Joanna Gaines’ Castle Bathroom and Laundry Room Makeover Is Insanely Gorgeous

Updated: Mar. 22, 2024

Take a look at Joanna Gaines' gorgeous bathrooms and laundry room in the Waco, Texas, castle she recently renovated.

Chip and Joanna Gaines recently completed a renovation on their 1900s castle that would even wow royalty. Cottonland Castle, located in Waco, Texas, received a well-deserved facelift on Gaines’ Discovery Plus TV show Fixer Upper: The Castle. The results were stunning, as you’d expect.

Whether you’re simply fascinated by the remodel or would love to get some bathroom decor trend inspiration as you tackle your own project, you’ll find these stunning pictures of Gaines’ castle bathrooms enlightening. If that wasn’t enough, Gaines also gave the castle’s laundry room a major glow-up by remodeling it.

How Joanna and Chip Gaines Renovated the Castle Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms

Ready to be wowed by Joanna and Chip Gaines’ incredible renovation of the castle’s bathrooms and laundry rooms? Let’s walk through how the couple took these spaces from outdated to outstanding.

Primary Bathroom

First up is the castle’s primary bathroom. As you can see from the “before” image with dark wood trim and antiquated floors, this room came a long way. This bathroom features a glorious vintage-esque vanity and geometric marble tile that adds visual interest. Plus, a clawfoot tub adds a nostalgic, upscale vibe to the space.

The reworked primary bathroom also makes better use of the space, as it now accommodates a tub, shower, vanity and toilet room. We love how the primary bathroom maintains the castle’s original character as Gaines kept the antique windows intact.

Guest Bathroom

Gaines did it yet again with the guest bathroom! The before and after pictures are truly jaw-dropping. What started out as a spooky, unfinished room was transformed into a fully functional bathroom.

The guest bathroom features darker wood finishes which are a nod to the castle’s original interior style. The sconces which frame the bathroom mirror are an excellent addition, as well as the crown modeling which adds elegance to the room. The walk-in shower is another great addition that guests are sure to appreciate while visiting. Overall, this space reveals just how well neutrals can work in a bathroom.

Hall Bathroom

Next up is the hall bathroom. Earth tones are gaining momentum right now, and using one in your bathroom is an excellent way to experiment with the color. The green custom wainscoting is the central focus of this space. In addition, the geometric mosaic tile on the floor pulls your attention. That’s not the only place tile is used in this bathroom: There’s also tile up to the crown molding. This unexpected touch demonstrates just how wise taking design risks can be.

Powder Bathroom on First Floor

The first-floor powder room the Gaines renovated reveals how you can make a closet so much more with some creativity. This bathroom started out as a closet but evolved into a vintage-inspired bathroom. The vintage-inspired tiles on the floor are a nod to the home’s history, and artful touches such as a candle, wall decor and plants bring the space into this century.

As you walk through the home, you’ll begin to notice that certain elements you first see in the powder room on the first floor appear throughout. This adds a feeling of cohesiveness that makes the entire home feel highly intentional and well-curated. All of the bathrooms have the same metal finish and a similar overall vibe.

Laundry Room

We don’t even recognize this room in the before picture! Gaines took this basement into the 21st century by transforming it into a functional, visually pleasing laundry room. The satin-finish paint used on the trim, cabinets and paneling makes the room feel cohesive and contrasts with the dark tile flooring. Plus, the wicker and wood add some much-needed texture.