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Everything you need to know about buying, maintaining and repairing your home appliances.

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    21 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know

    While rewarding, being a homeowner can be costly and frustrating if you're not in the know. Here are 21 essential...

    Is Your Freezer Set to the Right Temperature?

    Love to store make-ahead meals in your freezer? Be sure that your food stays fresh by finding the right average...

    12 Ways You’re Shortening the Life of Your Home Appliances

    Are your appliances and devices on the fritz frequently, or do they need to be replaced sooner than expected? Spoiler...

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    A Homeowner’s Guide to Counter-Depth Refrigerators

    Counter-depth refrigerators continue to grow in popularity. Find out what they are, how much they cost and whether one would...

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    How Long Do Different Meats Last in the Fridge?

    Food storage brings up a lot of questions and concerns, especially when it involves meat products. Here are the guidelines...

    Appliances That Are Cheaper to Replace Than Fix

    Everyday appliances always break down at some point, usually at the most inopportune time. Some you're better off replacing than...

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    Recognizing and Correcting Common Bath Fan Problems

    A bath fan that isn’t installed properly can cause more damage than no fan at all. But here’s the good...

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    How to Repair a Refrigerator

    Fix the most common fridge problems yourself — and save the expense of a service call!

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    Best Smart Refrigerators for 2020

    If you're ready to purchase a smart refrigerator, here are some points to consider, along with a look at the...

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    Average Life Span of the Appliances in Your Home

    Learn how long you can expect your major household appliances to last.

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    Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

    Keep a cool head with these tips for selecting and buying ceiling fans.

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    9 Best Outdoor Patio Fans

    An outdoor patio fan will help cool down your space, making it more comfortable for lounging on hot summer days.

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    Why Isn’t My Central Air Conditioner Blowing Cold Air?

    Has your central AC stopped blowing cold air? Here are some simple troubleshooting steps to take before you make a...

    13 Ways You’re Shortening the Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner

    Don't suck the life out of your vacuum cleaner. Follow this advice to help it last longer and run better.

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    Why You Shouldn’t Put Microfiber Cloths in the Dryer

    Microfiber cloths do the cleaning for you, but have you ever thought about how they should be cleaned?

    What Do Those Washing Symbols on Your Clothes Mean?

    You know those hieroglyphics-like symbols on clothing labels? They’re intended to give consumers important cleaning information. But can anyone really...

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    Which Direction Should My Ceiling Fan Spin?

    Help your home stay cool in summer or warm in winter just by flipping a switch.

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    How To Clean An Air Conditioning Condenser

    Keep things cool and save cash by cleaning your AC condenser. Here's how.

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    The Homeowner’s Guide to Central Air Conditioning

    A central air conditioner can make a home comfortable in almost any climate, no matter how hot and muggy it...

    11 Cool Things Your Alexa is Capable Of

    If you use Alexa as a virtual assistant, you likely already know she can play your favorite song or can...

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    The Best Electric and Gas Pressure Washers: Reviews and Buying Tips

    Once you use a pressure washer, you'll know it's a tool you can't live without. We tested and provided 10...

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    You’ll Never Clean Your Oven the Same After This TikTok Hack

    This magic formula will leave your oven sparkling clean, with minimal scrubbing required.

    How to Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

    Installing cooling is surprisingly easy with a mini-split system. Here, we'll show you how to do it yourself.

    How to Clean a Room Air Conditioner

    A simple cleaning is all it takes to keep your room air conditioner humming.

    22 Brainy Ways to Use Dryer Sheets at Home

    Who knew dryer sheets had so many uses beyond making laundry smell fresh and feel soft? Here are 22 ways...

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    How to Extend the Life of Your AC Unit

    Keep doing this, and your air conditioner will be around for a LONG time. You'll easily extend its life span...

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    10 Air Conditioning Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

    Ignoring proper air conditioning management raises your energy bills, decreases the efficiency of your system and ultimately requires repairs. Avoid...