Pullout-Faucet Fix: Two Ways

Updated: Nov. 22, 2022

Avoid any potential kinks or mess underneath the sink with these two tips.

Add More Weight

Family Handyman

My kitchen sink has a pullout faucet that sometimes won’t stay put. To give the hose more weight underneath the sink, I grabbed an old padlock and attached it right next to the existing weight. Worked like a charm! — Stuart Ross

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Corral Hoses In a Tube

Family Handyman

I can’t be the only one whose pullout faucet hose gets wrapped around things under the sink. One time, it wrapped around a water valve and shut off the water to the dishwasher. After an embarrassing (and expensive) service call, I came up with a solution to the problem. I bought a 2-ft. piece of 4-in. rigid heating duct. I propped the duct up under the sink and pushed the faucet hose down into the duct. Now the hose slides freely without getting wrapped around anything. If the duct won’t stay upright, screw it to a block of wood that’s screwed to the bottom of the cabinet. — Michael Grimes

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