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    How Can You Clean Gutters Without a Ladder?

    Gutter cleaning is essential home maintenance, but there's no need to jump on a ladder. Here's how to do it...

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    What To Know About Radiant Floor Heating Cost

    Radiant floor heating is an efficient and luxurious home heating solution. Find the right system for your home with this...

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    How Do Paint Colors Get Their Names?

    We spoke to a color expert at Glidden to get to the bottom of this vibrant mystery.

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    Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

    If your home has rain gutters, you may be asking yourself, "Are gutter guards worth it?" Keep reading for all...

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    9 Coffered Ceiling Ideas

    A coffered ceiling adds decorative drama, makes the room feel more spacious and improves acoustics.

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    Are Coffered Ceilings Worth It?

    Learn about the costs and construction of this timeless ceiling design element and whether the investment pays off.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Hurricane Windows

    By making your home safer and more comfortable, hurricane-resistant windows can be a great investment even if you don't live...

    How To Replace Damaged Shingles

    If you have a shingled roof, you know high winds and flying debris can damage the shingles. Luckily, it's a...

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    How Does the Solar Panel Tax Credit Work?

    The new incentive program makes solar energy more affordable than ever for property owners. Here's how to take advantage of...

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    Should You Buy New Windows? A Complete Guide

    How do you decide whether to repair or replace your old windows? Learn your options to buy replacement windows, relative...

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    7 Tips for Hanging Drywall Like a Pro

    Follow these tricks for a faster, trouble-free installation.

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    Make Your House Warmer by Adjusting the Storm Door Sweep

    Slow drafts with a one-minute door sweep adjustment.

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    Homeowner’s Guide To Double-Glazed Windows

    The thermal insulation that double-glazed windows provide can make a difference to your energy bill, but that isn't the only...

    What’s the Best Cathedral Ceiling Insulation Option?

    Cathedral ceiling insulation is vital to keep moisture from sneaking in. But have you ever wondered what the best option...

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    11 Drywall Taping Tips for Smoother Walls

    Get better taping results with less hassle by following these tips.

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    5 Tips for Protecting Your Roof During Extreme Summer Heat

    As heat records shatter, it's important to pay attention to the part of the house that protects you from the...

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    Are Triple Pane Windows Worth the Extra Cost?

    Consider all the pros and cons, not just the price, before deciding if triple pane windows are right for your...

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    How to Caulk Windows

    Learning how to caulk a window is a simple DIY job that will save you time and money. Just follow...

    GAF Timberline Solar Energy Shingles Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

    The affected shingles have been installed as part of larger home solar systems, so reach out to your contractor!

    Can You Put Oil-Based Polyurethane Over Water-Based Polyurethane?

    Can you put oil-based polyurethane over water-based polyurethane? After all, knowledge of polyurethane products and good preparation is the key.

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    Can Birds See Glass Windows and Doors?

    Find out if birds can see glass windows and doors, why there are so many fatal bird strikes and what...

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    How to Replace Window Glass

    Here are the steps involved in replacing and re-glazing a broken glass pane in an old window.

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    What Is Backdrop Paint?

    The trendy paint company has taken over the internet—but is it worth all the hype?

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    How to Replace a Window Sash Cord

    Old windows won't open or stay open? It might be the sash cords. Here's how to fix them.

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    How to Open a Stuck Window

    If paint accumulates between the sash and frame, a window can be difficult or impossible to open. Here's how to...

    Can You Paint Aluminum Siding?

    Can you paint aluminum siding if it's faded, stained or just the wrong color? Here's how to paint it the...

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    What to Know About Installing a Washable Wallpaper Backsplash

    Installing a tough vinyl wall covering is easier than paper.

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    9 Best Garage Flooring Ideas and Options

    Elevate your garage's look and durability with our top-notch garage flooring ideas. Here's how to choose a garage floor that...

    What to Know Before DIY Load-Bearing Wall Removal

    Load-bearing wall removal is achievable if you know the answers to the right questions. It's a matter of how much...