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Parts of the House

Keep each area of your house interesting and unique by choosing the right materials, theme and aesthetic.

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    Try This Hack for Building an Inexpensive Glass Panel Door

    Make a glass panel door yourself without breaking the bank.

    How to Add a Covered Entryway to Your Home

    Take your home's basic facade to the next level. Add a roof over the entryway.

    How to Paint Aluminum Siding

    If your aluminum siding has developed a chalky residue or is faded, stained or just flat-out the wrong color, don't...

    How to Maintain and Repair 7 Common Home Exteriors

    Maintaining your home's exterior is important. Here's how to maintain and repair seven of the most common exterior...

    Homeowner’s Guide to Drywall

    A drywall expert reveals some of his best tips and tricks so you can handle the job like a pro.

    6 Signs You Have a Costly Foundation Slab Leak

    If your home is built on a concrete foundation slab, watch for signs that water may be lurking beneath the...

    How to Install a Dog Door

    Here's an easy project for a neophyte DIYer.

    How to Install a Window Insulation Kit

    Fix your drafty windows in about 15 minutes,

    How To Use A Stud Finder

    Hang pictures with confidence by finding the stud you’ve been looking for.

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    How To Clean Fireplace Brick

    Keep your brick fireplace functioning well and looking good inside and out with these tips for how to clean fireplace...

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    How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel for Thanksgiving

    Make your home extra cozy this Thanksgiving. Here are our top tips for beautiful mantel decor.

    What to Know About Recessed Lighting

    Recessed lighting, or canned lights, add a clean, minimalistic look to any room. It can be used to illuminate whole...

    How to Build Beautiful Faux Ceiling Beams

    Build these faux beams to finish the industrial, farmhouse, rustic or modern style of your home's interior.

    How to Stack and Store Firewood

    Want to keep your firewood organized and dry? Here's how.

    How to Install a Door Sweep

    Say goodbye to cold drafts.

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    How To Install an Electric Fireplace

    With a heater and color changing flames, enhance any chilly space with an electric fireplace insert.

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    4 Great Ways To Split Firewood

    Heating your home or cottage with wood takes a steady supply of split logs. Our expert offers advice for DIYers...

    How to Clean Window Screens

    Screen Cleaning Made Easy


    Start a Campfire with These DIY Fire Starters

    Getting a fire started can be a tough task. Make it a little easier on yourself with these DIY fire...

    Tips for Hiring a Termite Exterminator

    They'll crunch and they'll munch and they'll chew your house down! Here's how to work with an exterminator to battle...

    How to Cut Fiberglass Insulation Batts

    Cutting batt insulation the easy way

    Trimless Windows: How to Achieve the Look

    Give your windows trimless style using drywall returns.

    How to Roof a House

    Our pros show you how to do it right—and save thousands!

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    How to Replace a Door or Window Screen

    If you have a damaged window or door screen, The Family Handyman expert, Rick Muscoplat, will show you how to...

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    How to Cut Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing is great for longevity, looks stylish and withstands the elements. Like any material, working with metal roofing requires...

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    100 Incredible Projects By DIYers Like You

    From unique accent walls to crazy automotive creations, these real-life projects are as interesting and inspiring as the DIYers who...

    How To Paint a Gingham Wall

    Like the idea of a patterned accent wall, but don't want to mess with wallpaper? Try this easy tutorial on...

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    Window Caulking: Seal Windows for Winter in 3 Steps

    Take these steps to save money and heat when the temperatures drop.

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    Shou Sugi Ban: The Art of Japanese Wood Burning

    Learn how to use the ancient Japanese wood burning technique of shou sugi ban to create a unique shiplap accent...

    How to Insulate a Garage Door

    If you have an attached garage with an uninsulated garage door, it's costing you money in both winter and summer.