13 Incredible Tiny Home Kitchens

Updated: Dec. 17, 2021

A tiny home kitchen runs the gamut from extra fancy to simple and utilitarian. Here's a collection of incredible tiny home kitchens.

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Tiny Home Kitchen Is Utilitarian

Tiny Home Kitchen Is Utilitarian

The kitchen in the Tiny Retirement model from Tiny Home Builders is simple and utilitarian. There isn't any wasted space nor will there be any wasted motion during meal prep. Although it's simple in design, it's also attractive and somewhat reminiscent of kitchens from the 70s. All in a trailer that's 20 feet in length so it's easy and safe to tow. Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Home Builders
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Tiny Studio Kitchen Rises Above the Rest of the Room

Tiny Studio Kitchen Rises Above the Rest of the Room

The Tiny Studio is a single-level model in the Tiny Home Builders product line. And the designers allowed room for a full-size bed. Because the tiny home kitchen is is built on a three foot raised platform, as a result the area underneath it is used to store the rollout bed. Also, the stairs also double as extra storage space. The kitchen is utilitarian, but Tiny Home Builders allow buyers to add their own design touches, within limits. Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Home Builders
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Tiny Home and Garden Kitchen is Modern and Spacious

The Tiny Home and Garden by Tiny Heirloom has a kitchen that is open and inviting. And there's more than enough space to cook a full meal on the stovetop with three burners and the 2/3-size conventional oven. Also the table has seating for four and when not in use, the tabletop pivots around and hides the bar stools to maximize interior space. Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Heirloom Tiny Heirloom
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This Tiny Home Kitchen is Roomy

This Tiny Home Kitchen is Roomy

Tiny Heirloom has a tiny home model name that perfectly describes this home's main feature. This tiny home kitchen wouldn't be out of place in many apartments! Hence, a full-size sink and three-burner cooktop with conventional oven sit in and under a counter that stretches a full six feet to the large RV-sized refrigerator. The name of this model is the Tiny Home, Big Kitchen. Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Heirloom
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A Mix of Hobbit and 50s Styling in the Dewdrop

Zyl Vardo offers a number of tiny home models with excellent kitchens. Their Dewdrop model is reminiscent of both a kitchen straight out of the 50s and also out of Hobbiton from The Lord of the Rings. The tiny home kitchen has ample food prep space, although the sink basin is on the small side. And the four-burner ceramic-coated stove is straight out of grandma's house.
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The Ark Has a Dishwasher and Plenty of Space

The tiny home kitchen in Zyl Vardos' model called The Ark  doesn't have an oven or a refrigerator. However, it has a dishwasher, which is something not many tiny home kitchens can lay claim to. And it also has a deep and wide stainless steel sink with a faucet that has a sprayer attachment. Photo: Courtesy Zyl Vardos
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Desert Charm Kitchen Has Full-Size Feel

Incredible Tiny Homes is the maker of the Desert Charm. This tiny home kitchen is truly spacious. And it has a large and deep stainless steel sink with sprayer. Even better, it also has a dishwasher and full-sized under-cabinet microwave and stove. Plus, there's enough counter space to make anything from ramen noodles to a gourmet meal.
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Move to Middle Earth with the Hobbit Hole

The kitchen in Incredible Tiny Homes' Hobbit Hole is incredible. And it makes you feel as though you've stepped into Middle Earth's The Shire, home of the Hobbits. However, hobbits are small folk but the designers realized that humans would be using it and built the tiny home kitchen to be almost full-sized.
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Mustard Seed Harvest is Airy and Open

This tiny home kitchen in the Harvest tiny home from Mustard Seed Tiny Homes has a tiny sink. But the rest of the kitchen's design is open and airy and gives the feel of a kitchen in a regular house. And there's a butcher-block island that seats up to six comfortably.
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Driftwood Homes Used Real Barn Wood in the Indigo

The kitchen in the Indigo is incredible for a few reasons. Although the cooking area is somewhat small, it's well thought out so there is minimal wasted effort and motion. Additionally, you're cooking with the upgraded appliances. Driftwood also features real barn wood in the accents, giving the tiny home kitchen a rustic country look and feel. There are also custom cabinets for additional storage.
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Turkey Flats Isn't a Turkey

Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes' Turkey Flats is built on a 24-foot chassis so it has a little more space for the kitchen. The tiny home kitchen is roomy. The granite countertops and hanging racks for pots and pans are nice touches. And the 24-inch four-burner range means you can have four pans on it at the same time! Opposite the counter there is a 10-cubic-foot refrigerator and an ample pantry. Also the cabinets throughout are made with stock Hampton Bay Hickory for a nice rustic look. And the warmth of the wood used throughout and the earth-tones of the granite countertops give the kitchen a warm and inviting feel.