Reader Project: Mobile Flip-Top Workbench

Updated: Jun. 23, 2023

Family Handyman reader Christopher Rings sent us photos and drawings of his incredible workbench. We just might need to build one of these for the Family Handyman shop, too. Check it out!

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mobile flip-top workbench
Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Rings

So after a long seven months, to the day, my mobile flip-top workbench is finally completed. This bench holds a planer, jointer, oscillating sander, drill press, bandsaw, bench grinder and a belt sander. – Christopher Rings

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workbench sketchup drawing

To get started, I created the following plans for my workbench in SketchUp.  Here are my construction drawings.

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sideview of workbench in sketchup
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sideview of workbench in sketchup
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construction drawing of workbench in sketchup
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workbench support with casters

Here is the first side support with casters.

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workbench base

This is the base of the workbench with casters.

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workbench base with casters
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cam and rod for workbench casters

Cam and rod installed to move casters.

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cam and rod move workbench caste

Another view.

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workbench cabinet construction

Construction of the cabinets.

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workbench cabinet construction
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workbench framework
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workbench assembly
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gluing bars in flip-top workbench

Gluing up the bars for the flip-top.

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workbench cabinet
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tools attached to workbench
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drill press flipped down in storage

Drill press flipped down in storage.

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drill press flipped up to use

Drill press flipped up for use.

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flip-top workbench
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workbench tool storage
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wooden cam for casters

Once all the tools were added, I discovered it was too much weight for the wooden cams.

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wooden cams encased in steel pipe

So I decided to reinforce the cams with oak pieces, alternating the grain and encasing each cam in a 4-inch steel pipe.

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lever for workbench casters

Close-up of lever for casters.

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kreg clamping system for workbench

Most importantly, while the bench is normally stationary, with the pull of the lever the bench is forced up onto six casters so that I can move this extremely heavy bench wherever I want.

Also, I added a dispenser at the end of the bench for a roll of kraft paper.  It can be easily rolled out on to the bench for staining and glue-ups.

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mounted kraft paper in workbench

A view of kraft paper rolled out on to bench top.

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kreg clamping systerm

Next I added a Kreg Clamping system.

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kreg klamping system and vice
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polyurethane workbench

First coat of polyurethane on workbench.

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workbench storage

This workbench has tons of storage.

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workbench storage

The other side of the workbench, featuring all the storage available.

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sandpaper storage

This shallow end cabinet is devoted to sandpaper storage.

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nail gun storage

Nail gun storage.

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workbench with table saw

The workbench is a half-inch shorter than my tables saw, so it can also be used as an out-feed table for the table saw.

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workbench with tools flipped into storage cabinets

Here is the finished workbench with all tools flipped down and in their storage cabinets.