Family Handyman Reader Projects: Indoor Spaces

Updated: Nov. 17, 2023

Family Handyman readers were busy during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, diving into their to-do lists. Here we take a look at 10 of their awesome indoor projects.

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Chris Smith Fhm Projects
Courtesy Chris Smith

Various Projects

Chris Smith tackled a range of projects for himself and others. He crafted a shop sign for his neighbor whose nickname during football was “Donut.” He also built a self-contained “Battle Shots” game as well as a Grinch Christmas decoration and a Jeep grill coat rack.

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Mark Dearing Staircase Remodel Fhm
Courtesy Mark Dearing

Stairway Remodel

Mark Dearing overhauled his stairway, ripping out the old carpeting and replacing it with engineered hardwood. He watched several YouTube videos to learn how to do it and even documented his project along the way. We’re impressed!

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Jake Miller Master En Suite
Courtesy Jake Miller

Main Bedroom Suite

When Jake Miller and his wife purchased their first home, one of the first things they did was transform a dingy bedroom into a main bedroom suite. It features a walk-in closet, stone and glass block shower, toilet room and a vanity with attached makeup station. Jake cherished the time spent with his father, who helped with the DIY project.

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Dennis Caresio Wine Wall 1
Courtesy Denis Caresio

Wine Wall

Denis Caresio created a new home for his many bottles of wine. For the project, he created everything except for the large glass panels. Invite us over for a glass!

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Todd Peterson Basement Remodel
Courtesy Todd Peterson

Basement Remodel

Todd Peterson and his wife used their downtime to remodel their basement. The project consisted of two bedrooms, a full bath and a 440 sq. ft. family room. They did all the work themselves except for electrical, plumbing and finish plaster work; family and friends helped with that.

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Carmela Crawford Pantry02
Courtesy Carmela Crawford

Pantry Shelves

Carmela Crawford tidied up her unruly kitchen pantry. She added shelves to increase storage space and organized all her kitchen gadgets and food items. Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt may have said it best: “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

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Joel Rambeaux Stairwell Toolshed 1
Courtesy Joel Rambeaux

Stairwell Tool Shed

Joel Rambeaux is a painter and handyman by trade. When out of work during the pandemic, he decided to rework a small stairway in his apartment, which featured a lot of unused square footage.

Drawing inspiration from Family Handyman magazine, he transformed the space into a home for his tools. By creating custom caddies, he can easily grab the tools he needs for the jobsite. Color us impressed!

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Amy Simonton Radio Flyer
Courtesy Amy Simonton

Refurbished Radio Flyer Wagon

Amy Simonton is a semi-retired art teacher who loves projects she can do with her hands. These last three projects are testament to that. Here she breathed new life into her grown daughters’ childhood wagon through sanding, repairing and painting.

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Amy Simonton Cornhole Boards
Courtesy Amy Simonton

Cornhole Boards

Amy Simonton was back in the creativity booth when she created these custom-built, hand-painted cornhole boards for her family’s lake house.

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Amy Simonton Metal Pipe Wall Shelves
Courtesy Amy Simonton

Metal Pipe Wall Shelves

Amy Simonton updated her creativity space with custom-made wall shelves made from metal pipe. The units flank a large picture window and blend seamlessly in with her other decor. Plus, now she has an ultra-organized place to keep her creative items.