Joanna Gaines’ Latest Home Makeover Shows How You Can Make the Most of Any Small Space

Updated: Nov. 28, 2023

Joanna Gaines took on her first "mini reno," and did it in just one week. Her stylish choices prove you can totally change a small space without demo.

Fans of Joanna Gaines know that the designer isn’t afraid of renovating huge spaces—one of the latest Chip and Joanna Gaines projects was the Cottonland Castle in Waco, Texas. But more demo doesn’t always mean better, and small spaces are just as important as large-scale redesigns. HGTV’s Fixer Upper star recently took on a smaller renovation that required zero demolition and proved how impactful a few days of work are on small spaces.

The Magnolia founder’s first “mini reni,” aka miniature renovation, shows off the designer’s skill at completely modernizing an outdated space.

How Did Joanna Gaines Make Over This Small Space?

On the heels of Joanna Gaines’ garden cottage, the designer shared the recent mini renovation on her Magnolia blog and has also shared some inspiring Instagram videos of the project coming to fruition in time-elapsed clips.

According to her Instagram post from Jan. 31, Gaines took the project on and completed it in less than a week. “I recently helped a couple with a simple home refresh. We had a tight construction budget and less than a week to complete,” wrote Gaines. “I love flips like this—approachable, fast and minimal work but still high impact.”

Gaines’ mini reno was a considerable feat for a one-week deadline, and the space was a blank canvas for a couple who had yet to move in. With her team, she completed a living room, a dining room and a bedroom.

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The dining room started as a “plain white box” and became a visually interesting space, thanks to Gaines’ decision to install “1×6 boards and crown molding, both painted gray with a satin finish.” Since the budget was small, Gaines also painted the door the same gray and tied the look together with a stylish chandelier and velvet curtains.

The bedroom and the living room got similar dramatic transformations, with finishing touches like wallpaper, a chair rail and a bold paint color, including some ceiling paint. The stand-out room is the living room, with moody green paint on the walls and ceiling, a modern sculptural chandelier and gorgeous textiles like a soft, cozy rug, finished with some houseplants.

One thing is clear—Joanna Gaines is a genius at envisioning spaces large and small.

Other Small Space Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for more decorating tips for small spaces? Make sure to avoid these common small space design mistakes and take a look at these inspirational ideas.

  • Add extra lighting fixtures such as wall sconces or LED lighting strips to bring more light into your small spaces. More light makes a room look bigger.
  • Try vertical stripes on wallpaper to make your walls look taller.
  • Paint a low ceiling in a light or medium tone to make your ceiling appear taller.
  • Window-sill-level draperies are better for tiny spaces.
  • Look for utilitarian furniture, such as ottomans with storage or coffee tables with drawers.
  • Swap your traditional bedside table for a floating option to gain more floor space.
  • Here is how you can accommodate your books in bookshelves for small spaces