7 Best Personal Fans to Keep You Cool

Updated: Mar. 07, 2024

Chill out! Stay cool and comfortable in the scorching summer heat with the best personal fan.

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7 Best Personal Fans To Keep You CoolVIA MERCHANT

Need a blast of cool air to get you through the dog days of summer? A personal fan comes in handy during the hot hot heat. Whether you’re looking for a little breeze while working at your desk, want some cool air while you drift off to sleep or need just a little something extra to supplement your portable air conditioner, there are a variety of personal fans to match every need.

When the air conditioner isn’t enough, try out one of these personal fans to keep you cool and comfortable when the temperatures start to rise.

The Best Personal Fans

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Onlynew Led Lantern Rechargeable Fan
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Best Overall Personal Fan

Onlynew LED Lantern Rechargeable Fan

The Onlynew Rechargeable Portable Fan has four adjustable wind speeds and an LED lantern, making it a multi-functional design with a run time of up to 30 hours. This personal fan is more versatile than the traditional box fan, as the brushless motor operates with minimal noise. Additionally, the rechargeable battery only takes three to five hours to fully charge.

The LED lantern emits soft, non-glaring light; and the small size easily fits in a backpack, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Even more: The USB-A port serves as an emergency power source for charging your phone or during a camping trip.


  • LED lantern
  • Excellent battery life
  • Doubles as a phone charger
  • Quiet
  • Four color options


  • Some reviewers wish the light was brighter

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Tripole Usb Powered Portable Fan
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Best Budget Personal Fan

TriPole USB Powered Portable Fan

Is your outdoor patio fan not cutting it? With more than 4,600 glowing five-star Amazon reviews, it’s clear that the TriPole USB Powered Portable Fan doesn’t sacrifice quality for price. This budget-friendly pick is lightweight (it’s less than 7 ounces!) and comes in several fun colors. It has a USB cable that plugs into a computer, power bank or wall charger. The personal fan has three speeds and rotates 360 degrees, so you get the airflow right where you need it most. Many buyers boast it was more powerful than expected, especially for the price.

“I always run hot and am surrounded by people who are always cold in the office. So glad I bought this for my desk as level one is enough to keep my temperature regulated, and level three works to cool me down after moving heavy equipment,” writes Thomas Cabahug in his five-star review. “When changing the angle, it holds firm. Perfectly balanced, it won’t vibrate around your desk like some other fans.”


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Available in several colors
  • 360-degree rotation


  • Wall charger not included

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Skygenius Clip On Mini Desk Fan
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Best Clip-On Personal Fan

SkyGenius Clip-On Mini Desk Fan

Clip-on fans are fantastic for staying cool in a heat wave. Attach them to a stroller, a lounge chair by the pool or on handlebars during your next bike ride. The SkyGenius Clip-On Fan is an excellent option to stay chilled on-the-go, as it gets its power from rechargeable batteries and is designed for 360-degree vertical and horizontal rotation. Flexible for even the hardest-to-reach places, this personal fan stays locked in place with strong clamps and a non-slip mat.


  • Strong clip-on attachment
  • 360-degree vertical and horizontal rotation
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery
  • Non-slip mat


  • Some buyers wish it had a longer battery life

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P.S. These garage fans will keep your garage or workshop cool during hot months.

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Versiontech Mini Handheld Fan
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Best Handheld Personal Fan

VersionTech Mini Handheld Fan

Sometimes you need a little breeze to stay cool when taking long walks in the park during the summer heat. This VersionTech Mini Handheld Fan is the perfect solution that’s small enough to fit inside a purse. There’s a unique V-shaped buckle that also allows you to attach it to an umbrella or parasol. This handheld fan has three speeds and gets its juice from a rechargeable battery. This petite pick folds up to 180 degrees so you can bring it anywhere: hold it, hang it, set it on a table or clip it to other objects.

There are more than 21,000 five-star Amazon reviews vouching for it, too. One happy shopper, Nicholas Kyle French, writes: “I have a couple of these around the house. One of the best hand fans I’ve ever owned. Good quality, and amazing airflow for something this small. Would definitely recommend it.”


  • Foldable design
  • Compact size
  • Rechargeable battery
  • V-shaped buckle


  • Some buyers say the noise is bothersome

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Conbola Touch Control Bladeless Fan
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Best Bladeless Personal Fan

Conbola Touch Control Bladeless Fan

What we love so much about this Conbola Touch Control Bladeless Fan is that it’s safer than conventional table fans. Bladeless models provide plenty of air circulation and ensure safety around small children and pets. This battery-operated personal fan (just use the USB adapter) lasts up to nine hours on a full charge and has four modes.

Although it won’t circulate as much air as a ceiling fan, the modern design of this bladeless option has a hollow tube that’s easy to clean. Moreover, a colorful gradient LED light adds to the ambiance, while a non-slip silicone base keeps it in place.


  • Modern design and safer than bladed models
  • Easy-to-clean hollow tube
  • Portable and lightweight
  • LED light
  • Three color options


  • Shorter battery life than other models

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Vornado Vintage Personal Fan
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Most Stylish Personal Fan

Vornado Vintage Personal Fan

This Vornado Vintage Fan offers plenty of style in a small size. Made of sturdy metal, this corded classic fan offers two-speed settings and a full-action pivot head for multi-directional airflow. It’s available in several colors to complement the decor in any room.

“I bought two of these for my and my husband’s bedside tables. We both need the sound and airflow of a fan to be able to sleep,” writes Bea in her five-star review. “Surprising amount of power for such a small fan and the higher setting provides just enough white noise for us. Also, love the vintage look.”


  • Classic vintage look
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Impressive air circulation
  • Available in several colors


  • Corded model may restrict portability

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Torras Coolify2 Neck Fan
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Best Splurge Personal Fan

Torras Coolify Neck Fan

For a personal fan that you can take anywhere, this Torras Coolify Neck Fan is the way to go. Also known as a neck air conditioner, this wrap-around fan cools you down by 27 degrees in just one second thanks to its two cooling plates and rapid cooling technology. It offers 360-degree airflow, three cooling modes and up to 18 hours of airflow with just three hours of charging. The smart temperature delivers even cooling (or heating!), while an LED screen displays battery life.

Verified purchaser Rod Brown writes: “For anyone that has lived through a southeast summer, you know there is nothing hotter and damper than maybe the devil’s armpits. So it goes without question that if you can find any advantage in this ever-enduring battle, you will be willing to take it. That’s where the Coolify2 comes in. It does what it does extremely well. The fan function does a good job of cooling you, especially when indoors. Imagine it as a fine tuner of ambient temperature.”


  • Portable wrap-around neck design
  • Cooling and heating functions
  • Up to 20 hours of cool air
  • LED screen


  • Pricey

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What to Consider When Buying a Personal Fan

When purchasing a personal fan, take into consideration the intended usage. While tabletop options are excellent, there are also personal fans with clips to secure them in place. Some can be hung and others are designed to be handheld. There are even a few options that can be worn around the neck or attached to a belt or bag. Bladeless models are a safer choice when using the fan around small children and pets.

Additionally, consider the power source. While rechargeable and battery-operated models offer convenience, their battery life may not meet your needs. For a desktop or tabletop personal fan, a corded model would be the most suitable choice.

How We Found the Best Personal Fans

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