10 Ways to Maximize Space With Shelving

Updated: Nov. 14, 2023

Looking for a way to dress up your walls and add functional storage? Put a shelf on it! Check out these creative shelving ideas for every room.

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Ceiling-Mounted Shelves

If you want shelves in your kitchen but don’t want to damage your back splash, ceiling mounted shelves are a clever option. These gold and white shelves used by @leafasointeriors give her kitchen the perfect glam finish while providing ample kitchen storage.

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Desktop Shelves

These built-in shelves in the office of @deeelms maximize the functionality of what could be just a wasted desk corner (and bonus points for the stunning wallpaper!). You don’t always need a big empty wall to add shelving. Look for nooks and corners that aren’t reaching their full potential.

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Window Wall Shelves

You’ve heard of flanking a window with shelves, but why not cover the whole window wall? We’re obsessed with this wall of built-in shelves, including a fun window seat, by @biz_martin. Toy storage never looked so good! When working with a wall of shelves, use baskets for visual breaks and to diversify the storage options.

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Bathroom Plant Shelves

Looking to add some greenery to your bathroom storage spaces? Creating a couple of plant shelves is a great way to freshen the space. Check out these stunners by @thehouseonthestreet. Just make sure to hang them near a light source and choose plant varieties that like humid conditions.

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Desk Nook Shelves

Did you know you can create an entire homework space with just three shelves? Interior designer @beachhouseforsix designed this DIY desk nook for her client’s playroom to maximize the space. Two upper shelves provide decorative or functional storage space, while a wider bottom shelf functions as the desk surface. Genius!

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Triangle Corner Shelves

Everyone has an awkward little corner in their home that they’re not sure what to do with. Here’s how to transform it into useful storage with floating triangular shelves by @4men1ladyblog. Here are her full directions on how these shelves were built.

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Door Shelf

The wall above a doorway is almost always left empty — but if you’re really short on storage, why not tap into that available space? That’s what @houseoftuts did with this sweet little above-door shelf she installed to hold books. Sometimes the most clever solution is right in front of your eyes — or above your head, in this case!

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Shelves Across a Window

No available wall space for shelves? Why not use a window? These kitchen shelves by Seattle builder @modelremodel are a stunning statement and a creative storage solution. This version hangs from the ceiling, but we also love these acrylic window shelves that are mounted on the inside of the window frame.

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Laundry Room Shelves

When working with a small laundry room, or even a laundry room closet like this, do what @thecedarshakecape did — use that empty wall above the appliances. Two or three shelves hung above the washer and dryer can make a world of difference.

And who says laundry room shelves have to be boring? Intersperse baskets and decorative accessories among the more functional items, like laundry soap and dryer sheets, for a pleasing effect.

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Track Shelving

When Carla of @audelavintage received a quote for built-in shelves around her TV, she was shocked. Instead, she opted for this much more affordable, versatile and easy-to-install track shelving.

Track shelving can be installed almost anywhere and is great for chronic rearrangers. When you’re in the mood, simply switch out decor, change the shelf spacing, or even add or remove shelves.