Your foundation is literally what keeps your home from crumbling. Here’s what you need to know to keep it safe and secure.

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    What Goes Into Pouring a Strong Foundation?

    Consider the benefits of pouring a foundation instead of a slab.

    12 Silent Signs Your House Has Foundation Problems

    Cracks, gaps and more can be serious signs of foundation issues with your home.

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    What to Know About Frost Lines

    Frost lines are critical to construction in cold climates, but they’re important in mild regions, too. Learn what frost lines...

    Images from Family Handyman’s Getaway Project

    Family Handyman's 'Getaway' project is officially underway! Keep an eye on this page for a glimpse at just some of...

    34 Silent Signs That Your House is Failing

    Your house can't talk, but it can give you hints of failure, if you pay attention. Learn what your house...

    Rain barrel diverters protect your foundation from overflows

    This simple valve on a rain barrel downspout diverter keeps your house protected.

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    15 Things Home Inspectors Wish You Knew

    These things home inspectors wish you knew can help sellers prepare for a home sale and make buyers aware of...

    6 Home Problems Inspectors Hate to See and How to Fix Them

    Reuben Saltzman, president of Structure Tech in Minnesota, identifies potential home problems and what to do about them.

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    Foundation Cracks: What You Need to Know

    A home's foundation will crack over time. Knowing the difference between which cracks are OK and which need to be...

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    How to Build a DIY Fire Pit

    Enjoy a crackling wood fire in your own backyard. Learn how to build a DIY fire pit.

    Build a Brick Pathway in the Garden

    Build this handsome backyard feature in one weekend.

    How to Build a Table with a Concrete Top

    The look and durability of natural stone—the cost and simplicity of concrete

    Asphalt Repair and Crack Filling

    Over time, every asphalt driveway develops cracks and pits. Here's how to fight back.

    Masonry: How to Repair Mortar Joints

    A beginner's guide to tuckpointing, or replacing mortar joints

    Modern Stone Installation Tips

    Tips for installing veneer stone from a real pro

    How to Repair Mortar Joints

    Restore crumbling mortar joints with a chisel, a grinder and a lot of patience

    How to Seal an Asphalt Driveway

    Seal your asphalt driveway correctly and it could last up to 30 years.

    How to Replace Spalling Bricks

    Freezing and thawing water in brick can cause flaking and spalling, which ruins the brick.

    How to Build Pathways: Brick and Stone Pathways

    With a little imagination and a lot of muscle, you can build this walk in a three-day weekend

    How to Build a Stone Fire Ring

    Build this backyard fire pit with retaining wall blocks.

    How to Cut Concrete

    Concrete cutting tips for the tough jobs. Try a concrete saw

    How to Install a Glass Block Shower

    A curved wall creates a unique bath area

    How to Install Stone Facing

    Step-by-step instructions and pictures for how to install stone facing.

    How to Install a Durable Asphalt Driveway

    Learn how the pros make asphalt driveways that last

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    10 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Concrete

    We generally associate concrete with infrastructure and buildings, however, there are numerous things you can make with concrete that don't...

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    5 Crucial Tips for Concrete Care 

    Here are five easy—and relatively inexpensive—ways to keep your concrete as strong as King Kong, according to Acid Magic.

    Chimney Maintenance

    Make your chimney last for decades with a few hours of simple maintenance

    A Heated Driveway: Is It Actually Worth It?

    Have you considered a heated driveway? Radiant heating slabs have been around for decades and have been growing in popularity...

    How to Fix Chipped Concrete Steps for Good

    Assemble an L-shaped wooden form, lock it into place with bricks and fill the void with concrete repair mix.

    2 Simple Steps to Protect Your Exterior Stonework

    Doing this will extend the life of your exterior stone.