14 Amazing Tiny Homes

Living well doesn't necessarily mean living large. Check out these 15 amazing tiny homes to learn more about how people are paring down and embracing small-scale luxury. Here you'll find incredible pictures of tiny houses inside and out.

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Tiny Heirloom

Each Tiny Heirloom home is custom-built for the owner. The company, founded by residential builders, works under the notion that small doesn’t mean a lack of luxury. In fact, by living simply and intentionally, there’s room for luxury where it really matters. The Tiny Home and Garden design lets funky tile and concrete countertops make a statement while still providing all the modern amenities inhabitants crave in tiny homes.

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The Bungalow

Wind River Tiny Homes offers both standard and custom tiny homes. Their Level 1 Bungalow model features traditional craftsman finishes inside and out, including wooden siding and shakes on the exterior. Inside, you’ll find a loft, bookcase, stovetop, refrigerator, composting toilet, shower and a manual clothes washer. It’s really everything you need to live comfortably.

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The Caboose, manufactured by Wheelhaus, stays true to its namesake. The 400 sq. ft. footprint, with a 120 sq. ft. loft, resembles a train’s caboose, with sleeping room for up to six people. With its mountain cabin vibe, modern appliances and judicious use of space. And if you’d like to try it out yourself, you can spend a night in one of these small cabins at the Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Weehouse Arado

The Arado, built under the Weehouse moniker by Alchemy Architects, is truly ahead of its time. Completed in 2003, it blends seamlessly into its Minnesota prairie lot. With floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the rugged, 365-square-foot structure, its occupants are one with the rolling landscape.

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Company‘s Cypress model is one of their most popular to date. Full of windows with an interesting roof pattern, it stays true to the tiny house motto of small living and portability (it’s a RIVA-certified travel trailer). The modest interior finishes give it a cabin-y vibe, while still packing a lot of versatility into its 20-ft.-long frame. Find more Tumbleweed Tiny Homes for your specific requirements. P.S. While you’re at it, you’ll want to check out these tiny house kits, too.

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Texas Style

The Texas Style, by Incredible Tiny Homes, is true to its namesake. The metal and wood siding-clad exterior has a spare, modern esthetic. Inside, contemporary finishes with a rustic feel and lots of windows give a sense of being one with the landscape. The 24-ft.-long house starts at $40,000.

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Nashville-based New Frontier Tiny Homes created the Alpha with the idea that form, function and design should be married throughout the structure. They came to the tiny home market with decades of experience building full-size homes, and their experience with all kinds of building materials shows through. They’re currently working with the city of Nashville to create a permanent tiny home community.

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The Sprout

Mustard Seed Tiny Homes‘ The Sprout starts at just $45,000. It’s configurable up to 32-feet-long, with a full kitchen and room for a small family. The interior shiplap siding runs the length of the space, with luxurious finishes throughout, including a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, as well as a well-equipped kitchen. Sometimes the exterior doesn’t do a home justice, that’s why it’s best to see pictures of tiny houses inside and out to get the full idea.

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The Mohican

This tiny house is a truly crafted work of architecture. Built by Modern Tiny Living, it retails for about $59,000 (inexpensive in the world of high-end tiny homes). Inside, you’ll find high-end finishes, gorgeous woodwork and enough space to live comfortably wherever your tiny home takes you.

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MiniMotives Tiny House

Built by architects Macy Miller and James Herndon, the MiniMotives Tiny House has even undergone one complete renovation since it’s initial build in 2011. Fascinated by experimenting with small-space living, the pair (and their two kids and dog) chronicle their tiny living adventures, offering advice, stories and plans for building tiny homes.

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Pacific Pioneer

The Pacific Pioneer, by Handcrafted Movement, is fitted out to sleep seven (in cosy confines). At 28-1/2-feet-long with three axles, it pushes the boundaries of what a tiny home can be. The sleeping loft above the very functional kitchen has room for occupants to sit up or stretch out fully.

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Indigo Tiny Home

The Indigo Tiny Home, made by Driftwood Homes USA, includes some contemporary finishes, including barn wood accents and signature indigo cabinets that match the exterior. Like any high-end home, the kitchen comes with stainless steel appliances and custom cabinets, with a dark wood countertop. It can be yours for $69,500.

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The Pequod Tiny Home

The Pequod Tiny House, by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, was built to house a family of four. The 26-foot-long structure includes all the modern amenities, including a 20-inch range and a washer and dryer. It’s signature, curving roof, is both a function of increasing ceiling height in certain areas and the playful vision of the builders.

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The Crib

This prototype building, made by Broadhurst Architects, is inspired by a corn crib. The basic frame with paneled sides follows the same construction principles as classic American corn cribs. The sturdy structure is able to be easily customized to different sizes for tiny homes, and is one of the more interesting tiny houses we’ve seen.