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    How Much Does It Cost To Replace Siding?

    The cost to replace siding depends on several factors. The main ones are the siding material, your home's design and local labor rates.

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    5 DIY Window Well Covers

    Window well covers keep out rain and pests while preventing people from falling in. Follow these instructions for five easy-to-make...

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    10 Ideas for Stylish Basement Stairs

    Transform dark and dreary basement stairs into a beautiful and useful feature in your home with these basement stair ideas.

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    8 Tips for Painting Wood Siding

    Painting wood siding? Save time and money in the long run with a little preparation.

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    Which Parts of Your Home Are Most Susceptible to Winter Storm Damage?

    Winter weather can take a heavy toll on your home, so it's best to be prepared.

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    Tips for Choosing Fireplace Andirons and Grates

    Learn how andirons and grates differ and why you'll favor andirons for your fireplace.

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    How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

    Roofs are meant to last, so you might never have to replace yours. If you do, you'll probably need a...

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    Is My Fireplace Illegal?

    Wood-burning fireplaces create pollutants and aren't the most effective heating appliances. Still, they aren't illegal in most of the country...

    10 Finished Basement Ideas: How to Design and Furnish Your Space Like a Pro

    Looking to revamp your downstairs space? Here are 10 ways to make your finished basement a well-designed and functional...

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    What Is a Gable Roof?

    If this question is "peaking" your interest, read this guide on what they are, how they work and some popular...

    How to Build Faux Basement Windows That Provide Real Light

    This project uses a slim LED light panel mounted in a simple frame to give you light and the illusion...

    Protect Your Roof—And Your Back—This Winter With a Snow Joe Roof Rake

    Prevent time-consuming and costly roof damage this winter with the extendable Snow Joe Roof Rake.

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    Indoor Gas Fireplace Safety for Beginners

    Here are three reasons why gas fireplaces rule, along with tips on indoor fireplace safety.

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    How To Put Out a Fire in a Fireplace

    A fire in a wood-burning fireplace is beautiful and potentially dangerous. Knowing how to safely put out a fire helps...

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    What To Know About Finishing Basement Stairs

    Basement stairs need protection from foot traffic and moisture. When deciding how to finish your basement stairs, you've got plenty...

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    How To Light a Gas Fireplace

    Ready for a cozy evening by the fire, but not sure how to light your gas fireplace? This project shows...

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    How To Fix Concrete Foundation Wall Cracks

    Got a cracked concrete basement wall? Fixing it isn't as hard as you might think. Learn a foundation wall repair...

    Electric vs. Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Systems

    Heated floors are luxurious and affordable. We'll tell you how to select the best floor-warming system for your home.

    Here’s Why So Many Homes Have Brass Doorknobs

    These old-school fixtures are so much more than a pretty face.

    If You See a ‘Tooth’ on Your Hammer, This Is What It’s For

    Ever come across this type of hammer and wonder what it's for? Here's the scoop.

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    Indoor Fireplace Safety for Beginners

    Wood-burning fireplaces are cozy, but they can be dangerous. Our expert relays 12 tips for indoor wood-burning fireplace safety.

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    How To Start a Fire in a Fireplace

    Put away the lighter fluid, blowtorch and pine needles! Here's how to fire up your fireplace safely, smoothly and without...

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    The Best Types of Attic Insulation

    Choose from these types of attic insulation to keep your house warm and your attic dry and mold-free. You'll also...

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    9 Ways To Increase the Heat From Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

    Do you avoid using your wood-burning fireplace for fear of big heating bills? Here are nine ways to increase heat...

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    What Is a Daylight Basement? What To Know

    Is a daylight basement right for your house? Learn about this trend that maximizes living space while letting the light...

    Color-Changing Pinecones Make Fireplaces Magical

    Turn up the heat this holiday season with color-changing pinecones. Add them to any fireplace or fire pit...

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    What Is a Foyer? Everything You Need to Know

    Wondering about your home entryway? We'll answer the question "What is a foyer?" and show you how to furnish it...

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    10 Fireplace Tile Ideas

    Update your fireplace and overall space with these colorful fireplace tile ideas from Instagram.