We Tried the Worx Switchdriver and It Really Is a Time-Saver

Updated: Aug. 04, 2023

Sick of the constant switching back and forth between different bits and tips?  Us, too. That's why we tried this innovative and re-engineered Worx Nitro Switchdriver 2.0 drill/driver.

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It’s easier to do certain jobs if you have two drills set up with the different bits you need. Zip anchors, drilling and tapping metal and countersinking screws all require multiple drill tips or bits.

If you’ve done any of these projects, you know it’s a hassle to constantly remove and re-chuck the bit you need. Awhile back, Worx came out with its new and improved Switchdriver 2.0, a single drill with a switchable chuck. That lets you jump back and forth between the bits and torque settings you need, on demand.

I was curious. So I got ahold of one, charged it up and put it to the test.

What is the Worx Nitro Switchdriver 2.0?

The Worx Nitro Switchdriver 2.0 is a battery-operated drill/driver that features a pair of 1/4-in. hex-drive rotating dual chucks. It’s powered by a re-engineered brushless motor, and ships with a 20-volt, 2-amp-hour battery and charger.

An intelligent digital interface lets you change torque settings and switch between drill or driver bits with a click of the keypad. It also features many standard facets like LED work light and a variable speed trigger.

The Switchdriver looks and feels well-made, and is surprisingly lightweight and compact in your hand.  It comes with a small bag for storage and some bits.

How We Tested It

Needing more garage organization, I used the Worx Nitro Switchdriver 2.0 to build an eight-foot-wide shelving unit around my rolling mechanics tool chest. I did it with 2×4’s, 1/2-inch plywood and countersunk deck screws.

I was curious to learn how much power the drill had, whether the digital interface was easy to use, how long the charged Worx battery could go in constant mode, and any torque changes that might come with running separate types of bits.

After cutting all my plywood and lumber to size. I pulled out the drill, plugged a #2 Phillips bit in one chuck, put a tapered pre-drilling bit with an attached countersink in the other, and got to work.

Performance Review

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The Worx Switchdriver came in handy for building my garage shelves.

I love how quickly and easily you can switch between chucks, but I wish one was a traditional drill chuck rather than two hex drive chucks. A hex drive chuck is nice because you can quickly and securely switch out specifically made hex bits or drivers.  Unfortunately, most drill bits are not hex drive; those are much more expensive and harder to obtain.

For such a lightweight tool, the Worx Switchdriver packs a little punch. The brushless motor and battery supplied adequate power for this Saturday afternoon project, but not much more. After I finished, I plugged in a 1-1/2-inch spade bit so I could play around with the digital interface and torque settings. It struggled to drill a handful of holes with the larger, more taxing bit.

The two-button interface is simple and easy to use.  It functions the same as the twist torque control on a traditional drill, without a hammer-drill function. But it’s sleeker and more high-tech looking, as if from a James Bond movie.

What Others Thought

Verified Amazon purchaser Monkey gave it four stars, writing: “Novel design, but even when using the 20v 4A Worx battery, the [power] on this is way less than ideal. Still, great for every day, non-heavy use.”

Geep, another Amazon verified purchaser, raved about it in a five-star review: “This is one neat tool. I just finished installing 40+ cabinet and drawer pulls. Having a drill bit and a Phillips screwdriver on one device really simplified the job. I also use the same battery for my yard blower. I recommend this product.”

Final Verdict

The Worx Nitro Switchdriver 2.0 is a useful and capable tool for light, everyday use, but feels a bit gimmicky, too.

If you already own other Worx tools and batteries, there’s a place for the Switchdriver in your workshop. But if not, I’d suggest looking elsewhere. For the $130 price tag, I’d still rather have a trusty drill/driver combo than this tool.


  • Innovative timesaving design;
  • Easy to use;
  • Great for around-the-house;
  • Slick intelligent interface.


  • No traditional chuck;
  • Under-powered.

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The Worx Nitro Switchdriver 2.0 is available on Amazon.com.

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