vehicles in. I used to have plywood sheets and scraps stacked against the wall, and they always had a way of creeping outward, taking up more floor space, especially as more material got added to the pile. This outward creep made for even tighter parking space.” — Steve.

Click here to read all about how Steve created this clever plywood storage system in his garage.

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Classy TV Cabinet

Classy TV Cabinet

This TV cabinet project was executed perfectly by reader Ronald Berg. He used plans from The Family Handyman’s November 2012 issue, adding that he learned how to use a Kreg pocket-hole jig for the first time and loved it. We love your work, Ronald!
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trash to treasure vintage office chair

Vintage Chair Gets New Life

Carla Phillips loved her vintage oak office chair, but the base was broken and it was the wrong height for her desk. “I bought an adjustable office chair for a few bucks at a thrift store; the seat and back were ruined, but the adjustable base worked fine. I attached it to my oak chair with lag screws, and now I have an adjustable vintage chair.” — Carla

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Photo: Courtesy of Tyler Ferguson

Eyebrow Entry

There were a lot of interesting architectural details on this house, but the entry was probably the most challenging. The ledger, ribbon and drop beam were all made from laminated layers of plywood, and the joists were all LVLs. We sheathed the roof with two layers of 3/8-in. sheets of plywood. The whole thing was held up with four 6×6 posts, which we boxed in for the stone guys. To complicate matters, the structure needed to be held several inches away from the wall so the stone could run behind it.

A woodshop milled the cove and the cantilevered fascia, and we trimmed the rest in cedar. All the flashing was copper as was the entire roof (installed by others). From start to finish, the entry took about 140 hours. I love projects like this, ones that require more than just a framing gun and a level. Luckily, I get to work on a bunch of them. — Tyler Ferguson.

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Loft Bed

Loft Bed

Reader Jak Krumholtz built a loft bed with enough room below it for, well, a room! He added retro automotive seats with a console, a dome light, pullout shelves and space to store his bicycles.
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At-Home Arcade

At-Home Arcade

Reader Brian created this remarkable arcade in his basement. From the video games to comfortable seating to foosball and air hockey tables to the well-stocked snack corner and retro décor, the space is a dream for any game lover. What a cool room, Brian!
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Outdoor Bench with Storage

Outdoor Bench with Storage

Reader Billy Keith built an amazing storage bench for his outdoor space. He used teak, which features excellent water-resistant qualities, for the exterior and cedar, which features natural deodorizing qualities for the interior. The finished piece looks flawless, don’t you think?
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DIY trash to treasure armoire

Like-New Armoire

Harold Gibbons made this armoire from dumpster finds in California and from the original Dreyer’s Ice Cream factory in Berkeley, California, during the 1980’s. The crown molding was bought at a garage sale, but everything else was free. He made the doors with shelving from the Dreyer’s workshop. The knobs were from an old 1880’s drug store in Elmer, Oklahoma. The Latin word on the knob was the name of the drug, which was stored in a common wooden drawer for filling prescriptions.

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Classic Garden Bench Doubled

Classic Garden Bench Doubled

The Family Handyman reader Dan Kemper followed our Classic Garden Bench plans to a tee—twice! And he even added a matching corner table to connect the identical benches, making an amazing patio furniture piece. Thanks for sharing your work, Dan! Photo: Dan Kemper
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Playhouse That Grows with Kids

Playhouse That Grows with Kids

Reader Dave Mensch built this playhouse for his daughters with the thought that they could use it for studying and for sleepovers with friends as they got older. Now that they’re grown, Dave’s hoping his future grandchildren can enjoy the playhouse, too!
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Photo Courtesy of: Kevin Rusch

Modified Viking Table and Bench

The Family Handyman reader Kevin Rusch wanted to build a dining room table. When he saw the Built-to-Last Viking Long Table and Heavy-Duty Viking Bench, he knew with a few modifications, these plans would work.

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trash to treasure lighted guitar

Lighted Guitar

Andrew Wilson, being a family handyman and living outside of the city limits, refused to hire a private trash hauling service. He would use his trailer to take his refuse to the county dump.

“I am always trying to get my sons to help me, to no avail. On one occasion, my oldest son, to my amazement, decided to take a break from his music to tag along with me to the dump. When we got to the dump, we saw one of the workers removing two guitars from the trash heap. We jokingly asked if there were any more guitars where those came from. To our amazement, the worker pulled another discarded guitar from the trash heap. While the guitar looked to be in good shape, the pickups were not working. We decided to make the guitar into a lighted wall piece for the kids’ playroom, using a rope light attached with clips to the back of the guitar.” — Andrew

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Portable storage bins

Incredibly Organized Workshop

Over the years, Randal Monceaux always kept his screws and parts in portable storage containers, and when it came time to use them, he would have to look in various places for the items he needed. So he created these versatile portable storage bins.

“In this first photo are bins for the parts that I use for fabricating and gluing up my picture frame projects, and this keeps all of the parts and screws needed in one location on my work table—I have mounted on the sides the glue-up jigs that I use, and the whole unit is on small casters to allow it to be moved on top of my work table,” Randal says.

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DIY Shutters

DIY Shutters

When you can’t find what you want at the right price, you do make it yourself—at least that’s what reader Glenn Galbraith does.
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Starfighter Play Set

Starfighter Play Set

Reader John Rubino may get the coolest-dad-ever award for this play set that he built for his two sons in his backyard.
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miter saw stand accessories
Photo courtesy of Steve Christakis

Slick Miter Saw Stand Accessory

“I mounted a little picture frame hanger as a holder for my tape measure. I simply clip my tape measure on to the holder with the clip mounted on the back of the tape measure. Now, it’s always at hand and in the same spot, so that I don’t have to look around for it. These hacks have made my shop time easier and more enjoyable.” — Steve Christakis.

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Rustic cedar garden shed
Photo Courtesy of Kurt Schmatzhagen

Cedar Garden Shed

Reader Kurt Schmatzhagen sent us photos of this shed that he built in his backyard.  He used the plans from the Ultimate Garden Shed, which was published in our July/August 2014 issue of The Family Handyman.

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DIY faux stone accent wall

Faux Stone Accent Wall

Reader Chris Galiyas, an elementary art teacher in West Mifflin, PA, created this faux stone accent wall in his living room.  The wood pieces that frame the fireplace are old floor joists that he got from a salvage yard. First, he sanded down the wood, applied a faux finish, and then finished the wood off with a clear coat.  “I love to see the wood come back to life in a new way.” — Chris

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kitchen remodel
Photo: Courtesy of David Smith

Kitchen Upgrade

Reader David Smith and his wife bought a house in an adult community that needed some upgrades. Being a retired general contractor, David’s first project to tackle was the kitchen.

“I did all the work myself, from 20 in. diagonal tile on the floor to new lighting. My wife helped with the design and the granite countertops. The “bridge” above the sink has gotten a lot of compliments. Now I am handyman for a lot of residents in our community.” — David Smith.