How to Make Shiplap Siding

With a table saw and dado blade, you can make your own shiplap siding in no time at all.

With the right tools, it’s easy and efficient to make your own shiplap siding. Using this table saw and dado blade setup, you can cut duplicate rabbets on any size lumber to create trendy, customizable decorative shiplap siding.

The crucial dimensions are the depth and width of your rabbets. The depth of the rabbets should be exactly half the thickness of your lumber. The width of your rabbets can be anywhere from 1/2 in. to 3/4 in. With the width the same on both sides of your board, you can adjust the reveal between boards when you install the decorative shiplap siding.

To make a more traditional shiplap joint, simply cut one rabbet at 1/2-in. wide, and the other at 3/4-in. wide. That way, when you install the boards, you’re left with a 1/4-in. reveal.

Another option for making shiplap yourself is to use a shiplap router bit set. Buy a shiplap router bit set here.

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