10 Shed Shelving Ideas

Updated: Jun. 24, 2024

Love your shed but hate how everything ends up on the floor? These ideas can transform your shed into an easy-to-organize space.

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Wall Of Shelves Courtesy @lysannepepin Via Instagram
courtesy @lysannepepin/instagram

Wall of Shelves

This picturesque studio shed from @lysannepepin features a wall of shelves in various sizes and shapes. The layout utilizes every inch of wall space and creates a stylish and organized system.

Painting the shelves the same light color as the wall also helps the space feel bigger and less cluttered, even when the shelves are eventually full of stuff. The differing heights and widths allow you to organize even oddly-shaped items.

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Custom Tool Shelf Courtesy @puravidawoodco Via Instagram
courtesy @puravidawoodco/instagram

Custom Tool Shelf

Shelf organization is key to a tidy tool shed, no matter how big or small. A custom shelf like this one by @puravidawoodco organizes all your favorite power tools so everything has its place. No more searching for the right battery charger! This is also better for your tools — they won’t get damaged when they’re neatly tucked away.

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Shelf Fh18may 586 00 006 French Cleat Tool Wall Featured
Family Handyman

French Cleat Tool Shelves

This DIY shelf system can be endlessly reconfigured to accommodate all your tools. A French cleat system keeps the shelves and custom storage spots attached. This involves a 45-degree bevel on the wall, and the same bevel on the tool holder.

The two pieces interlock to form a rock-solid connection. You just drop the shelf or tool holder over the cleat and it’s perfectly level, perfectly solid. No fasteners! Here’s how to build your own.

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White And Bright Courtesy @coastpark.creative And Featured And Styled By @adoremagazine, Shed By @stillagroup
courtesy @coastpark.creative/instagram, Featured and styled by @adoremagazine, shed by @stillagroup

White and Bright

Who knew shed storage could be so beautiful and bright? This shed from @coastpark.creative includes a set of metal shelves and a floating shelf under the window, as well as floor-to-ceiling pegboard. The versatile shelf storage keeps all your garden tools accessible and organized.

To create a similar look, check out this white steel shelf unit with adjustable shelves.

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Pegboard Shelving Fh01jun 02336008 Small Workshop Shelving Pegboard Shelving
Family Handyman

Pegboard Shelving

Panel your shed with pegboard instead of drywall or plywood and you’ll have endless storage space to hang shelves and hand tools, no matter how small your space.

Homemade shelving that’s specifically for pegboard can be made with 2x4s and 1/4-in. L-hooks. Chamfer the top back edge so the shelf can be tipped in, and tighten the L-hooks for a snug fit against the pegboard.

Pre-drill the edges of the 2x4s with a 3/16-in. drill bit. About every six inches, screw in threaded two-inch L-hooks to match the holes in your pegboard. These shelves are surprisingly strong and can be sized to fit your specific needs.

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Worktop Shelves Courtesy @blitzyourspace Via Instagram
courtesy @blitzyourspace/instagram

Worktop Shelves

This idea from @blitzyourspace combines shelving and a worktop in one. The ample tabletop space is great for spreading out projects or for additional storage. Underneath, the shelves are perfectly organized with rows of matching bins.

A wall shelf above provides even more storage space in this shed used by an elementary school. Sorting the watering cans by color helps make everything look tidy and cheerful.

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Elfa Garage Platinum Ecomm Containerstore.com
via merchant

Adjustable Shelf System

The Elfa Utility Solution is an adjustable shelf system that can completely transform your empty shed into a functional space with oodles of storage.

Durable epoxy-bonded steel makes this unit sturdy. It includes shelves, drawers and an all-purpose utility board similar to pegboard. And you only have to mount the horizontal top track to the wall. Then you can customize the configuration of the other components below.

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Potting Shelves Courtesy @atelierroan Via Instagram
courtesy @atelierroan/instagram

Potting Shelves

Forget everything you thought you knew about dark, dusty potting sheds. @atelierroan finished this brag-worthy shed with wall-to-wall shelving to display her impressive collection of pots, vases and watering cans. The shelves are painted to match the walls (Mizzle by Farrow & Ball), creating a chic, polished look where the pots and plants take center stage. Don’t forget to check out these potting shed ideas.

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Small Shed Shelves Courtesy @119houseonthehill Via Instagram
courtesy @119houseonthehill/instagram

Small Shed Shelves

To make the most of her small utility shed, @119houseonthehill installed these clever corner shelves. The shallow-depth shelves cover two walls, storing fuel cans, tools and other necessities without taking up too much space. Proof that even a small shed can be extremely useful and organized with the right shelving!

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Double Decker Shelf Fh15feb 555 00 031 Green Garage Shelf
Family Handyman

Double-Decker Shelf

Outfit your shed with this double-decker shelf for twice the storage capacity! All you need are plywood, a circular saw and a drill to build your own.

The shelf consists of a 16-inch-deep top shelf for big items, and a five-inch lower shelf. There’s also space for hooks underneath to hold extension cords or other items. The link takes you to instructions for an eight-foot-wide shelf, but the design can be modified to fit your needs.